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Papa By Chance 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan hides the kids at home

Papa By Chance 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Bela saying maybe the kids are of Aashvi. Amrit says Yuvaan is shameless to get his kids here. Yuvaan and Aashvi get lying about the kids. Dhoni says you are that singer aunty. Bela says yes. He asks can I have that kachori. Bela says yes. Gungun says we don’t want to have it. Aashvi says yes, its bad manners. Yuvaan says she isn’t my GF, but my lawyer. They go out to talk. Dhoni argues with Yuvaan. Yuvaan says how can I keep you there with me. Gungun says hide us and take us inside. He asks what. She says yes, we can hide there. Ullu asks how long will we hide. Gungun says we have to stay with Yuvaan for Dhoni’s sake. Mohini says Harman’s biggest enemy is in our house, I will see Harman now.

Suchi says I know you are upset with me. Harman says no, I m upset

with my fate, till my name is linked with Shehnai, people will think my love isn’t love, but a stair to earn money, if you doubt on me, Harman will die, I shall leave. She stops him. She recalls Yuvaan’s illness. Suchi says I called Samraj that day, you came to help me, I won’t doubt on your intentions. She says Shehnai will be called yours also, you are also co owner now, I made papers ready. He hugs her and thinks I have got paid for my hardwork today.

Yuvaan hides the kids in the drums and tries to take the drums upstairs. Bela, Amrit and Mohini come. Amrit stops him to question. He removes his shirt. Mohini stares. Amrit scolds him for being shirtless. He asks aren’t you ashamed to see me. Amrit, Bela and Mohini leave. Yuvaan says the way is clear now, come. Yuvaan asks the kids to relax now. He lies on the bed and finds it really short. Ullu jokes on his height. Yuvaan jokes on his fat body. Gungun says the bathroom is common. Yuvaan worries. Gungun asks Yuvaan to take Ullu to bathroom. Yuvaan says you don’t let me rest for some time. He looks for bathroom. Bela knocks the door and says I got food for you. Yuvaan asks the kids to hide. He wears the shirt.

He opens the door. Bela asks what were you doing. He says I was wearing tshirt. Kids look on. Bela says I got food for you. He says you are so sweet, Amrit doesn’t look your daughter. He sees Ullu and signs him to hide. Ullu signs what. Yuvaan says Bela will come, just go. Ullu hides. Bela asks Yuvaan how did this come here. Yuvaan jokes. Dhoni hides and punches Yuvaan’s leg. Bela asks what happened. Yuvaan says bug. She says get up, I will kill the bug. He eats food. She says I will go and have medicines now. He says I had 30-35 girlfriends. She worries and goes. Dhoni says I m feeling hungry. Ullu says Yuvaan didn’t think for us and finished food. Dhoni says its bad. Gungun reminds their agreement. Yuvaan thinks judge said right, its not easy to manage the kids, what will happen ahead, this is just the start.

Yuvaan gets hit and falls. Dhoni asks what happened. Gungun says maybe he is sleeping. Ullu asks who was driving that car. Yuvaan says it was me. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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