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Naagin Season 4 8th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Naagin Season 4 8th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ketki asking Rasik about Hardik taking round with his bride. Rasik says Hardik taking 4th round. Ketki says his chautha happened. Rasik asks what are you saying? Ketki says since Brinda came, many inauspicious things are happening and tells that Harsh and Mili died. Dev thinks brinda has looted their happiness. Mahesh says this is the last round. Bily asks if you are going to take Bhabhi down. Brinda asks why you are going up? Vrushali asks what is ging on? Brinda asks them to think, where she can hide. Hardik gets shocked and says mom. Brinda lifts her veil as she was taking rounds with Hardik. Hardik asks what the hell, why you are here? Brinda tells that 7th round is remaining, I am still Dev’s wife unfortunately. Dev tries to come near Brinda, but Shalaka and Vrushali stops him. Dev says I am trying to save you all. Brinda says it is too late now. Dev asks Hardik to come down to him, but Brinda pulls him near her and holds his neck. She says I will kill him. Hardik says I couldn’t breath. Brinda says you got saved from a girl, woman and says no…I am a naagin. She holds Hardik with her tail and becomes half naagin. Brinda asks Sia’s parents to go to some room, take their unconscious daughter and leave. They say ok and go away from there. Rasik says you are letting them go and doing bad with us. Vrushali says we have given you shelter and you are doing this with us. Brinda says bettayal woman and tells that she is teaching them a lesson. She says you have murdered my family members and snatches this roof. You have betrayed them and murdered them. She says you have murdered Nana Bhai, Keshav, his brother and grand son. Dev says you are lying. Brinda says what do you think that I will not remember and tells that she doesn’t forget as she is a naagin. Hardik asks her to leave him. Brinda asks him to be quiet. Dev says you will not be saved. Brinda tells that she has sworn to kill them one by one. She tells that she has killed Madhav and Harsh. She says will you not ask why I killed Harsh? She tells that the boys had killed her sister Nayantara. Dev says my brothers have not done anything. Brinda tells that they have crossed the limits of humanity and killed Nayantara brutally. She says my mom Manyata used to love her a lot, more than me.

Dev says my brothers didn’t do anything. Brinda says I trusted her a lot. Hardik says we had just tried to molest her. Brinda says it is equally to ….and tells that the punishment will be death. She bites Hardik on his head and throws him on Ketki and Rasik. He dies. Shalaka asks Vrushali what is her plan to kill Brinda. Dev asks brinda to stop. Brinda says you think that I will stop, as you are my husband. She says I tried to kill you, but you got hurt on your forehead. I should have killed you. She takes him in her tail and pushes him down. Dev faints. Rasik tries to flee. Brinda catches him in her tail and pushes him down. Ketki asks her to leave them. Brinda hits her with her tail. She pushes Ira with her tail. Vrushali is about to run, but Brinda gets the door closed. She says nobody can go from here, I will kill everyone today. Dev gets up and throws vase on Brinda. Brinda says you can’t make me lose and hits Dev with her tail again. Rasik gets up, Brinda bites him. Ketki gets up and apologizes to her. brinda asks her to plead infront of her and tells that my baba must have begged infront of you, like this. She kills Ketki. Vrushali takes out something, but Brinda makes her fall down. She cries. Manas brings gun and threatens to shoot Brinda. Brinda bites him. Vrushali runs to kitchen and brings the bel patr. She asks her to get saved from it and puts the bel patr round garland on her. Brinda vanishes. Vrushali says where did she go? Brinda appears from behind her.

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