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Ek vaari ta ruk ja (Riansh)

Scene shows Riddhima sitting canal side and throwing stones in canal.

She turned, and stood with a smile
And shook her head left to right as if signing again?
Vansh was there on his bike,which was being pushed by Aryan and Angre.
Riddhima: Till when will you keep dragging it…
Vansh:Till your boyfriend dont get a job
Riddhima: Chud…gal sun…
Riding on bike behind him,
Angre and Aryan started pushing bike again.
Riddhima: Let’s fly away
Vansh: Till where?
Riddhima stood up on bike
Three of them shouted her to sit back
She screamed,
“Till the city outskirts wedding hall “
Vansh laughed.
Vansh :And from there
Riddhima : From there
Sitting back and thinking
Riddhima: Ammm London je Paris…nothing else then the opposite pind
Vansh smirked.
Flashback ended.
Present showed
Riddhima throwing stone in the same canal.
Ripples of water were same
But now they were not creating happiness over her face.
Vansh had left her.
Due to his depressive nature
That he is and would never be able to achieve anything
Due to her more “self centered nature”
He didnt believe Himself,niether Riddhima,
Perhaps that might be the reason he didnt believe her love when he got the news that she had got wedding proposal from a rich man.
And the rift between them deepened so much that their ways parted.
She turned.
He was still passing by from there
on his bike.
Which was now not in need of being pushed
she smiled that finally
he is achieving his dreams
But niether he stopped
Nor she tried to stop him.

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