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The episode starts with Ksj fires his gun towards Bondita.


Everyone get shocked and shout Bondita…

Ksj’s bullet attacks the sign board in which it was written ” Krishanagar peoples and dogs are not allowed”

Everyone takes a sigh of relief. Sampoorna hugged Bondita.

Anirudh and Thakuma come to Bondita and ask if she is okay.

Bondita- I am completely ok, dont worry.

Anirudh- Kaka what if the bullet touched Bondita?

Bondita- Can a father ever hurt his daughter?

I knew that the bullet was not for me.

Ksj- Now I am declaring that there will be no enmity between two villages, there will be no border line. We will start a new relation with Krishnanagar, a relation of love, a relation of trust.

Everyone gets happy.

Ksj- Ok now prepare for your Barrister Babu’s marriage. I can’t wait to welcome my Laxmi. Still she is in our door.

(He goes to Bondita, Bondita takes blessings from him)

Thankuma- Ok now we should leave.

Bondita- Yes Thakuma tupur became unconscious suddenly so I came to inform you.

Thakuma- She must be feeling weakness, she did a lot of fasts for that murderer.

Ksj- Anirudh go, drop my bahu carefully in her mayka.

(Anirudh nods, they all leave for krishnanagar)




Tapur- Thakuma you came, Tupur didi got consciousness but didi is not feeling well.

CC’s mother- How will she feel well? God is giving her punishments for her wrong doings.

Thakuma- How she came here? What is she doing here?

Bondita- Thakuma she wanted to talk to you. But first please check Tupur.

(Thakuma nods and everone goes to Tupur’s room)

Thakuma- Tupur my child, what happened? Tell me. Why you are feeling weak?

(Tupur looks at everyone and says nothing thakuma, its just for those fasts. I will be okay)

Bondita- Are you saying truth Tupur? Tell us without any fear.

Tupur- Yes my sister. I am fine. Don’t worry I will dance on your marriage.

(Everyone laughs expect CC’s mother)

CC’s mother- Did you guys get so much happiness by sending my son in jail?

Thakuma- Ohh… You are still here. Lets go I will hear to you also.

CC’s mother- But I want to talk alone.

(Thakuma looks at everyone and nods. They go to a room, sumati goes to her room)

In Tupur’s Room….

Tupur- Barrister Babu forgive me. For me Bondita and you have to suffer a lot.

Anirudh- Tupur its not your fault. Time was bad. Don’t feel bad for it. Get well soon.

Tapur- Tupur didi you are asking for forgiveness to Anurudh dada but you should have asked to Bondita didi. She is dying to talk to her sakha babu

Bondita- Tapur you are saying anything.(she shies)

Tupur- Bondita I want to take some rest. Go and talk to Barrister aah naaaa Anirudh Dada. Talk to Anirudh Dada. I will not allow Tapur to disturb you.

(Anirudh smiles)

Anirudh- Today I have to go ( He looks at Bondita, Bondita nods) I have to go police station too.

(Tupur gets sad)

And dont worry you called me Dada so I will take care of your happiness.

(Tapur and Bondita hug tupur)

Bondita- I am accompanying him till door.

(Anirudh and Bondita go)

Thakuma- Anirudh, will not you know what CC’s mother told me?(She looks at CC’s mother)

(Anirudh and Bondita look at each other)

She wants us to forgive Chandrachur, she wants us to forgive him due to relations.

Bondita- Sorry Thakuma but law never sees relations.

(CC’s mother pleads to Bondita by folding her hands to forgive Chandrachur)

Bondita makes her sit in sofa and says

Bondita- Aunty every culprit is someone’s child, someone’s husband/wife, someone’s brother/sister, someone’s relative. Law never sees any relations and even I don’t want to forgive him for what he has done. But I can appeal to court not to give him death punishment.

(CC’s mother gets shock hearing this)

CC’s mother- But he did all this to get you. Okay forget about that but what name will you give to your sister’s child?

(Everyone gets shocked hearing this)

Thakuma- What rubbish are you saying? Tupur herself said me that they didn’t consume their marriage.

