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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Abir catches Varun red-handed

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mishti saying Varun can’t tolerate Karan’s truth. Abir says you are in trauma since three months, you can’t share it with anyone. She says I don’t want to trouble anyone, I want to see them happy. He says you are thinking for others, its not their and your mistake. She says Varun is a nice guy, Ketki is happy. He says my happiness is related to you, you wanted to avoid Varun. Nidhi comes and asks shall I send your food here. Mishti says no, we will have food with everyone. Nidhi says fine, come. Mishti says I want to be happy with my family, come Abir. They hold hands and go. Kunal says I told you, Abir will come.

Meenakshi misses her dad. Kunal says we will get Nanu soon. Abir says Nanu has gone on a fun trip. Kunal says you all think I m a robot sunk in work, but I m actually happy coming home. Nidhi asks for meeting us or by meeting Kuhu. Kunal asks Ketki to think again about marriage. Abir says you can run away if you want. Kunal says yes, if you get into marriage trap, you can’t come out. Kuhu asks what. Mishti says its their love for Ketki, they are possessive. Abir says yes, we are worried for Varun. They laugh. Kunal asks shall we not tease you now. Kuhu thinks Abir is upset about the letters.

Kaushal says Mr. Soni called, he asked all the children to come with Ketki to shop for clothes, shall I say yes. Everyone agrees. Kunal says I didn’t miss the shopping trip. Kuhu signs Abir. Abir stays upset. Kunal gets cold coffee for Abir. Kunal says I missed you. Abir says I missed your dhol, we will buy a dhol. Kunal asks done? Abir says one more, last, I missed you too. Kunal hugs him. He says you forced me, you look good in playing dhol. Abir says but you look the best. Kunal says so you are leaving me. Abir says Nidhi told you right. Kunal says you keep the family united, why are you going, you can’t go. Parul says the rasam went fine, Kunal came back, everything will be fine. Meenakshi says we will know it tomorrow, Kunal has come, this house is ready to face any troubles. Parul says don’t worry, Kunal and Abir are together. Kuhu calls out Kunal. Abir says Kuhu missed you a lot, you guys talk, we will talk tomorrow.

Kunal says I m here. She sees them and thinks did Abir tell him about letters. Kunal says you look worried, you told me to distract everyone, what happened. Abir says someone had put red colour on the dolls, Mishti worked hard, I thought this shouldn’t happen. Kuhu says we all worked hard. Abir asks who wanted to spoil the function. Kunal says maybe it fell by mistake. Abir says I will find out who did this. Kunal says don’t know who is it. Kuhu says I didn’t do anything, I just got to know. He says relax, why are you defensive. She says because I always get blamed. Abir says you came and everything got fine. Kuhu says you could have told me, I would have helped you, so much happened… Kunal asks what happened. Abir says just drama, we have to think of happiness of family and Ketki’s marriage, take rest, good night. Kunal says let me know if you need help, I have done many silly things against Mishti, it was an old thing, you know that. Abir says you don’t know how happy I m that you are back. He says keep your dhol with you. He goes laughing.

Its morning, Mishti and everyone go to the boutique. They shop. Abir thinks everything is fine, Kunal came back. Varun comes and says Karan…. Abir looks at him. Varun says sorry, I got confused and called Kunal as Karan. He thinks get ready Mishti, I will play my new move. He asks Kuhu to shop. Kuhu says its Ketki’s day. Varun says I can help Mishti in deciding the dress. Abir says yes, we will help you. He takes Kunal’s call and switches it off. Kunal says you are so mature. Abir says since childhood, come and select sherwani now. Kuhu tries a dress and calls out Kunal. She checks Kunal’s boarding pass. She says he had come 14 days before.

Varun says everyone is impressed by rasam, Mishti will plan all the marriages in our house. She says thanks, Kuhu made it possible. Varun sees a man. He asks Mishti to see that lahenga. Kuhu goes to Kunal and asks whom were you talking. Kunal says client. She asks him where was he, is he lying that he came home yesterday. He says we will go home and talk. She says we will talk now, tell me, where were you. The man goes and sticks a note on the mirror in trial room…. If you want to save Abir, then come to the basement, if you tell anyone, Abir and your secret won’t be safe. Kuhu asks what secret are you hiding. He says I won’t say. She asks him to answer. The man signs Varun. Varun asks Mishti to go for trial. Ketki comes.

Mishti says Ketki looks lovely. She asks Ketki to take rest in between. Varun says we will see something for you. Abir goes. Kuhu asks what are you hiding. Mishti sees them arguing. Kuhu says see Mishti’s boarding pass. Mishti says he might be in quarantine after coming for 14 days. Kunal says thanks Mishti, someone isn’t in Kuhu land. Kuhu gets relieved. Mishti smiles. Abir says Kunal has come, I will go to his changing room. Varun thinks I hope Mishti went to right room, did she read the note or not. He sees Mishti worried and thinks she read the letter. He says Ketki, I have to make a call. Meenakshi gets a call. She asks Nidhi to come later. Nidhi thinks what is she talking to lawyer. Meenakshi says my son is most imp to me, I can do anything to save my son, you do the preparations, we have to be ready for every situation. She thinks none can harm Abir when I m here.

Varun wears Karan’s clothes and thinks you did a big mistake to come here, Mishti. Abir comes there. Varun wears Karan’s mask. He sees Abir. Abir asks who are you, why did you keep letter for Mishti in changing room. He thinks I read that letter. He recalls Mishti talking to Kunal and Kuhu. He goes and reads the note. He removes the note. Varun thinks Abir can’t see me, how did this happen. Abir thinks I had to lie to Mishti to save her. He recalls saying I have to go for NGO work. Varun tries to run. Abir pushes the crate at him. Varun falls down. Abir says your disgusting game is over, show me your face. Varun removes the mask. Abir gets shocked and says Varun.

Abir says it was Karan’s mistake that night, not Mishti’s mistake. Varun says my brother is imp to me, you have to decide who is imp, Mishti or Ketki. Maheshwaris come in sangeet. Abir plays dhol and dances with everyone.

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