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Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Episode 62 a part2)

Hey guys , here is the part 2 of special episode. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section.

Episode 62

Dev and Sameeksha’s marriage gets fixed.

Part 2 – Entangled emotions and plans

Dev looks him angrily. Dev pins the waiter to the wall and holds his neck angrily.

Dev – “ Daksh bro, keep your fancy dress and your overacting aside. You can fool others with such stupid tricks not me. I am well aware of all your dirty tricks and your cheap mind, I know you more than you. So if you think you can fool me, just forget”.

Dev pulls of Daksh’s fake beard , specs, and moustache and throws them away. Daksh gets embarrassed and gets exposed. Dev catches Daksh’s collar and looks him angrily.

In the evening, while Dev is inside his office. He just checks the tracker which he had installed in Daksh’s phone. He gets to know that Daksh is at the party venue. He gets suspicious. He calls someone and ask him to give Daksh’s details. A man is following Daksh , he informs Dev that Daksh is talking to his friend in the cafeteria . That keeps his phone over Daksh’s table without getting noticed. While Dev is on call, he gets to hear Daksh’s conversation with his friend.
Daksh – “ Is everything ready?”
Friend – “ Yeah, I have kept that room’s key allotted for you. I have kept that waiter’s dress and other things you asked me to get. There won’t be any problem , right?”
Daksh – “ Chill ! I will spike her drink and as soon as she feels dizzy, I will take her to the room. Then everything will be as I planned. Once my plan is executed, she will come behind me to marry me”.

Dev gets tensed . He leaves for party hall.
As he reaches party venue , he looks for Sameeksha. Then he finds he going to the corner while he is in between a crowd of people.
While was standing with Dev notices Daksh hiding behind a pillar. He gets to see him leaving , that’s when he left behind him.).

Dev – “ What a planning? But you forgot that this is my game, I won’t let others double cross me . I am the master of this game, so don’t you dare repeat something like this again”.
Daksh – “ Really, I came in between your game? You came in between me and Sameeksha. You spoiled my plans to marry her and now you are blaming me”.

Dev – “ You were just trying to make a fool of yourself that it. A plan which is similar to drawing a line in water”.
Daksh – “ You are really smart , I admit it but you aren’t different from me . You don’t do things the way I does that’s only difference”.
Dev – “ You are comparing yourself with me? You just use every girl you see and you dump them. You are not less than cheapester”.

Daksh – “ You love Trisha, right ? Then why don’t you marry her? Why are behind other girls? First , it was Samika and now it’s Sameeksha. You talk many things about true love and all but reality is you don’t love anyone other than you. You are right, I don’t value any girl who came into my life, I am cheap but what are you? You claim that your love is Trisha but you don’t marry her , You married Samika but you tells that you don’t love her , You have proposed Sameeksha for marriage but you don’t love her either. You aren’t loyal to any of them or love anyone. Trisha is madly in love with you , so she won’t leave you. Even though you say that you don’t love Samika , you can’t see anyone else touching her or looking her in another way. Now you can’t see Sameeksha with someone else. Don’t behave like saint. Even you used Samika’s love for you to execute our plan , didn’t you played with her feeling?”.
Dev gets speechless as he remembers Samika’s love for him and her face when she got to know about his deceive.

Daksh smirks . He makes his collar correct and keeps his hand on Dev’s shoulder.

Daksh – “ If you don’t love Sameeksha , what is the problem if I do whatever with her? See bro, if you want to marry her .. you marry her but let me too enjoy some time with her…”.
Dev gets angry hearing such cheap thing from Daksh and he punches Daksh on his face. Daksh falls on the floor . He gets shocked seeing Dev’s reaction. Dev picks Daksh’s collar and make him stand of his feet. He pins him to the fall and holds his neck. He looks him intensely with anger. Daksh gets scary seeing Dev’s anger.

Dev – “ I will pull out your dirty tongue if you say anything like this again. This is my first and last warning , stay away from Sameeksha. If you attempt such dirty plans again on Sameeksha , you will see my other face. Better mend your ways, because if I get into mending you ways you won’t be able to live your life peacefully”.

