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chapter 8 : brother sister to reunite ?

The chapter starts with naira going to the kaira room . as soon as she entered the room, tears welled up in her eyes . she remembered all the moments she spent with kartik in this room , their cute fights , their romance and their ruthna manana , all of it just came like flashes in her eyes . but then the bitter night where he questioned her character , and asked her that unethical question was all enough to naira to wipe her tears. she heard kairav coming rushing to the room , kairav hugged her .

kairav : mumma finally we are here in udaipur , thank you so much mumma , you let me meet my papa and my family , thank you so much . i love you!!

naira : haan baby! i love you too baby !

kartik heard their conversation and had tears in his eyes seeing the mumma – son duo so cute and loving . somewhere he was feeling angry at naira for keeping his son away from him for 5 years !! he entered the room , and hugged kairav. there was awkwardness between kartik and naira . naira started unpacking . she was controlling her tears seeing her room and the cupboard and unpacking stuff. while kartik took kairav downstairs as kairav was hungry and vedika entered the room and saw naira getting ready to go out .

vedika : where are you going naira ?

naira :to mishti and abir , i left my documents with the and i need it for the job

vedika : tu singhania sadan jaayegi ?

naira: majboori hain jaana padega . aur mishti aur abir ke liye ek apartment bhi book kar dungi . mishti might be uncomfortable there.

vedika : aur tu ? what about you ?

naira : vedu dekh i am getting late right now let me go

vedika : tu toh chali jaayegi naira , par voh awkwardness and divorce ? why are you tangling our life more ?

naira : mujhe nahi pata yaar , let me go

thereafter naira went downstairs , kairav asked her where she was going for wich she replied that she is going to mishti and abir as they need somethings from her . kartik some where knew she lied to kairav but he knew that she is going to meet the singhania’s and she did not took him because there would be a  tension there also . naira entered in singhania sadan , and got teary eyed , she was just hoping a different reaction of her own family . to be honest she was hoping that they would trust her .

she entered the singhania sadan and naksh ran to her and hugged her . as mishti and  abir told them everything , naksh understood her difficulties and their families trust issues . whereas gayu was annoyed at this act of naksh , as she hates naira now and both the dadi’s were happy and angry somewhere.

naksh : pagal hai kya , ghar chodh ke chali gayi ! haan maana hamne tujhe trust nahi kiya par aise koyi jaata hain kya aur kya sherni vaala kaam karke aayi hain ! nutritionist ban gayi aur voh bhi bahut badi aur main mamu ban gaya . itna toh bata deti .

naira : kaise bata deti bhai , agar kartik mere kairav ko question kar deta , toh ek maa toh vaheen mar jaati na

naksh: i am sorry naira , bhai toh tu bulati hain par , teri madat nahi kar paya . tere saath khara rehna tha , aur main he

naira; nahi bhai , aap ki galti naheen hain shayad jo 5 saal pehle hua , usmein meri bhi galati this ki main kartik ko assurance nahi de paayi , mujhe aise nahi bhaagna chanhiye tha. i am sorry !!

naksh ; chal ab sorry he bolti rahegi ya andar bhi chalegi !

naira : haan bhai !

dadi’s hugged naira and cried but when naira went to gayu , she jerked her hand off saying that she can see behind her this emotional act and she won’t fall for it anymore , naira was shocked seeing so much of hatred for her . mishti removed her hatred for the family except for gayu and they all chit chatted and had fun

whereas in goenka villa , kairav  was sitting with kartik

kairav: papa in which secret mission did you go ? is it over ?

kartik (he got to know which secret mission he was referring to): haan baby it got over that why i can meet you right

kairav: papa now please don’t go to any secret mission , i missed you , not only me but mumma also missed you a lot whenever i used to ask about you to her , she was always liek that you will come soon . she even used to cry sometimes at night she thought i was asleep but i was not . please stay with us papa forever . you know my mumma is a nutritionist , she is a very well doctor , one of the best in goa .even i used to go to her clinic everyday . and abir mamu and mishti di was very nice  , they always used to make things from me . they love ma and mumma a lot .

kartik got teary eyed listening to all the things his son just said ! he was happy to know that naira became a doctor but was somewhere guilty that he could not spend time with his son .


hey peeps !! next chapter out tomorrow !!

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