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Jiji Maa 8th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali reveals the past

Jiji Maa 8th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Falguni coming to meet Zeenat. She hugs Zeenat. She shows the rope to Zeenat and asks do you know about this rope. Zeenat asks who gave this to you. Falguni says Piyali gave this rope to me, and called me Mittu, she said this rope is linked to my childhood, do you know anything about it, Piyali is troubling my family and wants to take revenge, she isn’t saying the matter and said this rope has the riddle hidden, do you know Piyali. Zeenat says no. Falguni asks her about the incident related to rope. Zeenat says this is just a skipping rope of children, I don’t know anything, I will meet you later. She goes. Falguni says you are hiding something. Niyati waits for Falguni. Suyash asks where is Falguni. Niyati says she went to temple. He says fine, I will go there. Jayant comes

and says I m coming from temple, she isn’t there. Niyati says she said she will meet her old friend, maybe she went there.

Suyash says fine. Niyati talks to Faguni on call and asks her to come back home soon. Falguni says Zeenat is hiding about my childhood, there is some matter. She sees Zeenat leaving and hides. She says I have to follow Zeenat now. She ends call. Zeenat goes to meet Piyali. Falguni follows and comes there. She says Zeenat knows Piyali and has hidden this from me, why. Lawyer says sorry, there is no way now. Suyash says our investors are asking for money back, we have to auction the house. Falguni waits outside and says Piyali is mad, don’t know how she is behaving with Zeenat.

She comes to Piyali. Piyali says Zeenat is like your mum, I will tell you about her, but how so easily, I don’t like any game till it gets tough. She makes Falguni wipe her hands. She says you want to find Zeenat, lets play a game of hide and seek. She disappears. Falguni shouts and looks for her. She finds a door and enters. She sees the mirrors and recalls similar hide and seek game played in childhood. She says Kittu I found you. Piyali says wow, you recollected me, Mittu recollected Kittu, your twin sister Shravani, today’s Piyali Sehgal. Falguni recalls her sister. Falguni says this is not true, what’s your new game, you are not my sister. Piyali says you played a game with me and ruined my life. She shouts that you have snatched my mum, relations and life. She reminds the fair where they went with their mum, they started playing hide and seek, I was lost, two people came and kidnapped me, my life got ruined, I lost everyone because of you, I wish this was a lie that you are my sister, you are a stain on sister’s name, Bittu calls you Jiji maa, you couldn’t become a good sister, you left me to die, if this isn’t true, why would Zeenat come to meet me, she left from here, I wanted you to recall me, but you don’t remember this, I wish I could also forget this, I remember every moment, every pain which you gave me, I will not let you forgive this, you have to pay for my pain. Falguni cries.

The bank officials auction the house. Falguni cries. Piyali comes to buy the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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