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Qayamat Ki Raat 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ananiya tells Gauri Raj is innocent

Qayamat Ki Raat 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dharam hears a girl crying please save me.. He stops the car. Its Anjali. Dharam hugs her. He says what are you doing here. Are you okay? She says he tried to rape me. Dharam says who did that? She says him.. Dharma looks at Vikaas. He runs. Dharam hugs Anjali says lets go home.
Dharam brings Anjali to Gauri’s house and shouts Vikaas. Gauri says what happened? Dharma says ask your brother what he did. Dharam hits vikaash. Vikaas says what are you doing. Dharam says he tried to rape my sister. He was there and he ran. Thank God I got there on time. Prithvi says I know he would neevr do this. Menakshi says he was into gambling too. Dharam says open your eyes. You big people think you can do anything. He promised my sister he will take her to Mumbai. Vikaas says I was with

mom whole day. Prithvi asks Anjali did Vikaash do anything? Gauri says he was home all day. Prithvi asks Anjali truth. Dharam says my mom was always right about. You people only use us. My sister was almost raped. He is leaving. Gauri says please listen. Dharam says I have nothing to do with this big house and its shallow people. He leaves. Gauri says Dharam please stop.

Kalasur laughs. He says to Karuna Dharam’s game is over too. Raj and Gauri are broken up too and Dharam is away from her now. Karuna says wow you have done an amazing job. Kalasur says I attacked her in Vikaas’s face. Karuna says very well done. The person in black hoodie comes with a letter.
Gauri calls Dharam but he doesn’t pick.
The woman says to Kalasur the letter of your game was written. Your game was going to be over.
Gauri sees the notepad and says someone wrote something on paper above it. Gauri traces it. Karuna reads that letter too. Its from ananiya. She writes I know about Karuna. She is a dead body. Raj didn’t kill papa Kalasur did. They did this to separate you. And Karuna tried to kill me by shoving me from the balcony. Karuna says who took the letter? Karuna?
Kalasur says to the woman take an eye on Ananiya. Karuna says I will kill that Ananiya. Gauri says this means my Raj is innocent. I have to go to him.
Inspector calls Gauri and says come to police station please.

Gauri comes to meet Raj. Gauri says to Raj everything is over. Kalasur’s spy is there. Gauri says this truth wont change that you have killed my papa. You thought if you don’t eat I will come and make you eat. Don’t call me again inspector. everything is over between us. She leaves. Kalasur laughs. He says Raj and Gauri are separated forever.
Gauri hides the letter. She says in heart sorry Raj. I don’t want Kalasur and Karuna to know the truth. I have to find out the reality first.

Karuna cries on her way back and recalls her moments with Raj. Gauri stops the car and comes out. Her car isn’t working. Gauri looks for help around. A woman is sitting on a tree. She flies. Gauri says is someone following me? She looks behind but no one is there. The woman follows her. Gauri sees a shadow. A car comes there.

Ananiya says I wrote everything in that letter. I hope she read it. Karuna comes there. She says letter right? Wanna go to graveyard? Ananiya tried to run. Karuna locks the door. She says you will die young. look at this knife. Should I cut your face first? Ananiya shows her the thread and runs. Karuna mkaes her fall. A chair falls on Ananiya. karuna cuts her thread. Ananiya tried to pick it but she can’t/ Karuna says who will save you now? You have to die today.
Karuna throttles Ananiya. Ananiya says please leave me. Karuna says did you listen to me? I only know how to kill You have to die tonight.

A guy comes out of the car. He says what are you doing here? Do you need help? She says I need help. My car is broke. He says are you okay? She says thank you. He says tell me the way to your home. Gauri sits in his car. His car isn’t starting either. The witch is stopping his car. He says I don’t know why is it not starting. The witch leaves the car. Her name is Mishka. They leave. Mishka says I stop people.

Roma comes to Ananiya room. She says you two here. Karuna says she is a bit sad. Roma says always stay together. I am really worried for Gauri. Karuna says she is really strong. Ananiya ties a letter to Roma’s saree.

The guy says I am Ajay. Gauri says I am Gauri Suryevanshi. He says do you know the thakur Prithvi? She says he is my father in law. Ajay says so i wont need an appointment. She says why do you wanna meet him? He says I am from sumergarh. He says I have a lot of property and business there. He says I purchased a very old haveli in Sumergarh. I will convert it into a hotel. She says who sold it to you? he says I don’t know. I only know the dealer. He drops her. Gauri takes his number. She says I will get you in touch with my father in law.

Roma comes downstairs. Gauri says ma why do you look this worried. She says what is tried to your saree? Roma says I don’t know ow it came here. I was in doubt about what I saw. I was going from Ananiya’s room. Karuna was throttling her in the air. Gauri says where she? roma says in her room. Gauri and Roma run upstairs. Karuna is hitting Ananiya. Gauri saves her. Ananiya says they killed papa not Raj. Roma is shocked. Karuna says so you pretended. She says yes I did. Karuna says now you think you can save these people? I will kill everyone. The game is over. I wont leave anyone. Gauri says fight me not them. She stands in front of Roma and Ananiya.
Precap-Miska gets raj bailed out and takes him to Kalasur. Gauri and family come to get Raj bailed out but he isn’t there. Kalasur says Gauri you wont ever know where your Raj is.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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