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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter — 45

Chapter : 45…” End or a New Beginning? “…

Scene 1:

The episode starts with Vansh reminiscing their all memories. He opened his eyes and went to the garden. He saw Riddhima was crying sitting in a bench. He went near her and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Riddhima turns her face to saw Vansh was standing there. She stands up.

Rid:What happened? You thought your answer so fast. ( annoyed)

Van:What is there to think sweetheart, in my heart there is only onething and that is you. It beats for you only.

Rid:You love so much?

Van:Yes sweetheart, I can even die for you.

Thudd!! There was lightning. (Kesa laga🤣🤣🤣)


She puts her hand on his lips.

Rid:Don’t say those things again. I know you loves me a lot even I loves you so much. We are made for each other only.

Vansh hugs her tightly.

Van:I love you too.

They stand there hugging each other. They found their peace in each others embrace. Their all problems got solved in each others hug. They can do anything when they are together.

Scene 2:

Cha:What!! You got correct news? Vansh leaves this business. No how can he do this. He know about the consequences very well then how!!

He broke a flower vase in anger.

(Flower vase:Ha ha sab mujhe hi fodo!! Meri to koi feelings e nahi hai😂).

His men:Now what we will do sir? Because of him you will suffer loss? (Aag me ghee dena koi isse sikhe).

Cha:Noo!! Chang never losses. He will win this time also and about Vansh, I will see him today only!!

He gives an evil smile.

Scene 3:

While they were hugging each other. Suddenly it starts to rain. They broke their hug. Riddhima starts to dance in the rain. She become romantic in this amazing situation. She was singing Chaam Chaam song and romancing with Vansh.

While dancing he caresses his face. She kissed him on his cheeks and then he again starts to dance.

(This part contains mature content so you can avoid it. Only for 16+ age person).

While dancing Riddhima sari got wet and seeing her in this condition Vansh was full of romantic. He goes near her and hold her waist giving her goosebumps. He rubs his nose on her neck region. She puts her hand around his head and allows him to make love.

They kissed each other. While kissing Vansh’s hand was roaming in her body. He removes her sari. He caresses her stomach. They broke their kiss. He bent down and kissed on his stomach. Afterwards he took her in his arms and went into a room which is beside the garden.

He made her lie down and removed his clothes. He also removed her clothes as well. They again kissed each other. Vansh starts to kiss her around her throat. Riddhima pulls him more towards him and Vansh bites her in her neck giving a love bite. Then they become one soul.

(Mature content ends).

They were lying together on the floor of the room. Their dress was still kept aside. They were hearing each others heartbeat. They want that the time should end now. They don’t want to face the world anymore. They want to spend their whole life in each others embrace.

Suddenly they heard bullet sounds. They dressesd up quickly and goes out to see. They saw Chang came there with his men.

Cha:So here the love birds is!!

Van:I hope you got the news by now.

Cha:Yes I got it. And now I came here to take my revenge.

Rid:You can never do anything to us.

By saying this, they joined their hands.
They look to each other. They understood what they have to do now.

They immediately ran from there. The response was so fast that Chang was not ready to accept it.

Cha:Follow them.

Riddhima and Vansh was running and Chang was following them. Riddhima took out her gun and shoots on his mens. They fall down on the road immediately. RiAnsh kept on running.

After few moments all Chang’s men were knocked down. All Chang was left. While running they reach a factory. It was an old factory. After running for few metres in the factory they saw there is not way to run more. The road ends.

Cha:Now where you two will go?

He points his gun to Riddhima. Seeing this Vansh stands infront of him.

Van:You have to kill me before hurting her.

Cha:Don’t worry. Today I will kill you both.

By saying this he shots Vansh. It got shoted near his chest. He fell down on the ground.



Riddhima puts his head on her lap and pats his face.

Rid:Vansh wake up!! Nothing will happen to you.

Van:(wincing in pain ) Run away!! Just go from here otherwise they will also kill you.

Rid:I don’t care. If we will live then we will live together or else we will die together.

She saw Chang was coming towards them. So she took some dust in her hands and threw it in his eyes.


He rubs his eyes and shouts. He got very angry. He shots while his eyes were closed. One bullet hits on Vansh’s stomach and another near to Riddhima’s heart.


Riddhima fell down on the ground immediately. She was unconscious. Vansh somehow managed to stand and kicks Chang in his stomach. He fell down and his gun fells near Vansh’s feet. He picks it up.


He shots him right in his head and shouts on top of his voice. Chang was dead!! Vansh fell down beside Riddhima.


He tries to hold her hand. He was trying his best. He crwals his hand on the ground. Atlast their hands meet. They hold each others hand tightly and Vansh closed his eyes for the last time. Both of them are dead holding their hands.

Scene 4:

It was shown that everybody of VR Mansion was standing in an open ground. Two bodies are covered with woods. Kabir was taking rounds around them with a pot in his shoulder. He threws it and took a wood. A person lights that wood. He lights the two dead bodies. Everybody was crying very much.

Atlast the two bodies got burned. He collect the ashes in a pot and threws it in Ganga. After that he does all the last rites.

Precap:No precap for today🤪. 

Aj me kuch nhi bolunghi🤐🤐. Me iss shock k bare me bol rhi thi😜😂. So kesa laga? Btw I want to say something: 

Vansh and Riddhima in other ff: Maut ko chukar tak se wapas a sakte hai hum. 

In Aayu’s ff: Any one will die.

In my ff :Sab ko mar dunga😂😂.


I will post a promo today only stay tuned jii😘😘. 

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