Dev pushes him away and leaves the room.

Daksh – “ Why was he behaving like a obsessed lover? Did he really fell in love with Sameeksha as her face matches with Samika?”
As Dev walks through the corridor , he is completely lost in thoughts. Lady in parda collides with him . He doesn’t notice her clearly but her eyes are over him.
Dev – “ I am sorry”.
Lady in parda – “ It’s okay”.
She leaves suddenly. He feels something weird.
Dev(thinks) – “ I think I have heard this voice before”.
Lady is walking away. Then he see a chain on the floor , he picks it and gets up .
Dev – “ Ma’am, it seems like your chain fell down..”
Dev looks for her but he doesn’t see anyone in the veranda. He gets confused.
Dev – “ It’s weird, where did she go?”
Then he looks the chain carefully. He notice that the locket has S & D letter on it . He gets tensed.
(Fb: 6 years ago,
Dev – “ I saw a locket with a couple, they were wearing a same chain and locket. Locket had their intial letter together. I think we should also get something like that”.
Samika – “ You like such things ?”
Dev – “Of course , why not ?”
She smiles at him. )
Dev gets into thoughts.

Raichand House.
Trisha is sitting her room . She is thinking something. Daksh knocks on the door. This sound breaks her trans. She looks him, Daksh smiles at her. He enters the room and sits near her.
Trisha – “What’s the matter?”
Daksh – “ Started your shopping for your lover’s marriage? I think you should take care of his marriage preparations . How nice will it be ?”
Trisha – “ I expected that you will say something like this only… you are teasing me,right?”
Daksh – “ To be frank , I feel pity on you. Dev is always cheating you with fake promises and marrying someone else”.
Trisha – “ I don’t need your sympathy. Keep it for yourself. I know that you were dreaming to marry that Sameeksha, it’s obvious that you are feeling jealous”.
Daksh – “ I am jealous, you are absolutely right. I express what is inside my mind, but you have to suppress everything in your mind”.
Trisha – “ I can understand your condition, you had planned something to win her, but Dev got to know about it and he warned you for same. Even I feel pity on you”.
Daksh giggles. Trisha takes her phone and starts to check it to ignore him. Daksh looks her and then pats on her shoulder.
Daksh – “ By the way, Dev is really a genius. He told you what happened but didn’t said anything specific. He did told you the issue so that you don’t get any doubt on him”.
Trisha gets irritated. She keeps her phone aside and gives him a look after being fed up.
Trisha – “ I don’t want to hear anything against Dev. Nothing is going to work”.
Daksh – “ Do you remember that day when I told something about Samika and Dev got angry. Sometime after Dev and Samika’s marriage… how angry he was on that day ? He asked me not see Samika with wrong intention , he even told that she is his wife even if their marriage is a drama. Don’t you remember that?”
Trisha gets upset thinking about the same. She remembers Dev’s anger and how she pacified him. She starts to feel insecure. Daksh notices the change and smirks.
Daksh – “ Even today I could see something similar in his eyes. He warned me to stay away from Sameeksha and told me to not to come in between him and his goal. Same anger, same possessiveness. It was clearly visible”.
Trisha gets tensed hearing all this. She clench her fist in tension. She becomes confused remembering Dev’s words – “ Everything is just a drama, my goal is only to find out the mystery behind Sameeksha’s identity. I will go to any extent for that, but you don’t worry .. I won’t leave ever”.
She tries to relax thinking about his promise . She then takes a deep breath and relaxes. Then she smiles at Daksh which makes him surprised.
Trisha – “ Your words won’t shake my mind. So stop wasting your energy on me . I had some work, I think even you should take some rest”.
Daksh understands that Trisha is asking him to leave her room indirectly. Daksh leaves. Trisha closes the door as soon as he leaves the room. Daksh gets disappointed.
Daksh (thinks) – “ I don’t understand what magic this Dev does to make everyone believe in him. No one can bear anything against him. I have to plan something big to get Sameeksha”.
Study room, night.
Dev and Roma Raichand is having a conversation.
Dev – “ Everything is happening the way we want , all we have to worry is about our scattered family. We can’t execute our plan without everyone’s cooperation”.
Roma Raichand – “ Let’s talk to Daksh and reveal our plan . Then he will stop plotting against this marriage”.
Dev – “No, never. It’s okay if does anything against but there are chances of him spilling beans of our plan if he gets to know about it. In one way , this is good. It will complement our plan. We can confuse her”.
Roma Raichand – “ But what if Daksh does something that may spoil our plan?”
Dev – “ We shouldn’t let him do anything that serious but also shouldn’t stop him from doing anything”.
Roma Raichand – “ What do you mean?”
Dev – “ We need someone who will give right direction to his actions and keep him on track throughout our plan . Someone close him but will do things according to our instructions”.
Roma Raichand – “ I got it. Leave it to me, I know who is the best for this task”.

