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Preeran SS ; Realization Part 29


Rishab and Sherlyn goes to dhabba for dinner at night.

Rishab : what will you have?

“What do they have here Sherlyn asks

Waiter tells her the menu

Sherlyn ; you have cholle (chickpeas) and buttermilk

Rishab ; are you sure you will be able to eat such spicy food

Sherlyn : I had pani puri in chowpatty and nothing happened what this food will do

Rishab : as you wish, here is your food

“Wow so delicious, uncle get me one more please Sherlyn asks

Rishab : no way you will get sick

Sherlyn : relax nothing is going to happen, I won’t get this chance again, you know in cities we hardly get such food

Rishab laughs at her antics first time


Rishab Piyali spends some time after Sherlyn Prithvi’s exposure. She decides to cook dinner for herself.

Rishab : you also cook? how much you are hiding from us

Piyali : actually I don’t know much about cooking but just try Anu like home made food

Rishab : tell me something what did you made her eat that her tongue is so sharp

Piyali : you know today’s kids and she is girl, I have done nothing

Rishab : by the way what are you making

Piyali : my favorite biryani, my mom made best biryani in this world

Rishab ; but right now I want to eat your handmade, even thats my favorite dish

Piyali cuts onion shedding tears while he blows her eyes. She cooks biryani

Piyali : now taste it and tell me

Rishab makes weird face while eating

Piyali ; what happened? is it not good, spicy less chilly please say

Rishab : its very good

Piyali ; let me try (taste rice) oh my god this is so much spicy

Both drinks water

Piyali : why didn’t you tell me before?

Rishab : you made it with so much effort I didn’t wanted you to feel bad

Piyali : thats so nice of you, wait a second mom once told me if there is too much chilly adding lemon can reduce its affect

The duo enjoys dinner in candle light

Flashback ends

Sherlyn : where did you get lost?

Rishab : nothing really if you are done should we get going

Sherlyn : yea sure

Rishab pays for food and leaves to the place all couple are.

Karan : bhai thank god you are here, madam lost in front of me

Preeta starts getting influence of bhaang

Sherlyn : can I have thandai

Elina ; no way, first handle this girl, she is almost drunk

Preeta ;party is not over yet

Sameer, Sherlyn, Kritika and Suraj also get influenced with bhaang

Rishab : I don’t believe this

Sar ghume chakkar khaaaye dil dil se takkar khaaaye

Arrey main khoya ke tu kho gayaa arrey haan… (2)

Sar ghume chakkar khaaye dil dil se takkar khaaye

Arrey main khoya ke tu kho gayaa 

Jo naa hai deekhta jaaye jo he woh dikh naa paaye

Arrey aankhon ko yeh kya ho gayaa

Ho bin chaabi khul jaaye masti ka taala

Chhori laagey joru chora lagey saala

Panghat pe naache

Haan panghat pe naache, naache re naache madhubalaa

Panghat pe naache, naache re naache madhubalaa… (2)

Haan dil ke hain chake chute chokre latkon jhatkon se ab na rok re

Haan tu toh naino mein mere chaa raha chutti tujhko tu chaahe jo kare

Ab akal akeli bhatke re dil sadak sadak sar patke re

Yeh baar baar hi tujhpe atke re beliya ab akal akeli bhatke re

Dil sadak sadak sar patke re

Yeh baar baar hi tujhpe atke re beliya

Ho dil ne chahat ka sikka aisa uchala

Sabake gaalon pe lagey mujhko til kaala

Panghat pe naache

Haan panghat pe naache, naache re naache madhubalaa

Panghat pe naache, naache re naache madhubalaa… (2)

Preeta : attention everybody, today i want to confess something (

Karan ; my baby doll please come down you are nice girl na

“No not today karela, today is very special day for me very special Preeta starts losing her balance

Sherlyn : keep going

Rishab holds her from losing

Suraj ; Elina darling why is your face looking like ghost to me

Elina : when you cannot digest what was the need to drink bhaang idiot

Suraj : you have become very boring ever since that job of your NGO and all you should take classes for romance

Kritika ; you are absolutely right, Elina you should listen to your husband

Kabir : at least hold yourself first before lecturing others

Preeta : hey bajarbattu, get me one glass of thandai

Karan ; why not and pour on your face?

Preeta : hey don’t say anything, save this for later or else I will tell everybody

Karan : keep your mouth

Suraj : I want to tell secret about this my newly wife Elina, she is very nice but very grumpy every time

Elina : what?

Kabir ; bhai thats not fair

“Everything is fair in love and warKritika open her arms but is held back by Kabir

Elina : fine if I am so grumpy then stay right here I am leaving bye

Suraj : I was not talking about you, this Kabir he is supposed to be my brother but always following orders of you

Elina : oh thats the point you are jealous now i get it

Suraj ; which fool will get jealous?

