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B’coz I Love U (RagSan) Season 2-episode-21


Sanlak , swara came from office nd sees all presented in hall(swara parents too)
Sanskar:kyun maa..y did u ask us to come urgent..
Suji:i will tell later ,first u go nd bring ragini here..
Suji:do i what i say
Sanskar:but maa..she is in clz naa..
Suji:she must be came home..her mbl was switched off..go nd take her..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini came home nd found no one is there ,she took mbl nd realized it was dead..she connects the charger nd goes washroom to get bath..
Sanskar comes to ragini’s room..he looks around nd found she is in bathroom hearing water sound..
He thought something nd smiled mischievous nd hides under bed..
Ragini comes out from bathroom wearing towel..as soon as she stepped out she murmurs sanku..
Sanskar rolled his eyes..
She looks around nd says sanku are u here..
Sanskar(comes out):tujhe kise pata
Ragini:what are u doing here
Sanskar:first tell how u came to knw that im here..
Ragini:how matlab
Sanskar:how u told without seeing me..
Ragini:i knw
Ragini:by ur perfume smell..
Sanskar:by perfume??
Ragini:haan..will u tell now y are u here..
Sanskar:first stop ur exposing..wear dress..
Ragini(covered herself with her hands):omg..u saw me like this..dont u have manners..
Sanskar:stop over acting..
Ragini glares at him md goes to wear dress..
Ragini:now tell ..y are u here
Sanskar:maa askd me to take u to MM..
Sanskar:i dont knw..sumi aunty ,uncle, swara..all are there only..
Ragini:all are there!!there must ne a reason..
Sanskar:may be..chalo
Ragini:wait.. let me get ready
Sanskar:u no need to do any make up..come..
Sanskar:matlab..u looks same like monkey ,with or without make up..
Ragini stamps his foot angrily..
Ragini:now u r looking like a chimpanzee
Sanskar:u r chipikalli
Ragini:u r donkey
Their fight interrupted by sanskar’s mbl ring..
Sanskar(to suji who called him):haa maa coming..
He (disconnects d call):chalo
Ragini:i dont wanna come..u scolded me
Sanskar:shut up nd lets go
Ragini pouts angrily..
Ragsan came to MM nd found ragini parents there..
Ragini:maa papa..
She hugs them..
Sanskar greeted them..
Ragini:but papa y did u both cme suddenly..
Anand:kyun,cant we cme..if u dont like ,we will go..
Ragini:its nothing like that papa..
Anand caressed her hair):im kidding..
Ragini smiles faintly..
Ragsan looks around ,all seems happy nd smiling at ragsan..
Ragini(whispered in sanskar’s ear):y didn’t u tell that papa nd maa came..
Sanskar:they are not here when i started..they might be cme after i went..
Ragini:kya chal raha hain yaha
Sanskar:mujhe kya pata..
Ragini:y all smiling at us..
Sanskar:i dont knw
Ragini:u dont knw anything..idot
Sanskar:shut up
Ragini glares at him..
Sanskar:maa ,is there anything special today..
Suji:haan special but not today ,tomorrow
Sanskar:kya maa
Suji:tomorrow u nd ragini’ engagement..
Suji:y u both shocked..u both only told that u both will marry after ur studies..
Ragini:haan aunty..but
Ragini:vo..vo..i have exams in one month naa..
Suji:haan i knw..ur study will complete with those exams naa..thats y we fixed engagement now nd marriage will be after ur exams..
Sanskar:but maa what is the need to hurry..
Suji:yesterday i met pandit ji..he said tomorrow is a auspicious day..it will be good for u both..
Ragini:but aunty i..i..
Suji:kya hua..dont forget that u both have promised me..
Ragini:vo.. aunty..actually i want to do internship in London after my studies..
Suji:ok..go after ur marriage..vaise it will take time to get passport nd vissa naa..then sanskar also come with u..
Sanskar:what..i will not go with her
Suji:tu chup kar
Suji(whisper’s in san ear):u no need to go..i knw she will change her decision after marriage..
Sanskar:but maa..plz think about once..
Suji:do u want to marry her now only..
Sanskar nodded as no..
Suji:tho chup kar..
Sanskar pouts sadly..

