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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Subodh destroys gyarahi’s statue.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying my disciple subodh has dedicated everything to me, his bhakti will save him and protect him always. There subodh prays to ganesh in the prison cell. Gyarahi orders his soldiers to go and bring back subodh to him. the soldiers go and bring subodh to gyarahi in the court room. devi datinki comes and she says my son, you are okay.
Devi says swami, please forgive your son, he is our child. Gyarahi is angry and says I hope subodh your bhakti of that evil ganesh must have gone, otherwise I know more ways to remove his name out of your mind. Gyarahi says if I keep you more days hungry, you will forget everything. subodh says father, this is your ego that is speaking for you, if you take the name of ganesh ji from bhakti and all your heart as well, you will

be pure to your soul. Gyarahi gets very angry and says you demon kid, I will kill you now. datinki cries and has tears, she says no swami, please don’t. gyarahi removes a mayavi axe and he throws it at subodh, subodh prays to ganesh om gan ganpateya namaha.
Datinki says no. there ganesh says nothing will happen to subodh, he sends a divya power in form of a light. This light enters dtainki and she suddenly feels something, as the axe comes towards subodh, datinki comes in between and uses the power on the axe. The axe turns back towards gyarahi. Gyarahi says this axe is coming to me, he bends down and the axe hits an idol. Gyarahi says how did you attack me? The power goes from datinki and she thinks how could I attack my swami? Datinki says swami, I don’t know how some power affected me, I would never attack my swami, please give me one chance swami I will make our son understand, please. Gyarahi says this is your last chance.
Datinki takes subodh and tells him, son please understand what has ganesh done with you? his maya is affecting you, leave him and think about your father, don’t go against him. subodh says mother, ganesh ji is my prabhu and he has protected me till now, he is my god and I wont leave his bhakti. Datinki then thinks, she protected subodh due to some divya power and also subodh was never affected by gyarahi’s tortures, which means ganesh ji is protecting him. datinki thinks I have to take the help of my brother for protecting my swami, because I am worried for my swami and not subodh, ganesh will appear and kill gyarahi.
Datinki goes to a place filled with hot volcanic lave and magma, datinki calls her brother! Brother where are you? suddenly someone picks datinki and a huge demon of fire and lava arises in huge size, he says sister. Datinki says brother andhlasura! I am in trouble and I need your help. Andhlasura says what happened sister? Datinki says brother, that ganesh has done some maya and my son subodh has become his disciple, my swami tried everything but subodh’s bhakti has not gone, I am worried that ganesh will kill my swami if he tortures subodh again, I need your help to protect my swami. Andhlasura says you did right by coming to me, whenever any trouble comes then call me and I shall appear for your help. Datinki says thank you brother.
There subodh is at the feet of gyarahi’s statue. He puts flowers there. Gyarahi comes with some soldiers and a soldier says maybe he is praying to you. gyarahi says yes he subodh has made me god, finally my stupid wife has done one thing great in her life, she convinced my son. Subodh then takes white mud and a soldier says he is doing some special Pooja. Gyarahi says yes and then says subodh you are praying to me, I am happy and impressed. Subodh turns back and has ganesh’s statue in his hand and says no father, I am praying to ganesh ji. Gyarahi gets angry and says why? subodh says how can I pray to your statue? It is so huge and made of so many items that could have otherwise been given to poor people, it is a waste and your statue is filled with ego and arrogance. Subodh says I made ganesh ji’s statue with minimal items and is simple and plain filled with only love and bhakti. Subodh says if you want, you cant pick ganesh ji’s statue unless he wants you to. Gyrahi says are you challenging me? He tries to pick ganesh’s statue but fails. Subodh says if I want, I can destroy your statue by just the touch of my finger. Gyarahi laughs. subodh touches the statue and it cracks from everywhere and falls down and is destroyed.

Precap: subodh prays and ganesh appears in his rudra form in front of subodh and gyarahi and his soldiers. Gyarahi is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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