“The Karan luthra, he is most jealous person, if I talk with other somebody else he starts burning like chilly and other person get affected how cute na Preeta pulls his cheeks

Karan : don’t show me that fake love

Preeta : you called my love fake? so mean

Sameer : Preeta the most mean person is right here this lambu did somebody pulled her legs too much during childhood

Shrishti : shorty here I am trying to help you and instead you are making fun of me

Sameer : actually when you make fun of me I never say anything but today I got chance

Preeta : Sameer this jiju saali are too shrewd nothing can compare their twisted mind

Rishab : guys lets go back to mansion before they all create one more scene

Sherlyn : no I want to stay here in cool air, please leave my hand

On the way Suraj and Sameer keeps singing joined by other drunk girls

Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha

Hoon Tumhe Raat Din Main Yahan Se Vahan… (2)

Mujhko Aawaaz Do, Chup Gaye Ho Sanam

Tum Kahan

Main Yahan

Tum Kahan

Main Yahan

Jaane Jaan Dhoondta Phir Raha

Hoon Tumhe Raat Din Main Yahan Se Vahan

O Mere Hamsafar, Pyaar Ki Raah Par

Saath Chale Hum Agar Kya Khabar… (2)

Aah, Aah, Aah, Aah

The rest of youngster are irritated with constant tantrums their spouses created. Karan takes Preeta to room in drunken state

“Jaane Janna dhondti phir rahi Preeta keeps singing loudly

Karan removes her sandals and puts on bed carefully covering with duvet

“Where are you going sit here Preeta pulls him back on her

Karan : we will talk tomorrow go to sleep

“I miss my dad, when I saw marriage today I felt his absence first time, he could not see me getting married, you are very lucky to have everybody Preeta puts head on his lap tearfully

Karan (Caresses her hair) : he is always with you like a shadow

Preeta : please dont’ leave me alone, I will break down this time

“I am here with you. nobody can harm you and my family is yours mom dad dadi everybody ” Karan holds her face

Preeta : you are my strength, I want to live my whole life with you, I love you

Karan senses lot of pain behind her innocence and smile. He takes vow to fill all the emptiness and bring colors in her life.

“I love you baby doll Karan kisses her forehead and leaves room covering with duvet

Rishab is taken aback with Sherlyn’s childish side behind tough personality.

Rishab : drink this lemon juice you will feel better okay

Sherlyn ; wait come sit, I never feel enough talking with you

Rishab : its late go to sleep we will talk tomorrow

“Rishab from long time I wanted to share something but didn’t get time Sherlyn holds his hands

Rishab : you are okay?

Sherlyn : I am very bad thats why people close to me leave me or betray me first dad left us alone, I cannot forget his death he died in front of me my heart still shake up recalling that day then Prithvi came he shattered my dreams and hopes of living happily (breakdown badly)

Rishab : you are not alone, I am with you as friend always

Sherlyn : but I considered you more than friend, if somebody understood me after mom its only you please forgive me for everything

Rishab : I have no complain against you, it was only a mistake

Sherlyn : you are very nice, that girl will be in million who will get married to you, she will get this world’s precious gift (cups his face tearfully)

Rishab : forget what happened, we will always be good friends

Sherlyn passes out due to bhaang. She keeps holding his hands in sleep but Rishab carefully takes it out and leaves.

Kabir brings Kritika to the room who is very much acting funnily.

Kabir : oh god who told you to drink? you girls handle everything but not this

Kritika : yaar why are you such an antique piece, god made you in free time

Kabir : ya right tarts why he told me to take care of such crazy people around

Kritika : where are you going?

“I am not patient like you, going to get lemon juice so you will better Kabir says

“Please don’t go she says very lovingly

Kabir gets little touched by her gesture

“Ever since I came here, you are impressing me with your words, how can you be so perfect this love definition of yours is out of my understanding Kritika makes him sit

Kabir ; nobody is perfect humans, love things nothing we are born to make mistake

Kritika : why didn’t you meet me before?

“If I did will you have not married to somebody else he asks funnily

Kritika : maybe not, before you came I didn’t understand what love is actually now my heart wants to feel that

Kabir : don’t take my words seriously, everybody have their own views just remember you deserve best in life

Kritika ; why is everybody not like you? how easily you turn my sorrow in happiness

Kabir tugs her hair behind ears wiping her tears gently.

Kabir : I have not done anything, you have to keep yourself happy before others

The night passes with everybody sharing inner turmoil hidden from childhood.

Precap ; Akshay and kritika’s marriage takes on full swing. Karan gets selected for internationals in South Africa

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