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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha saves sudhama.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts kanha saying I will save sudhama, if he thinks I am his god then yes I am his god. Rishi says ganga mata will not help you, everyone laughs. kanha comes near the river and says mata ganga, please help me, my bhakt sudhama is in your river and only you can save his life. Suddenly the water turns into waves and huge waves appear, all the rishi’s are shocked and get scared, they fall down and faint. Mata ganga appears and says prabhu, I always thought that Yamuna is so lucky as she gets to witness your childhood, today you came to my banks and have made me holy and grateful to you. mata ganga closes her eyes and goes inside the river. Sudhama, sudha and bhanu are picked by lotus flowers and they float to the surface. All rishi’s open their eyes and are shocked. everyone

join their hands and have tears as they realize kanha’s identity. Kanha brings sudhama and his siblings on the banks. Sudhama is amazed to see kanha and has tears, he is speechless and looks at kanha with love. Kanha says friend, how are you? kanha says say something my friend, I am sorry I took long to come here but I should have saved you from all these people before. The rishi’s feel shameful. Sudhama says no prabhu, something must have been less in my bhakti towards you, I am happy that you came for me my govinda. Kanha says say something sudhama, you are my friend. Sudhama says what do I say prabhu? I prayed so that I could find you and now that you are here, I have no words as I am speechless. Kanha says sudhama, I have come to take you to my village vrindavan, you and your siblings shall live with me from today. Sudhama is happy and has tears, kanha takes their hand and takes sudhama and his siblings with him. all rishi’s have tears as they realize their mistake.
There pondrik is in a cave and says I am bhagwan pondrik, everyone say I am pondrik. Pondrik kicks a stone but his leg hurts and says this cannot happen, I am bhagwan pondrik and I am vishnu’s avatar.
There kansa is with bhadraksh and says Vishnu can be won only by bhakti, we shall make pondrik do that, I have a plan. Kansa goes with bhadraksh.
There pondrik is screaming in anger and says I am bhagwan pondrik. Kansa comes and says no pondrik, you are not. Pondrik says maharaj you know it right? That I am bhagwan pondrik? Tell everyone. Kansa says no, you are not a god pondrik and you are not vishnu’s avatar. Pondrik says no maharaj, I am bhagwan and vishnu’s avatar how do I prove it to you? I have powers! Kansa says many demons have powers you fool but it doesn’t mean they are vishnu’s avatar. Pondrik says but I am, I am his form of Krishna. kansa kicks pondrik and says no you are not, but you can be his avatar, there is a way. Pondrik says but if I am already vishnu’s avatar, then why should I find any way? Bhadraksh says you fool, don’t you understand you are not vishnu’s avatar, since when have you been ranting about it, just shut up. Bhadraksh enters the body of pondrik and then comes out and falls down, he says bhagwan kansa, this soul of pondrik is so evil, I couldn’t resist to stay in his body, he is evil to the core and even his soul screams I am bhagwan pondrik, he is a fool. Kansa uses his powers and ties pondrik using a spell, pondrik says maharaj leave me as it is hurting me. Kansa says why? you are Vishnu right? Free yourself. Pondrik says leave me maharaj. Kansa leaves him. pondrik says so if I am not vishnu’s avatar, then I will do his bhakti, I will be his disciple and do his bhakti and make Vishnu tell everyone that I am his avatar.
Kansa laughs and bhadraksh says bhagwan we got what we wanted.

Precap: pondrik dresses as a rishi and says from today I shall pray to Vishnu to become his avatar and to prove it to the world that I am vishnu’s avatar. Kanha brings sudhama and his siblings to vrindavan and says, don’t tell anyone here who I am sudhama otherwise mother will be angry on me.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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