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Riddhima reaches the college, as usual takes seat near Vansh. But something was new, those students who talked rubbish about her, were praising her. She was very happy to come to college for the first time.
Vansh: I heart is so relaxed to see you smiling.
Riddhima: Why?
Vansh: I don’t know I was not feeling good that you went back.
Riddhima: Didn’t you miss me?
Vansh: No I….
Riddhima: Means you didn’t miss me
Vansh: Uff you are listening!
Riddhima: Ok say.
Vansh comes near her…
Riddhima: Wh….what?
Vansh kisses Riddhima on her cheeks. She closes her eyes for pleasure but yesterday’s thought made her move back. She was breathing heavily. Vansh was confused seeing her like this.
Vansh: I am sorry…. I didn’t mean to make you….I mean
Riddhima leaves from there. She was heading to washroom when a hand pulled her to a side.
Riddhima: You here?
Kabir: Why? Singing sensation Riddhima Kapoor? I was missing your smell. Yesterday was awesome….I mean yesterday night. I will come today also. So be ready.
Riddhima: Why are doing this? I agreed to marry you, your family denied. (Sobbing)
Kabir: Yes, you will marry me. I will manage, but you have to keep your lover aside. You have to say Vansh that is was my plan.
Riddhima: I can’t break his heart…
Kabir: But I can leak viral sensation’s intimate picture. (Laughs)
Riddhima: Fine. After college.
The college ends, Riddhima, Vansh and Angre were heading when Kabir came Infront of the Trio.
Angre: What are you doing here?
Kabir: I know I am college dropper, but this doesn’t mean I can’t come here.
Vansh: Come to the point.
Kabir: Riddhima?
Riddhima gets teary eyed but she holds back her tears, and goes to stand behind Kabir. Vansh was astonished seeing this act.
Vansh: Riddhima what are you doing?
Kabir: She was with you for my plan…
Angre: What?
Kabir: Badedad gave that deal to me.
Vansh: That’s not possible,
Kabir: The file you had was stolen….by me and Riddhima.
Vansh: What!? Riddhima say that he is lying.
Kabir: Why will she? This is truth.
Kabir pulls Riddhima by her waist. Riddhima was standing looking at Vansh, she smirks. Vansh was all broken.
Vansh: You Will Face Consiquenses Riddhima Kapoor!!
Kabir: What will you do?
Vansh: Firstly, I will kill you Kabir.
Vansh punches Kabir, Riddhima runs away from there as she was not able to hold her tears anymore. She reaches her home and runs to her and cries.
Riddhima: I am sorry Vansh! I am sorry! I hurted you so much… I actually stabbed myself hurting you, I don’t want to live in this guilt, I am sorry.
Riddhima takes a knife and was cutting her wrist when Ramansh stopped her.
Ramansh: Riddhima! Have you gone mad! What the hell are you doing!
Riddhima (crying): I don’t want to live Bhai! I don’t want to be a burden in anyone!
Ramansh hugs Riddhima while she was constantly crying. Ramansh makes her sit in bed.
Ramansh: What happened? Will you not tell your brother?

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