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Kkb episode 51 (Love of Life)

Everyone was having a normal fun chit chat and even Aliya was sitting there, she didn’t talk to them but was just sitting holding her head for the sake of her brother who asked her to join otherwise she wasn’t invited by Kiara because she just hates her. Kiara was laughing when her eyes fall on something, she gets up and sits beside Aliya and takes her hand in her hand which shocks everyone.

“Wow buji, so beautiful it is,from where did you buy ? “says Kiara while examining her hand.

Everyone was hell shocked, what buji? and that to Aliya, was it Kiara only, was she well or not, Aliya was equally surprised, she looks at Kiara who was also looking at her with puppy eyes. Abhi thought that Kiara excepted Aliya and a smile creeps on his face.

“Tell na buji. ” says Kiara.

Aliya looks at her and answers her question with a fake smile.

“I know it’s beautiful after all I bought it for ₹50,000 when I was in Australia. ” says Aliya while standing up.

She turns around to leave when Kiara says something which makes her stop.

“Dad I also want the same ring. ” says Kiara to Abhi to which he nods positively.

“Sorry sweetheart this is very precious and rare, only piece is available in the whole world, no duplicate copy. ” says Aliya while showcasing her ring in a boastful tone.

As soon as she finishes this statement a tight slap lands on her face which makes her fall on ground, everyone gets shocked and get up. The young generation including Aryan burst out laughing but Disha signs them no as something was serious. Aliya gets up and raises her hand but Kiara stops her.

“How dare you. ” screams Aliya on the top of her voice.

“Don’t raise your volume and how dare you try to kill me. ” says Kiara shocking everyone.

Aliya feels caught and starts sweating badly.

“What are you saying Kiara, why would Aliya try to kill you? ” asks Abhi who still isn’t able register this thing in his heart for the reason of his love for his so called sister.

“Exactly dad, I also want to know why does she want to kill me. ” says Kiara while glaring at Aliya.

“Bhai can you just see that King has spoilt our Kiara so much, she slapped me and now accusing me of things which I haven’t done. ” says Aliya while shedding her crocodile tears.

“Ohh hello don’t involve my dada in this all otherwise I won’t even hesitate in slapping you one more time. ” says Kiara with anger.

“Kiara beta what has happened, tell us everything. ” says Disha in a calm voice.

“Aunty my so called buji tried to kill me one day, she called me to an old cafe which was abandoned and ruined, and when I reached there she tried to kill me but her plan was totally flop like her. But I must say she planned very nice this time but made a mistake she forgot to take off the ring. ” says Kiara.

“Am I right buji? ” asks Kiara.

“Hmm.. She can’t do anything now, in few hours the whole business will be mine and this mansion will also be mine, then I will show this Pragya and her daughters their right place and this Kiara I will kill her myself. She doesn’t even leave a single moment to insult me. Chalo let me do something good by accepting everything because now they can’t do anything. ” thinks Aliya with a smirk on her face.

“Yes Kiara, yes you are right, you are absolutely right. I was the one who called you and even try to kill you. ” says Aliya shocking everyone and especially her brother Abhi.

As soon as Aliya finishes her statement a slap lands on her face but this time it wasn’t Kiara, it was Abhi. Aliya looks at him.

“Why did you do this Aliya? ” asks Abhi angrily.

“Because I hate them, I hate these middle class people. ” says Aliya angrily.

“First Pragya then bulbul, then Disha and this Prachi. ” says Aliya

“I tried… I tried to just get them out of our lives, I brought Tanu back again in your life to create misunderstanding between both of you and in which I succeeded but Purab supported Pragya always for that Bulbul, so I and Tanu made a plan to kill Pragya, and after that I thought to clear Bulbul from my path but I failed when in engagement Bulbul came in place of Pragya, I didn’t give up, I took this failure as victory, I went to the hospital and provoked Bulbul to commit suicide by saying that now Purab won’t accept her and she blindly believed me and died (says Aliya while laughing evilly)

” I thought that now Purab will marry me but he married Disha which made me more angry. You and Pragya were seperated, Tanu got what she wanted but I didn’t get my love.” says Aliya while shocking the young generation especially Aryan.

“So I tried but failed and the problem increased when Sunny entered their life and they got a family, it became more difficult for me to separate them. After that Pragya also came with Kiara, Tanu got exposed so you threw her out of the house but I tried to be innocent as I didn’t get what I wanted. Then Pragya gave birth to Prachi and Rhea, you got your family but what about me. So Tanu and Nikhil kidnapped Kiara after which you both seperated, I was happy that now finally Pragya is out but Disha was still there and started to create misunderstanding, I would always try to get close to Purab but he used to push me away. I got angry and the only thing which struck my mind was to spike his drink. I called him to the hotel by making an excuse of office work, I offered him drink to which he reluctantly agreed he wasn’t in his senses and I seized this opportunity, I called Disha to the same hotel and presented I and Purab to be in relationship and Disha thought that he cheated her so she also left and I forced Purab to marry me. ” says Aliya while disclosing her evil deeds proudly in front of everyone .

