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RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E38 (RIANSH IN PALACE)

As you all know I’m busy with preparing for my exams from 21, so once again sorry for late and short updates 🤧 Overwhelmed with the constant love and support 😍😊

Raichand Palace: Author’s POV;

Riddhima was sleeping peacefully in Vansh’s embrace, while he was just adoring his personal Peace, Vansh kissed her forehead Riddhima opened her eyes and saw Vansh, she smiled but soon her eyes widened listening to her Dad calling..

Abhay: Princess come down, are you awake?

Piya: Come fast Riddhima.

Riddhima: Ohh no papa mumma are calling me, I’ll just come you don’t go Vansh.

Vansh: Fine, go to them I’m here only.

Riddhima: Dadaaa I’m coming

(Riddhima goes to her parents and says…)

Riddhima: Good morning papa n Mumma, what happened?

Abhay: We are going to your cousin’s house, would you like to come?

Piya: Don’t ask her, she’ll come with us and that’s final.

Riddhima: I won’t come today, I’m going to Shreya’s house for Studies (permanent Jhoot 😜) so I can’t come.

Piya: No excuses..

Riddhima: please mumma it’s not an excuse..Papa ..

Abhay: Piya, my princess takes her decisions on her own, let it be. You go to Shreya’s house, now happy?

Riddhima:(hugging Abhay) Very happy, ok now you both go I’ll also leave in sometime 😉

(Abhay and Piya leave, while Riddhima runs to her room, where she sees Vansh lost in his own world, she pulls his cheeks and says..)

Riddhima: where are you lost?

Vansh: Riddhima I saw you with your parents, Your father loves you too much, like you are everything to him, then why do you want to leave him and your mother and marry this heatless monster?

Riddhima: Shh! Dare you call yourself a heartless monster again, it hurts Vansh. And I just know that I love you that’s why I’m marrying you, aur waise bhi even after marriage I’ll visit my Papa Mumma Daily. So you don’t worry. Now I’m going to get ready to visit the Ancient Palace, you wait.

(Saying so she pecks his lips quickly and runs towards the washroom, after 20 minutes Riddhima finally comes out of the washroom dressed in an Off White frill top till navel, with white loose pants, hair falling carefree till her waist, and minimal casual makeup, leaving Vansh mesmerized by her SWEETHEART 💓 Riddhima says..)

Riddhima: As usual I know I’m looking pretty but stop staring and lets go. BTW how much time will it take for us to reach?

Vansh: It’s far but we can reach within 10minutes..

Riddhima: Not at all we’ll reach by normal speed, dare you use your powers.

Vansh: Okay Baby girl! Now shall we Leave?

Riddhima:(smiling) Yess!

Ancient Palace: Author’s POV;

Riddhima and Vansh sit in the car, Vansh starts driving with a normal speed and finally after two hours they reached the palace, as Vansh was About to get down, his eyes caught his most precious Sight, his Nymph, his Sweet sleeping like a baby with a pout, not distrubing her sleep, Vansh picked Riddhima in his arms and walked inside the palace. He saw all the clan members assembled in the hall along with his Family glaring at both of weirdly, ignoring their glares Vansh placed the sleeping Riddhima on his throne carefully while Siya asked..

Siya:What happened to her?

Aryan: Is she not well?

Uma: Is she fainted?

Kabir: I think…

Vansh: Stop it you all, she’s just sleeping, she told me ti drive at normal speed and herself slept feeling tired.

(Suddenly Riddhima starts opening her eyes, Vansh sees this and bending to her level says..)

Vansh:(stroking her hair) Sweetheart see we are here in our Palace. Get up ☺

(Except the Raisinghania’s, rest all present there were shocked to the core as their Monstrous Master in a completely different shade, Victoria was burning inside out, Riddhima cutely rubbed her doe shaped eyes and saw dangerous figures looking at her, she immediately hugged Vansh tightly getting scared she said..)

Riddhima: Vansh… Who are they 😨

Vansh:(rubbing her back) look at them, they are my clan members…(breaking the hug, to others) and She is Your QUEEN, honour and treat her the same way you all treat me.. Is that clear??

All(unison): Yes Master. Welcome QUEEN ❣👑

(Riddhima passes a slight but genuine smile to them, they all come near her, she immediately hungs around Vansh’s neck and hides her face in his crook, they all look at their Soon To Be Queen and chuckle..)

Episode Ends!


Tell me your theories regarding the precap!

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