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Hello to everyone from our side, thank you so much for the overwhelming response, we promise that we won’t disappoint you all. Before I start I want to give a small introduction of all the members working behind this story.

THE PLOT MAKER- AHELI GUHA (The entire credit goes to her, without her the story have not been possible)


The morning arrived and Shivay smiled looking at her sleeping cuddling him. “Good morning Anika” he murmured into her ear. No response came but her lips curved up. “Good morning” he murmured again. “Good morning” she replied in a sleepy voice. He could not help but smile looking at her antique. His stare travelled to her tummy making him smile again. He caressed her tummy and murmured “good morning baby”. “Good morning papa” OmRu said in baby voice making Shivay to look at them who were standing at the door step. Anika opened her eyes and realized the proximity between her and Shivay and moved away feeling awkward. Shivay too shifted a little. “Good Morning OmRu…Shivay” Anika took a pause before saying Shivay and got up. “Yeah good morning” he greeted back to OmRu and got up behind Anika.

“When did you two come?” Shivay asked getting down from the bed. “When you were busy staring our little champ” Om teased and hi-fied Rudra. Anika looked down blushing while Shivay looked around to hide the red hue over his face. “Shut up you both and go away from here now” Shivay said trying to shoo them away. “Okay okay we will go away but not before we take our bhabhi along with us” Rudra said and winked looking at Anika. “And Shivay dare you stop us… bhabhi, come with us” Om said and went to Anika to take her down for breakfast. “Om… let me get freshened up first and then I will go down with you two” Anika said while getting down and glanced at Shivay. “Okay… done, we are sitting over here…you get freshened up soon” Rudra said and sat over the bed which Shivay was arranging. “Hey, I am arranging it… just get up” Shivay said and held Rudra’s hand to make him stand.

“Yes Rudra come let’s go” Om said signing Rudra to go with him. “But then daadi has instructed us to take bhabhi down” Rudra said and looked at Anika. “Okay Rudra you two come after thirty minutes and I will be ready by then” Anika said with a smile over her face. “Bhabhi you are the best… love you” Rudra said with a wide smile and Anika replied “love you two my naughty brothers” OmRu smiled and went out. Anika looked at Shivay who was in awe state looking at the bonding between the three (Anika and OmRu). Shivay found Anika staring at his foolish stare. He composed soon and said “you get freshened up first and then I will go.” “Yes…” Anika answered and went to the washroom.

She came out and found a confused Shivay with his coat pant. She smiled looking at the pout on his face. “Shivay… the brown one” Anika spoke drying her hair through the towel. He looked at her and then at the brown coat. “Yeah, nice choice” he said and smiled. He took out the set of the coat and pants and laid it over the bed. “Shivay I have used both the towels from the cupboard, please you take out another one for you” she said. “Hmm… okay” he opened the almirah and took out a new towel. “Anika, if you need anything then please share it with mom, badi maa or daadi as I have a meeting today so I need to go to office today” he said. Somewhere inside he was not sure of going to office leaving Anika alone at this stage but he knew that his family is there to take her care. Anika nodded her head and smiled.

He went inside while OmRu and Prinku came to take Anika down. “Bhabhi are you done?” Prinku asked. “Yes Prinku just the sindoor” Anika said. OmRu looked at each other and then at Anika and smiled. Anika applied the vermillion over her hair partition and wore the mangalsutra and smiled looking herself in the mirror. “You are looking beautiful bhabhi” Rudra said. Prinku took bhalayen of her and went towards her. She took a small amount kajal from behind her right eye and applied it behind her ear. “Kisi ki nazar na lage” Prinku said. Anika smiled through her tears looking at the lovable gestures of Prinku. “Bhabhi, no tears” Rudra said and wiped away Anika’s tears. “These are tears of happiness my Rudy boy” Anika said looking at Rudra. “Okay no more crying… we all are very hungry” Om said rubbing his hand over his stomach. Anika nodded her head and smiled.

“Prinku… I am getting hunger attack of eating something chatpata” Anika exclaimed while going towards the hall. “But bhabhi, Shivay bhaiyaa won’t allow you to have anything chatpata and moreover he will kill us if he gets to know that we have made you something chatpata” Prinku said narrowing the eyebrows. “Haan bhabhi” Om said. “Why fear when Rudy boy is here” Rudra said extending his chest. “Shut up Rudra” came both Om’s and Shivay’s voice from behind. Everyone looked back to find Shivay standing there. “Anika you are only allowed to have the foods prescribed by the dietician” Shivay said in a stern voice. “But bhaiyaa… bhabhi wants to have something spicy” Rudra made puppy eyes and pouted while supporting his bhabhi.

“Haan Rudra… your champ also wants to have choupati waali pav bhaji and chat” Anika said looking at her tummy. “Bhaiyaa, champ also wants to have” Rudra repeated Anika’s words to Shivay. Shivay gave a death glare to Rudra. “What’s goings on here?” Pinky came there seeing all the youngsters together. “Choti maa… your son is hitler… he is so bad” Rudra pouted and complained his choti maa. Pinky ruffled Rudra’s hair and asked “what happened? Who is teasing my Rudy beta now?” “Mom don’t pamper him… he is a nautanki” Shivay said. Anika looked down sadly. “What happened to you Anika?” Pinky asked Anika.

Anika kept mum feeling embarrassed and shy to say. “Arre I am explaining” Rudra came forward taking his bhabhi’s side again. Pinky looked at him and nodded her head and said “yes say” Rudra continued “actually bhabhi wants to have something spicy like pav bhaji of choupati style and chat but this hitler is not allowing her to have those” Rudra pointed at Shivay who again glared him. Anika kept looking down. “Why? Shivay… get everything Anika is demanding” Pinky ordered. “But mom…” Shivay tried to explain something but when Pinky is there then who does Shivay’s care “…no ifs no buts… my bahu wanted to have pav bhaji and chat and you will get those for her” Pinky ordered again. Shivay looked at Anika. Anika looked at Pinky and tears rolled down her eyes again. “No crying Anika beta and listen… you don’t talk to him till he brings you all those you asked for” Pinky said and wiped away Anika’s tears. Anika gave a stare to Shivay as if she has won. Shivay looked back at her helplessly. Shivay soon contacted her dietician and she too allowed Anika to have what she asked.


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