“Everything was fine, Pragya and Disha were out of our lives, Purab was with me but he never loved me, he was only there for Aryan, suddenly Prachi came and I started to hate her because she was exactly like Pragya and one day I found that she is hers daughter so I started to instigate Rhea against Prachi and her mom. She went according to me, but she found that Prachi is her sister, she started to develop a soft corner for her and Pragya maybe that time your family would have been complete. But I.. I didn’t let this happen, I lodged a complaint against Rhea by using Pragya’s name and she believed it and didn’t accept them.That time I manipulated her to ask bhai to get married to Meera to which she agreed because of her hatred which I filled in her heart and mind for Prachi and Pragya. And what happened after that you all know, but I don’t know from where did this Disha come back and Sunny also, something was good that was Sunny hates Purab so I didn’t do anything.” says Aliya shocking everyone especially Rhea, she got a reality check of what she really was.

While Aryan was hell shocked to know the evil deeds of her mother, a tear scrolled from his eyes. While Pragya goes forward and slaps Aliya tightly followed by Purab, but it had no effect on  Aliya she was laughing like psycho. Everyone was shocked to see her.

“Thanks buji.. Thank you so much for your confession, now you will go to the place which is suitable for you, but I am confused should I send you to mental asylum or police station. ” says Kiara while stopping the recorder in her phone.

“I don’t need to go anywhere, now you people pack your bags, what do you think am I fool, why would I accept my crimes, baby in this world money speaks, now this whole Mehra empire is mine. ” says Aliya proudly with a smirk on her face, while the others were shocked but Kiara was the one who was laughing.

“I feel pitty on you, I don’t understand how can one be so foolish and dumb. Not even in your dreams can this Mehra empire be yours until I am alive.” says Kiara while openly challenging Aliya.

“My dear Kiara, this has already happened, bhai unknowingly signed the property papers and now it’s all mine. ” says Aliya with full attitude which gives a huge shock to everyone and especially to Abhi who blindly trusted his sister.

“Buji… Buji how can you be so dumb, you know I was knowing your this flop plan to get whole property, I saw you talking to the precious property papers, so I exchanged them with fake ones now you celebrate your victory. Your plan was nice but to execute it brain is needed which you don’t have, my dear stupid buji, your plan was flop leave it, just tell me how was my plan, shocked??” says Kiara while relieving everyone but shocking Aliya to the core, she was dumbfounded, the colour her face changed.

“No, no this can’t happen.” says a shocked Aliya

“It’s useless to cry now, it has already happened. ” says Kiara.

“And you know who helped me to arrange fake property papers? ” says Kiara to which Aliya nods in no.

“Disha aunty.” says Kiara shocking everyone.

“Disha.. You, I hate you.. ” says Aliya.

“Call the cops. ” says Abhi in extreme anger.

“Bhai, no, I am your sister and hoe can you, Purab at least you say something. ” says Aliya while begging before them.

They were about to call the cops but Aliya does something to stop them which shocks everyone to the core.

Aliya pulls Aryan towards her and places a knife on his neck, everyone was hell shocked to see it, while tears start flowing from Shahana’s eyes.

“Stop right there, don’t you people dare to call the cops otherwise you will see his dead face. ” says Aliya while tightening her grip.

“Please… Please leave him, don’t do anything to him, please, you take me in place of him, please leave him. ” says Shahana while crying and begging for the life of her husband in front of Aliya, she was ready to sacrifice herself. She steps forward to go but was stopped  by Prachi and Rhea who hold her and try to console her.

“Shahana stay strong, nothing will happen to me. ” says Aryan with tears flowing from his eyes on seeing his ladylove in that condition.

“Aliya are you mad, what type of mother are you, you hate me right then why are you punishing your son for that, leave him. ” says Disha with tears in her eyes on seeing Aryan and Shahana’s condition.

“Disha, who said I am his mother? I didn’t say nor he is my son. ” says Aliya giving a huge shock to everyone and especially Aryan and Purab.

“Just tell me a few qualities of Aryan, maybe that can bring you closer to the truth. ” says Aliya with an evil smirk on her face.

Disha gets tears in her eyes and wasn’t able to speak anything, same was with everyone, they stood there as mute spectators. Aryan was shocked on hearing these things and the question in his mind was “Who was he? Who was his mother and father? “, he gets tears in his eyes.

” Disha speak otherwise I will… ” says Aliya incompletely as Disha interrupts her.

“No.. No I am speaking.. He is not like you, totally opposite, a kind hearted boy who loves everyone, calm, caring, loving… ” says Disha with tears flowing from her eyes.

“Exactly, how can my son be like that, when I am so evil. You people didn’t even think about these things. And do you know who is his mother? ” asks Aliya to which Disha says no.

“You.. You are his mother, shocked, the same happened with me when I saw you in the hospital, I lost… I lost my own child and I knew that now Purab will leave me so I bribed the doctor and exchanged the babies and when I came to know it was your child, I was shocked I understood that it is Purab’s child. You didn’t tell him about your pregnancy that was your mistake, you thought that your child is born dead but that wasn’t the case, your child was alive but he was with me, Purab stayed with me because of your son. Disha how was the shock? ” says Aliya while disclosing Aryan’s truth.

