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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Sanjana is shocked to learn that Dev is married

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sonakshi in the morning is talking with Jitin, mentioning she doesnot even remember the last time she was happy, before this both of them had questions for each other but now there is only love and she is really happy, Jitin replies he is also happy but they need to convince those two clients so when is she coming to the office, Sonakshi however replies he must handle everything as she has the right to enjoy her family life and would cook for Dev while also make lunch for the children, she ends the call, Dev comes to sit on the table, she serves him green tea and biscuits, Ishwari comes to serve him the sweets made by her, she doesnot listen to Sonakshi who tries to clarify that the biscuits were healthy, Ishwari says Dev would choose what he wants to eat.

Vicky is getting ready while Radha is standing beside him, he questions what has happened, she asks that people are naming the schools with their mother in laws so when will he name something on her name, Vicky replies Asha maa also got a school named after her when she died so he would do it after she is dead, Radha then demands he tell her what is Dev planning, questioning if he is going to name the property on Sonakshi name, Vicky says he doesnot know as dev got to trust him after so much difficulty, Radha asks if he can manage to name a street on her name, Vicky says the things are named on those people who achieve something, Radha gets worried wondering what would she say to Ishwari when her own son doesnot listen to anything.

Dev exclaims he would eat them both then recalls he has an important meeting, he is worried about going to drop the children at school, Sonakshi says that he must not worry as she would not go to her office, so would drop and pick the children while also cook by herself, Dev leaves, Sonakshi asks Ishwari if she can cook Mediterranean, Ishwari doesnot understand but Sonakshi explains it is also really healthy so she must not be worried, Ishwari replies the children like her desi food and she must only worry about her office, but Sonakshi insists on cooking so leaves, Dev comes asking what has happened, Ishwari mentions Sonakshi asked her to rest but has given her a tension as she is making some Mediterranean dish but she would not suffer by herself, Dev would also have to eat whatever she cooks.

Sanjana is bringing the files when Dev helps her saying that she must not worry so much and take it easy, he replies that he has also started to believe in her theory as she has given them so much after joining their company, she was the one who has given him the best advice to give someone a memory that they would not be able to forget, he hands her the rose leaving the office, Sanjana is not able to believe it, wondering how would she be able to thank him for the memory which he has given her as it has gone straight to her heart.

Bijoy is in the house, he hears some voice so questions Saurabh, he is also not sure, they both peek into the room of the new PG, which worries Bijoy who says that he might have kidnapped someone but they are shocked to see that he is exercising with a punching bag, the new PG says he has read all the rules and it doesnot mention that he cannot exercise, he says that even Bijoy would have to exercise as he needs to get up early in the morning and open the door so he can jog, and even Bijoy would jog with him, he leaves while Saurabh starts laughing saying that Bijoy has found someone who can handle him.

Sanjana calls her friend exclaiming that she has got to realize that Dev sir also likes her, her friend questions why does she believe in it, Sanjana explains that she knows this because of all the incidents that have happened, and how Dev has also started to believe in Serendipity the theory which she explained to him, she feels he likes her and so she has finally found someone better then her Ex which she never thought was possible, her friend then ends the call.

Sonakshi calls Dev who is in the office, he has opened the tiffin but is not happy with what is inside, he asks Sonakshi what this is, she replies the doctor told him to not take so much stress so he also needs to eat healthy food, she warns him to come home after finishing the entire tiffin, he wonders how it would happen so then ends the call.

Aayush and Soha are eating the food, they even exclaim how delicious it is, Ishwari and Radha are not at all happy with what Sonakshi has prepared, Radha questions why is she forcing them to eat the food of the patients, Sonakshi explains it is just the healthy food which is good for them all, Ishwari places back her plate saying Sonakshi forgot but it is her fast so she cannot eat, Sonakshi replies she has also made the food for her so there is nothing to worry about.

Dev is in the office wondering how the food would end, someone knocks on the door, he sees Sanjana so asks her to come inside, she exclaims that the office and colleagues are new so she doesnot want to sit with anyone until she gets to know them, she asks if she can sit and eat with him, Dev really likes the smell of the food, she offers him but he refuses to eat, she then asks him for some food from his tiffin so then he can eat from her dishes, they both eat the food when Dev receives a call so asks them to send the person inside.

Sonakshi brings the food for Ishwari, who is stunned that Sonakshi prepared it for her, Radha wonders how mad she was to leave the desi food for these dishes, Sonakshi exclaims she has made a plan that she would stay back two to three times in a week to make the dishes, Ishwari is worried while the children laugh.

Dev and Sanjana are selecting the jewellery, she takes out a man’s promise band wondering that Dev sir would be selecting for her, they both ask each other how the jewellery is at the same time, she agrees with his choice, he asks if his wife would like it, she is stunned asking him about his wife, Dev takes the name of Sonakshi explaining she got really happy because of her idea, he then leaves, Sanjana asks the price of the band and then agrees to buy it even when it is really expensive, she exclaims she can fill the EMI for it, only because Dev sir is someone really special.

Precap: Dev throws some water on Sonakshi’s face, they both start to dance and enjoy in the room while the classic song is playing in the background intensifying the moment.

Update Credit to: Sona

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