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Muskaan 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Aarti shows hatred for Muskaan

Muskaan 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti asking Muskaan to go and do her work. She says just stop this drama, get out. Muskaan cries and goes. Rakhi asks are you Aarti, wow, why so much anger on Muskaan. Aarti says I m fed up of running, I will stay here now, I will dance only here. Rakhi asks did you come here to stay, you are dreaming. Aarti says I have left dreaming, this is my place now, I have done a lot for this brothel. Suzaine says what happened to Aarti. Rakhi asks Tabassum to see, what is Aarti saying, she is challenging now.

Tabassum says its no use to tell anything, she is shameless, she will keep coming here. Suzaine gets worried. Aarti scolds them and asks them to just leave. Rakhi says what has happened to Aarti. Tabassum says we should accept this change as its profitable for us, we also

wanted this, Aarti has understood that she has to leave Muskaan here and raise her only here, you should be happy Rakhi, do you have any problem. Muskaan asks Ghosh about Aarti’s anger, why is Aarti hating her, when she loved her always. She asks did I hurt her heart, you talk to her once, please. Ghosh nods.

Suzaine says why is Aarti doing this. Jaya says I don’t think she is Aarti. Lumi says who got her out of jail. Suzaine says yes, who has done her bail and why. Lumi says something is wrong. Suzaine says yes, I can’t believe this. Muskaan says Aarti is calling, come. Muskaan comes to Aarti and thinks mumma has got this surprise for me. Aarti scolds her and says that’s my room, not yours. She calls pandit and asks him to do some puja to make her rid of the bad shadow. Pandit says don’t worry, but who is that. Aarti says this girl. Muskaan gets shocked. Suzaine asks did you go mad, what nonsense are you saying, you are not our Aarti.

Aarti asks Muskaan to stay away from her, she isn’t happy with her. Muskaan asks why are you saying this. Aarti says pandit ji, tell me rituals, I have been to jail. Tabassum says you can’t defeat me, I will not hear anything wrong about Muskaan, you are cursing her a lot, I regard her my granddaughter, I didn’t curse her. Aarti asks really, you become her mumma now, you raise her. Tabassum goes to slap her. Muskaan stops Tabassum. Muskaan cries. Aarti asks pandit to do the puja. The puja is done. Rakhi thinks what’s happening, but its interesting. Pandit says ritual got complete. Muskaan gets her teddy and throws them. She says I don’t want these teddy, I just want my mumma. She cries a lot. Tabassum consoles her. She sends Muskaan with Ghosh. Aarti asks Suzaine to throw the junk out. Muskaan goes away. Aarti hugs teddy and cries. Tabassum claps and says you dance well and act very well. Everyone gets shocked. Tabassum says you have made everyone hate you by your acting, you break Muskaan’s heart and cry.

Aarti sees Muskaan and asks her to get water. Muskaan says please call me Muskaan. Suzaine says we have to tell Aarti about Muskaan’s Devta.

Update Credit to: Amena

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