Everyone was shocked, Purab looked at Disha and Aryan with teary eyes, Disha eyes were completely moist and unstoppable tears were flowing from her eyes, she wanted to hug her child and same was with Aryan, his eyes were moist.

“Leave him Aliya otherwise it won’t be good for you. ” says Purab in full anger.

“Please leave him. ” says Disha while folding her hands and begging before the stone hearted Aliya which of course didn’t have any effect on her, she was enjoying the scene and laughing loudly.

“Cry Disha cry… As much as you want to cry but I won’t leave him, you know I would have got the property long back but he floped my plan by marrying Shahana so he needs to be punished. ” says Aliya expressing her anger.

“No please… Leave him. ” says Shahana while crying.

“Sorry my so called daughter-in-law but today no one can stop me, no one.” says Aliya with a smirk.

Saying this she places the knife more closer to Aryan’s neck and was about to slit it when a gun shot was heard, everyone had their eyes closed.And when they opened it were shocked to see the sight in front of their eyes. Aliya was lifelessly lying in the pool of blood. Aryan stood there as stone statue. When they turned around they found Vansh standing with the cops. The cops took away Aliya’s dead body.

As soon as this all happens Shahana immediately rushes towards Aryan and hugs him tightly and cries her heart out while tightly hugging him. Disha sits down with a thud with tears scrolling from her eyes, recalling Aliya’s word, she didn’t know wether Aryan will accept her or not? She was crying while Purab was hell shocked he had tears in his eyes. Everyone was standing with their mouths shut and were surprised to know the real face of Aliya and moreover about Disha and Purab’s relationship.

Among this all Kiara was gathered the courage to look around and say something after getting out of the shock.

“Vansh you? ” asks a surprised Kiara.

“Yes me. ” says Vansh while coming forward.

“But what were cops doing with you? ” asks Kiara.

“I found that your buji was the one who tried to kill you, I was surprised, I tried to called you but you didn’t pick so I came here and called the cops to arrest your buji but your buji was the queen of evils. ” says Vansh with surprise.

Everyone looks at him with great surprise while Arhana were still in each other’s embrace. They break the hug after sometimes. Aryan looks at Shahana, wipes her tears and caresses her face. He then signs Prachi and Rhea to take Shahana to which they both agree. While Aryan himself heads towards Disha who looks at him with teary eyes.She didn’t know what to do, she gets up and looks at him. And to surprise Aryan hugs her and cries, Disha also reciprocates doing the same.They both cry their heart out.

“Aryan… My son… ” says Disha repeatedly while crying.

They both then break the hug.

“Mom, can I call you that? ” asks Aryan with teary eyes.

“Do you need ask that? ” says Disha while caressing his face.

Saying this both of them hug each other again. Disha then turns to look at Purab. She walks near him and looks at him.

There was pin drop silence in the Hall, everyone was waiting to see their reaction.

“Won’t you say anything. ” says Disha

“What is left to say? ” asks Purab.

“Hmm.. Nothing. ” says Disha

“But one thing is there. ” says Purab

“What? ” asks a surprised Disha.

“Your yes. ” says Purab

“Means? ” asks Disha

“Will you return to my life and make it beautiful as you. ” asks Purab while forwarding his hand and bending on his knees

“You are the same, flirt.. ” says Disha while chuckling.

She puts her hand in his hand and says ‘Yes’ after which both of them share a passionate hug. Aryan and Shahana also join them after sometimes.

Everyone was admiring their bond, while Kiara was missing Sunny badly, she closes her eyes and remembers him and gives a cute smile. Now the evil was out of their lives completely. They all sit together and have some talks about past and apologize to each other. Vansh was surprised to know about the family mess which they had. (Matlab itna locha hota khaan hai 😂) Pranbir were just staring at each other and passing secret messages through their eyes, Rhea and Ishaan were noticing it and were smiling. But when Ranbir passes a flying kiss through his eyes, this makes Ishaan and Rhea choke their snacks. They four them looked at each other they just laugh out their hearts out.

Precap – Misunderstanding cleared..


I read the comments so few of you were saying to kill her and a few were saying to arrest her… And the ones which were truly unique were “to send Aliya to mental asylum”, I was almost dead after reading this. Means  itni uper ka socha, bhaisahab hats off to the ones who wrote this 😂🙏🏻i only thought of killing or sending to prison.

I thought if Aliya would be imprisoned then there are possibilities of her to return and take revenge. And I think it will really look odd if suddenly Aliya would turn positive. And meantal asylum se elope krne ke chances bhi hai

I thought a lot, then I took a deep breath and finally killed Aliya 😂. I don’t want to keep anymore villain in the story and trust me the story can be interesting even without villain. And now we will focus on our couples. And you will see the new start with rebuilding the relations with a more stronger bond and there is huge twist ahead.

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