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Pandya Store 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi burns the dress

Pandya Store 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krish seeing Raavi and lying to her. He says I m sleepwalking. She scolds him. He says its because of you, I m in shock since you left the house. He hugs her. Suman says its our family’s big function, my three bahus should have been here, but they aren’t. Rishita gets Anita. Dhara says Rishita has come. Suman asks why did Anita become Apsara, why is Rishita with her, ask her why did she get late. Krish says I miss you so much, I didn’t do right, forgive me. Raavi says get away, I m irritated by entire Pandya family, you guys were happy celebrating for my leaving, are you all scared of me, better go and stop Shiva. Shiva sees the bike and says I won’t lose this bike, just some time more. Krish says you are mistaken, my heart knows that you love us like before, you can never change. He hugs her.

He says I m sorry and goes. Dev asks everyone to come ahead for puja. A girl comes to call Raavi. She says your dress got spoilt. Raavi sees the ink marks left by Krish. She says Krish, I won’t leave you, was he drunk, why did he apply ink on my clothes, what was he doing here. Suman calls Anita and asks why are you decked up today, this is Rishita’s dress, right, return it to her, its costly, why did Rishita give her dress to you. Anita says she regards me her elder sister, she loves me a lot, she made me ready. Dhara says I asked you to get Raavi, not Anita. Rishita says don’t worry, Raavi will come wearing Gautam’s gifted dress. Dhara says I wish this happens, Raavi should come in puja. Rishita says she will come, think how you will make her do the puja. Krish signs yes to Rishita. Kanta asks Suman is there any good news, there is 11 dishes bhog. Krish tries to say. Gautam says we just wanted to keep the bhog. Suman says we got two bahus, but one left, Rishita is here, don’t think much. Suman thinks no one should know this news. Dhara says you can talk bitter things, but I know you are so good, I thought you are upset so you are punishing me, now I understand why you made me cook 11 dishes, you are the world’s best mum, thanks. Suman says I don’t like hugs, I m your Saas. Rishita laughs.

Suman takes the papaya and says Dhara can’t eat it. Kanta and Prafulla look on. Kanta asks is Dhara pregnant. Suman says I wanted to eat it, take this, you have it. She asks Dhara to go and have food. Gautam says its getting cold, take this chawl. She says everyone will know that we are hiding something, control. He says let them see and think, I care for you and baby. She says anyone will hear, you and Suman will tell everyone, I m not feeling cold. He says you have to wear this shawl. Dhara says I m happy but also have fear in heart, will everything be fine. He says nothing will happen, doctor asked you not to take stress, we didn’t wish bad for anyone, bad won’t happen with us. Dev asks everyone to come for Garba. Raavi sees her cupboard locked. She sees Anita and Prafulla’s rooms locked. She says its a plan to make me wear the dress which they want. She takes the dress. A lady asks Dhara to come and play. Suman says she won’t come, I m not well, its her duty to take care of me. Prafulla says so much love between them. Anita says Suman is behaving weird. Gautam takes Dhara for dance. He signs Suman not to worry. Shiva imagines Raavi. Raavi burns the dress.

Raavi comes in the function. She says I have a surprise for you, the gifted lahenga is in this pot, sorry. She throws the pot. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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