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Twinj os- Strange love (By Aaku)

It’s Sunday and I, Twinkle Kunj Sarna is standing on the balcony and waiting for my so called husband. Don’t develop a misconception of thinking that I love him or somewhat like that. I even don’t like him. It’s just that his guests are arriving and that’s the only reason I am waiting for him. Otherwise we both are poles apart, when we are together all we do is fight. I even don’t think our marriage has any future.

So you must be thinking why I did marry him? It’s not because of his money or his fact he is twelve years elder than me. But my dad had promised his dad that I will be Sarna’s daughter-in-law and as expected I was forced into this marriage and so was he.

Currently I am ready in one of my jeans and off shoulder tshirt, all ready to see his reaction. Don’t even dare to think that he will complement me, I bet he will get annoyed. You know we both are from very conservative family and western attires are not appreciated. But he lives separately from his family in this ridiculously big mansion because of his work and that’s the reason I get a chance to annoy him. He doesn’t like me wearing jeans. He even doesn’t like the idea of me going to work.

Like seriously!!!! I don’t know which century he belongs to. He is a monster.

But I have developed a habit in this few months to do exactly what he says no to. Well he asked me to stop wearing jeans, now I wear it more often. He asked me to stop working, I didn’t listen to him. He always keeps arguing with me on this issues and all I do is turn a deaf ear.

We just share one thing and that’s this room and bed, nothing more. He sleeps on his side and I sleep on my side but every morning I wake up in his arms and it’s a plain coincidence. But to be honest it has been a habit to wake up in his arms and whenever I don’t feel his embrace in the morning, I feel so restless the whole day. But it’s just because it has been a habit, nothing more.

This house feels empty when he is not there and becomes a war zone when he returns. But most of the time he is busy in his office work and returns home late at night. Just remove that “most of the time” he is never at home. He has his duties and that duties doesn’t include me.

Anyway why am I even complaining?

But this house is way too big for two of us though there are some servants. I like peacefulness but this is something I

never wished for. He makes me feel unwanted, every single minute and I hate him for this. Sigh!

My chains of thoughts were broken when I heard the door open. I just shifted my gaze to him and I froze at my place when I saw his dull eyes, abnormally pale face and messy hair.


I couldn’t decipher what was happening to him. Kunj was suddenly sinking back in the bed.

“Kunj..” I tried calling him as I reached him but he didn’t respond. His eyes dropped slowly and I could feel my heart getting heavier and my heartbeat increasing.

“Twinkle…I..” A faint meek escaped his mouth before he passed out.

I immediately reached for my phone and called the doctor. It took about fifteen minutes for the doctor to arrive and only I know what kind of wild and negative thoughts were attacking my brain.

“Flu?” My mouth twisted grimly, as I stared at the doctor.

“It’s a kind of flu that comes up when in stress. May be it’s just due to odd working hours.” The doctor said, trying to explain me his situation. “It seems as if he hasn’t been taking care of himself well..”

“Listen doctor, I really want to know… I can’t leave my husband like this.. He hasn’t got up for…” I was so much tensed that I was bombarding the doctor with my endless queries.

“I know I know. He will be fine.” He tried consoling me but I don’t know what got into me I was acting like those typical wives.

‘Twinkle why are you so worried for this monster? Just calm down.’ I tried calming myself but something within me was not letting my mind to be in peace.

“Just give him plenty of liquid and let him rest.” The doctor said before leaving.

I nodded, suddenly anxious to get to Kunj.

He was lying on the bed, with his eyes closed tightly, his forehead beaded with sweat and his face didn’t look like it used to a few days ago. He wasn’t home for few days and I was least interested in his life that’s what I thought. But why did it hurt to see him in such state. I don’t even like him.

Trying to harden my heart, I looked at Kunj but nothing seemed to be working. I hate to say this but I care. Without thinking much I left the room, direct to the kitchen. It was not the first time I was entering the kitchen. I cook for myself sometime. I ordered the two servants present in the kitchen to leave and I myself started making soup for him.

Weeks passed and finally Kunj recovered completely, I took care of him, I rarely slept, I didn’t have appetite and I knew I looked weak yet I cared less about myself. No matter how much I denied but the truth was I was in love with him.

I hate to admit that I am in love with my husband who doesn’t even like seeing me around him. As usual he had gone outside without telling me. Whom was I even hoping from? Back to my f**king life. Sigh! I have to control this emotion of mine before it gets too late.

For distraction I thought to visit Chinki and I did. He had called me several times and I ignored it. I didn’t even know how the time flew and it was already 8:00 pm when I reached home. I just hope he is not home otherwise he surely will shout at me like always. With my trembling hands I ringed the doorbell and as I did that the door flew open and I didn’t even notice his move as he pulled me in and the very next moment I was pressed up against the wall. He was staring at me and unknowingly I too stared back. I let out a gasp seeing his burning eyes and I regretted looking in his eyes.

“Don’t.. Don’t leave me.” He spoke with such an intensity making me shudder and he engulfed me in a warm hug.

“I am sorry.” He whispered against my skin and the very next moment I felt my shoulder wetting. I broke the hug instantly and saw him shedding tears. I immediately brushed away his tears with my thumb.

“I am sorry for being such a jerk. I am sorry I couldn’t give you quality time. I am sorry I spoke harshly with you. I am sorry for being the worst husband.” His confession made me numb. He gently held my hand.”Will you give me one more chance? Will you give our relationship a chance?” He said softly and I couldn’t hold back my emotions. I let my tears flow and he engulfed me in a hug. I cried, keeping my head on his chest, letting out all my complain and loneliness.

This day marked the beginning of us. I got to know him more and with every passing days I fell for him a little more. We spent time with each other, taking out a little time from our busy schedule. Before that night it was a plain coincident of me waking up in his arms but that night he himself pulled me closer and we slept cuddling.

I stopped wearing jeans and more often I wore saaree because he loved seeing me in saaree. He never asked me to do so but I did it for him. He came home early from work for me and moreover he never leaves a chance to romance with me..not even in the kitchen. We shared our first kiss in the rain…I know it sounds cliche but it happened in the heat of moment. It’s our first marriage anniversary today and here I am in our room fully dressed up like a newly wedded bride in a red saree. I looked around the room which was fully decorated and it felt like a dream.

I gasped as I felt a hand crawl around my bare waist. But I immediately relaxed knowing who it was.

“You look so beautiful.” He whispered huskily, making me blush. He gently shifted my hair to the right and planted wet kisses on my upper back. His lips made it way towards my nape.

“Isshhh…Kunj..” I moaned as he bit me at my soft spot. He planted numerous kisses there. He slowly turned me around and cupped my face with his big and warm palm. He planted a sensual kiss on my cheek making me lean more into his touch. My lips parted a bit, inviting him to claim it and within next moment he captured my lips. Sucking, licking and devouring it and I kissed him back with equal passion. His hands pulled the string of my blouse and I gasped. He immediately regretted doing it and stepped back gazing downwards.

A moment later, I pulled him closer by his shirt and kissed him again. My hands involuntarily made it’s way towards his shirt buttons and he broke the kiss.

“You don’t need to love?” He said ever so lovingly.

“I want to be yours in every possible way. Claim me.”

“But -” His words were left incomplete as I kissed him and what followed after this was our blissful and passionate night.

Love is strange yet the most beautiful feeling. Who thought I would fall in love with my monster unexpectedly and unknowingly? Isn’t it stranger, how once whom I assumed to hate means the world to me now. Love surely is strange, isn’t it?

The END.

I was so overwhelmed with the response that you guys gave and moreover you guys wanted to see a happy ending  romantic love story.

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