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My special friends #akansha #riansh

Hello sweeties!

well other talks will do but before that lets start os!

So lets start

A/N: am here Riddhima!

Riddhima’s POV

Hello everybody I am your Riddhima!

So today am going to share u something “special

So as you know am a crazy fan of immj2 but i didn’t know that their are more craziest fans like me!

So let me tell u how i met with some fans of immj2!

So their is a website named telly updates Or TU

So their are many many fans of many serials who writes their theories about their favourite serial

And now guess what!?

Immj2 fans were also writing their theories

And they all write so awesome yarr

I don’t have words to express it out!

Now it’s have been my hobby or my favourite time pass thing to read all their theories

So now I also thought express my theories!

Well this credit of joining TU is AMYRA di

Now amyra di is also a fan of immj2 and my first friend whom I talked in TU. She is very very sweet and helpful!

So after joinning TU I started writing ff and their were so many writers and reader who supported me in writing and still they are supporting! !

 And how u all have heard this line

The time flies

And yes like this 3months passed!

Can u beleive!


Immj2 ended!

It was the sadest day when Immj2 ended

All fans were sad


Our fandom didn’t broked!

And after that all our TU friends made a group in Instagram

And their I met and talked to everyone

They all were very nice and helpful

But after immj2 ended my ff were getting low comments


Jyoti helped me! She made me understand that we should also face these things too, she is very cheerful and she is always smiling, but emotional too!

And this boost up me and am still writing

And guess what!?

Am going to touch 50th post

Which I never imagined or expected!

So in touching one more person helped me!

So this madam is a VIP, everyone knows about her.

Okay now let me say about her

She is Ayesha or my Best friend! Well this maharani , gayabini and serioussini is my best friend and my closest friend. My day doesn’t end without talking to her and also telling what happened with me in my day and whenever I talk to her in call  I have always a smile on face. After talking to this maharani my all tensions just get vanished and I call her gayabini because this maharani always gets gayab whenever I text her. And whenever I talk to her it has be up of 15mins . This maharani knows everything about me and my most of the secrets too.

Okay now if I started to say about her then  it will take 2 os

So now I was thinking that is their any friend who is bengalian

And then I find

Radhika or rianshlover she is bengalian and I was very happy that i find someone who is bengali and I met her she is is very nice and also soytaan (devil) and kept her nickname too

Now what do u think that I have this much friends

But they are my special and close friends

But I have more friends like

Gauri, sweety, aswathi di manvika di, niyati di, stuti di, parita, jassmine, aannyaa, tanya, ayushi di, priyanshi di and many many more!

POV ends

Been beeb!!

 Ridhima checks her phone

Ridhima : okay guys, looks like all my special friends are going to play ludo so let me join them too !

Okay so how did u like my friends?

If u like them just drop some comments

Okay now bye!

I have to join them

OS ends

 Well I thought I will post it for golden jubilee but I can’t 😭😭😭 because this gayabini or ayesha asked me and if didn’t post it then I would got killed by her.

So here it is!

So please comment and share your views

Love you all

Take care

Wear mask

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