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Anupama 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Visits Shahs

Anupama 8th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vanraj thanks Anuj Kapadia/AK for saving Samar and hugs him emotionally. AK says by god’s grace, Samar is absolutely fine. Anupama continues crying. He asks her to stop crying now as Samar is fine now and says he will leave now. Samar asks who won the bet. AK says forget it. Kavya asks what is the best. AK says nothing much. Kavya insists him to come inside house. Samar says AK’s mummy has also come. Mamaji walks to car and opening door greets mummyji. GK gets out of car. Mamaji stands surprised. AK introduces GK as his uncle and everything and introduces Anu to GK. GK stands mesmerized seeing her. AK shakes him. Bapuji requests GK to come in as he guests are like god to them. GK agrees and walks in with family. AK follows Anu. Anu performs Samar’s nazar. Vanraj introduces his family to them. AK entertains them with shayari. Baa asks him to explain its meaning. AK explains that a person is very wealthy if he has a family and time to spend with them. Baa says he spoke very nice but should speak straight instead of confusing lines. Bapuji says that is shayari. Kavya praises AK that he is a big business tycoon. Kinjal says its really commendable. GK praises that his boy is most sought Indian tycoon in US and has met even Obama twice, he is very sanskari and does pooja every morning and doesn’t have any bad habits; he is taking care of AK since his parents passed away in childhood. Kavya and Baa think they were respecting a servant too much thinking him as AK’s father.

Kavya thinks they are boring a big business tycoon instead of feeding him something. She takes Anu aside and asks her to take out their most costly crockery set to serve dinner to AK. Anu takes out her wedding gift crockery and says she used it only 2-3 times till now. Kavya yells at her and says they should impress AK and try to gain from him. Anu denies. Kavya thinks Anu is a fool, she would have benefitted most if a business tycoon was her friend. Bapuji offers snacks to GK. GK says he is having a janmashtami fast. Pakhi asks if he follows Indian traditions being in US. AK says they value their traditions more being away from their country just like they miss their mummy away from her. Pakhi looks at Anu. AK asks which school she studies in. She says Doon Valley School. Kayva asks if he is trustee of that school. AK nods yes and says its his way to give back to the society. Pakhi pays even mummy teaches in that school. Anu says she teaches cooking. GK asks if she cooks well. Bapuji says she is Annapurna and the best cook in town. GK gets tempted. AK says they will eave now. Bapuji insists to celebrate janmashtami with them and go after pooja. GK says they were heading towards temple and got a chance to see Annapurna, its Kanhaji’s wish to bring them here. Mamaji jokes and goes to bring pagri for GK. GK says its also AK’s birthday. Kavya says some other date is mentioned online. GK says its according to tithi. AK feels embarrassed. Pakhi asks if he is feeling embarrassed. AK says anyone would. Vanraj congratulates AK followed by Anu. Kavya says there is some spark in AK’s eyes. Vanraj asks her to shut up.

Samar walks aside. Nandini hugs him tightly and pleads to scold her and get angry, but not stop talking to her and let her explain. He says she hurt him already and walks away. Kavya gets excited that a big business tycoon is becoming their friend and all their problems will be solved via him. Baa says its a fate that AK is connecting with them repeatedly. Kavya says their problems will be solved by this man. Baa hopes so. Shah family’s festival dance session starts. Anu dances energetically on a garba song and all girls join her. AK smilingly watches Anu. All girls then drag their partners on stage for garba. Kavya drags Vanraj on stage for garba followed by others. Samar offers dandiya to AK and he dances with Anu. Vanraj gets jealous noticing that.

Precap: Vanraj tells AK that he wants to talk about his karkhana. AK says until his legal team evaluates the deal, its waste to talk about it. Vanraj seeing Anu still standing at door after AK left asks why is she standing her. Anu replies to learn some manners as they need to welcome and see off guests from door.

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