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Junooniyat #RiAnsh Short Story by Tanya K (Part 2)

Vansh was seen sitting on a couch in his room while resting his head on the end of the couch with eyes closed. Just then a girl came there and sat on his lap while vansh opened his eyes and was shocked to see…

Vansh: Riddhima what are you doing?

Riddhima: Vansh why are you so boring? No one is in this room, just you and mee…

She said while smirking and came closer to him and smashed her soft and juicy lips with his rough one chewing and licking them while Vansh was sitting there shocked with eyes wide opened 😳.

Angrey: Boss! Boss!

Angrey shouted making him come out from his dreamland. Vansh waked up with a jerk and looked here there to find Riddhima on not finding her he sighed in relief.

Angrey: Boss!!!

He again shouted at his boss Vansh.

Vansh: What Angrey? Why are you shouting like this?

Angrey: Boss I’m calling you from past 5 minutes aur aap hai ki sun hi nhi rhe.

Vansh: Say Angrey what happened?

Angrey: Boss, Mr. Chhabra is now in our torture chamber.

Vansh: Good, Angrey now he will get to know with whom he have messed.

He said and both Vangre smirked.

Vansh: Riddhima aa gyi kyaa?

Angrey: NO Boss, she will come soon. But for now let’s go to the torture chamber.

He said and Vansh nodded and started going towards the chamber followed by Angrey.

At the Chamber:

A man is seen unconscious tied to a chair tightly with injuries, nail marks and burn marks were all over his body it seems like he was tortured bartually.

Vansh and Angre entered inside with full attitude in their walk. Vansh looked at the unconscious body in front of him and smirked. He signaled something to Angrey through his eyes while Angrey nodded and went from there.

After sometime he came with a hot iron stick in his hand and handover to Vansh. Vansh picked that stick and attached it with the man’s arm where there was already a burnt mark.

The man waked up with a jerk shouting at the top of his Voice while Vangre smirked. Vansh poured a whole bucket of boiling water and oil on his body while he was crying and shouting in pain.

Vansh took his belt and starting beating that man ruthlessly while he was shouting in pain, Vansh stopped beating him when he was satisfied.
He came dangerously close to the man and Whispered in his ears.

Vansh: I told you naa said that don’t even think of betraying me, but you did not listen to me and you joined hand with my enemy, so get ready to see God closely.

He said and fear was clearly visible on the face of that man. Vansh turned around facing Angrey and he gave him his special gun. Vansh took it from his hand and again turned around and caressed his gun with his thumb and again smirked.

While the man was begging in front of him to let him go.

Vansh didn’t listened him and aimed his gun in the center of his forehead and shot all 6 bullets in his forehead. And the man died at the spot only.

At Riddhima’s Flat:

Riddhima was packing her bag not knowing how her life was going to be upside down once she was in the cage of Mafia king Vansh Rai Singhania.

She quickly packed her bag and went to VR MANSION. Reaching there she went inside but just then her feet got twisted and she was about kiss the ground but she was felled upon a strong and secure arms of Vansh.

Riddhima looked at Vansh’s eyes and they both got lost in each other’s eyes. Both felt a different and beautiful connection with each other. Both were feeling good and secure being in each other’s arm….


OK so guys, I hope that you’ll liked the second part, do leave your reviews in the comment section and tell me how was it.

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