Dev – “ And by the way, nothing should go wrong tomorrow. Don’t lose your cool or be rude if Sameeksha’s parents say something . We should never give her any loophole to escape from trap”.
Roma Raichand – “ I know, I will handle it well. You stick to the plan, I am with you”.
Dev – “I trust you”.
Sameeksha’s house.
Sameeksha is in her room. She is lying on the bed and she is trying to sleep. She turns to one side to other being disturbed. She then closes her eyes. She gets flashes of her moment with Dev in the party. She opens her eyes being worried. She gets up and have water.

Sameeksha – “ It’s nothing.. I am not affected by him or will I be. I shouldn’t have let him come close to me. There is nothing wrong in that I did that to make him fall in my trap. The fact is that I am here to take revenge for my loss, I have get control over my inner agony . I got saved as I stopped on the right, otherwise I would have asked him about his deceive. I need remember that I am Sameeksha, I can’t let Samika resurface due to my negligence. I need to focus more”.

Raichand Mansion .

Dev is in his room. He is walking from end to other thinking about all incidents. Dev is feeling restless. He thinks about Sameeksha came to say something but stopped suddenly.
Dev – “ Why did I felt like Sameeksha was going to say something else? Did I missed something in between? How could I forget to notice her eyes for sometime ? I can’t let such things happen again”.
Then Daksh’s words echoes in his mind. As he walks his eyes fall on the his reflection on the mirror.
Dev – “ I know that whatever he said isn’t right, but why everything is bothering me?”

His reflection laughs at him.
His reflection – “ You know yourself well , you have answers to all your questions but you are admant that you will not looks inside for all your answers”.
Dev gets worried.
Next day, morning .
Raichands reaches Sameeksha’s house with some sweets , fruits, dress , pooja things (Shagun things – groom’s family gives somethings as gifts to girls family as part of marriage fixing). Roma Raichand, Menaka Raichand and Shashikala Raichand smiles at Chowdharys.
Everyone is gathered in the living area.
Roma Raichand – “Since our kids like each other and everyone is okay with this relation, we shouldn’t keep marriage decisions aside. I think we should now get our children married very soon”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ This will be an alliance without any other business benefits. Completely personal. I mean no kind of company collaboration or business partnering after marriage. ”.
Shashikala Raichand – “ We understand your concern. See, Dev and Sameeksha love each other, we only want to get them married.”
Mr.Chowdhary – “Before deciding marriage date , we need to talk about something”.
Raichands looks on.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ For Sameeksha , her company is a big part of her life. She won’t stop working after marriage”.
Shashikala Raichand – “ Yes, she should be loyal to her work. None of is going to prevent her or interfere in her career matters. I believe that no one should change themselves for marriage either groom or bride, in this case our children have accepted each other the way they are ,so there is no question like they have to change themselves after marriage”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ It’s really good to know that you are really broad minded”.
Roma Raichand – “ I don’t have a daughter. Once Sameeksha comes to our home , I will get a daughter. She will be treated like daughter”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ It’s good to hear that from you. You have made us stress free. Don’t take me wrong, I believe that before we fix marriage , everything should be clear”.
Roma Raichand – “ Yes, of course”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ Sameeksha is our only child, so her marriage is our dream. We have to make it really grand . Many of relatives are not here, some of them are in abroad and few outside Mumbai. Then there are our friends , business partners and many people related to us. So , everyone do want to be part of the wedding functions. Thus we need time for to settle everything”.
Shashikala Raichand – “ We don’t have any problem with that , how much time will you need?”
Mr.Chowdhary – “ Atleast 2-3 months , we can have an engagement before. We can fix a date for marriage after 3 months”.
Menaka Raichand (whispers to Roma) – “ Bhabhi, how can we agree to that ? Didn’t Dev asked you to get the marriage done within this month?”
Roma Raichand (whispers back) – “ Menaka , I know. I will handle it , you need not worry”.
Mrs.Chowdhary notices them talking to each other.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Any problem ,Mrs.Raichand?”
Roma Raichand – “Nothing, Menaka was asking why don’t we get children marry this month ?”
Menaka Raichand – “ Seeing Dev and Sameeksha, I felt like they are waiting to get married very fast. If we fix wedding date next day, they will agree”.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ I don’t think our daughter is so hyper to get married, maybe Dev is more excited. Let’s do everything with normal speed. After all it’s a marriage not any game,we have to think about every aspects regarding such important things. ”.