Janki(to ragini’s father):aanand why are u silent..we knw naa they hate eo then how can we do..
Anand:janki,he is perfect for our raagu..
Anand:u dont wry..he only handle her..i have trust on him..
Janki gives a assuring nod ..
Ap(kissed ragini forehead):what ever we do ,for ur happiness only..
Ragini in mind how can be happy marrying this idot who hates me..
Dp:tho shuru kare preparations
Ragsan looks at eo..
Laksh(to swara):im not sure that they will marry..
Swara:we knw about suji aunty na..it will happen sure..
Laksh:hope so..
Ragsan in sanskar’s room..
Ragini:u said all forgot about our marriage..now no need to wry..
Sanskar:i felt like that..
Ragini:now what will we do..
Sanskar:mom naa..
Ragini:but sanku ,what ever happening naa ,all bcz of u..y u married me that day..
Sanskar:hey u r talking like i married u wantedly..
Ragini:who knws
Sanskar:are u serious
Sanskar:stop ur bakwass..nd think what will we do now..
Ragini lost in thoughts..
Sanakar:hey billy where are u lost..
Ragini:ok let them do whatever they want
Ragini:haan..we will do what ever we want
Ragini:matlab..let them do arrangements for engagement,we will do something to stop..but we should not let them knw about our plan..Orelse,u knw na suji aunty, directly make us marry abi kr abi
Sanakar:done..what will we do..
Ragini:i have a plan
Ragini:i wont tell..but i will do
Sanskar:if u backfire that na..see i dont knw what will i do..
Ragini:it will not happen like that..
Sanskar:lets see.
Ragini:ok..we will go shopping for our engagement..
Sanskar:are u serious
Ragini smiles sheepishly..
Ragini:i dont like engagement but i love shopping..chalo naa
Sanskar gives a unbelievable look..
Ragsan comes for shopping..
Ragini selected some dress..
Ragini:mein check kar ke aata hu
Sanskar:ok..no need to take my permission..
Ragini:can u come with me
Ragini:what if i need any help..
Sanskar:u r asking my help
Ragini:then whom to u ask..u tho mera honevala pathi ho..
Sanskar rolled his eyes..
Ragini winked at him..
Sanskar( realized she is teasing):sure meri honevali biwi..i will help u..
Ragini:ohh i forget..
Ragini:how can chimpanzee help me..
Sanskar glares at her..
Ragini laughs goes into fitting room..
Ragini wears one dress nd came out..
Sanskar laughs.
Ragini:kya hua
Sanskar:u r looking like joker
Ragini:means like u???
Sanskar looks at her angrily..

Ragini huffs nd wears another one..
Sanskar:yuck..fancy dress competition nahi hain..its engagement..
Ragini pouts nd goes to try another one..
Ragini wears white lehenga with matching blowse nd dupatta..
Sanskar looks at her..
Ragini:is it ok..
Sanskar:haan..but..dupatta teek se pehan lo
Sanskar(came to her):dont knw anything..dumb girl
Ragini pinches him..
Sanskar:stop it billy..
He takes dupatta nd folds it properly nd placed on shoulder nd he held corner ff her dupatta nd pinned into her waist..
Ragini:oye ,dont take advantage
Sanskar:shut up
Ragini pouts..
Sanskar:see..now looking good
Ragini 😔😔
Sanskar:we will take this one..u go nd change..
Ragini nodded..
Ragini came out after changing her dress..
Sanskar(shows two sherwani to her):hey billy..blue or yellow
Sanskar (takes yellow):thanks
Ragini fumes..
Sanskar smiles..

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