CC’s mother- But she…

Thakuma- stop! I don’t want to hear anything else. We can’t forgive him for any reason. Better you go from here.

(CC’s mother leaves the place crying and cursed Tupur that she will never get any happiness,  everyone becomes sad)

Anirudh- Thakuma I was going to police station..

Thakuma- Yeah, prepare the case.

(Anirudh leaves)


Anirudh takes out his box and reads all the letters he wrote for Bondita when she was in London. He smiles, he blushes.

Sampoorna comes to call him for dinner and smiles seeing Anirudh smiling alone. She knocks on door.

Anirudh gets alert and tries to hide all the letters.

Sampoorna laughs seeing this and teases him.

Anirudh- Sampoorna maa I can’t explain how much happy I am today. I am feeling to jump in happiness, I am feeling to sing, I am feeling to laugh, I am feeling to shout, I am feeling to dance… I can’t say what I am feeling to do. I am feeling to run to her and to hug her tightly so that we never get separated…(He stopped seeing tears in Sampoorna’s eyes)

Sampoorna maa is everything okay? Are you all right? Why are you crying?

Sampoorna- It’s tears of happiness. I am very much happy for you two ( she says by putting her hands on his shoulder) I will pray for you to Durga maa so that she protects your relation always.

Ksj- In which topic you mother-son are discussing?

Sampoorna- Jeth ji we was planning for our bahu .

Ksj- So will you plan without eating anything? There Binoy is shouting. Go handel him.

(Sampoorna nods and goes)

Beta tomorrow Pandit jee will come to discuss about date, inform Kalindi jee about it. But first eat the dinner. Come…

(They go for dinner)


(Anirudh calls Bondita on land line)

Bondita picks up the call and says Hello Sakha Babu…

Anirudh- How do you know that it is me? And how did you pick it so soon? Were you waiting for my calls?

Bondita- I don’t know Sakha babu how but I knew that it’s you. Everytime I am waiting for you only.

Anirudh- I can’t stay away more from you. Oh I forgot to say tomorrow pandit jee will come to decide the date in which I will make you mine. So inform thakuma. She have to call here tomorrow and I have to go there tomorrow.

Bondita- I understand that thakuma have to go there tomorrow but why you have to come here?

Anirudh- You will understand this tomorrow itself Bondita.

(He hears in background that Thakuma is asking Bondita what she is doing there in dark) Bondita tell him what you are doing…

Bondita- Thakuma someone called but he is not talking, check please…

Anirudh- Bondita, I want to talk to you ( Bondita giggles)

Thakuma- Hello, who it is? Hello… hello…

Bondita seems like that person don’t want to talk. Cut the call and take rest.

Bondita- Okay Thakuma,  You go I am coming.

Thakuma- I am your thakuma, know everything about you Bondita. Talk to him I will not disturb you. (Bondita shies… Thakuma goes)

Anirudh-   Bondita now the whole universe also want us to be together but you want to test my patient? Badmas Bondita…

Bondita- Kharush babu you haven’t seen my mischievousness still, you will know it slowly (she laughs)

Anirudh- Bondita do you want me to come now?

Bondita- Good night Sakha Babu, will meet you tomorrow.

Anirudh- You stole my sleeps and saying me Good night?

Bondita- If you will not sleep, how will morning come? I want to sleep with your dreams.

Anirudh- Good night Bondita. I love you.

Bondita- You have to wait till tomorrow to get its reply Sakha Babu.

Anirudh- Then I have to sleep fast so that morning comes soon.

(They laugh and hang up the phone)


Ksj- Pandit jee find a date to welcome my Laxmi.

(Thakuma offers him Bondita’s kundali)

Pandit jee checked Bondita’s kundali carefully, his face turns pale.

Ksj asked him if everything is fine? Why are you tensed?

Pandit jee declares that this marriage can’t happen….

(Everyone gets shock… Anirudh was completely down. He stopped in stairs hearing pandit jee’s word)


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