He looks Menaka Raichand with a fake smile. Menaka nods her head. Roma gets tensed but fake happiness.
Shashikala Raichand – “ That’s absolutely okay. We can proceed as per your convenience”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Okay, so that’s fixed then. We can look for a good date in this month for engagement”.
Roma Raichand – “ Let’s take horoscopes of both to an astrologer and fix a good date”.
Mrs.Chowdhary looks Mr.Chowdhary . Roma Raichand smirks.
Roma Raichand (thinks)– “ If Sameeksha is their daughter , they will have her horoscope. If something is wrong somewhere , they find excuses for not giving it or will ask us not look for all those things”.

Mr.Chowdhary – “Is it necessary to check horoscopes when children has already decided everything”.
Roma Raichand smiles. While Mrs.Chowdhary looks in tension.

Shashikala Raichand – “ It’s good to check horoscopes , it will help us to make sure if everything will be okay with their married life”.

Mr.Chowdhary – “ What is it inside all such things? Even people who has 100% matched horoscopes are parting away. Some people has good horoscopes but their deeds aren’t much good . Some people behaves too good in public but when we get to know about them more closely… all such good images breaks into pieces”.

He looks Roma Raichand as if he is indirectly pointing her. Roma Raichand gets confused seeing behavior.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Please, don’t take him in a wrong sense. Actually , he doesn’t believe much in horoscope”.
Menaka Raichand – “ So Sameeksha don’t have horoscope?”
Roma Raichand – “ We can make one , you just give us her birth date and time”.

Mrs.Chowdhary – “ Please don’t worry, she have one already. Just give me a moment , I will bring it”.
Roma’s smile vanishes. Mrs.Chowdhary goes to room. She smirks.
Mrs.Chowdhary talking to Mr.Chowdhary .
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ While having conversation , do indirectly point Roma. When they ask about horoscope ,you pretend like you don’t believe in all this. Let’s spice up the conversation”.
Mr.Chowdhary – “ That will work. You pretend like justifying my point”.
Mrs.Chowdhary – “ You give your best, I will handle situations if it goes little up )
Mrs.Chowdhary (thinks) – “ This was fun!”
After some time , Mrs.Chowdhary comes with Sameeksha’s horoscope. She gives it to Shashikala instead of Roma. They exchange some gifts to each other as they fix the alliance.

Precap :- Dev calls Sameeksha . Dev – “Sameeksha, pandit have given us a good date for our marriage. Just check your whatsapp”. Sameeksha checks it . She gets tensed. Dev smirks.

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