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Shakti 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Harman surprises Soumya

Shakti 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sant Baksh coming to Angel and Daljeet? Daljeet says you are doing this with me for that kinnar. Sant Baksh asks him not to call him dad and says I can’t have any relation with a criminal. Angel says ok, he is criminal and Virat is your Raja beta. Sant baksh asks her to keep her mouth shut and says you can’t ruin Virat’s life anymore and asks her to tell where is Heer? Angel asks why are you ruining your son’s life and wanting to gift heer to him. He says your son Virat will go behind her for his love and the people will know that Heer is a kinnar. She says only I have problem for your solution, and you have filed so many cases against me. She asks him to close the cases and promises to end Heer’s chapter for their lives. Sant Baksh comes in her talks.

Harman tells Mahi that she can stay wherever she wants and says I am with you in your decision. He says you have understood Soumya and my love, I thank you from my heart. Mahi says if I don’t understand then who will understand. She tells Preeto that she was very angry yesterday and don’t know what she had said. She apologizes to Preeto. Preeto asks her to stop apologizing and asks her to be with them as their daughter. Harak Singh says you can’t go away from us and blesses her. Harman thanks Mahi again and apologizes for his doings. He asks Soumya to say. Soumya says thank you, but is doubtful about Mahi’s intentions. Mahi says I have forgiven Harman ji, please forgive me for yesterday’s behavior.

Sant baksh asks Angel if she thinks that he is like Daljeet. Angel says Daljeet got trapped due to Heer and tells that she is saving Virat from Heer. She asks him to leave everything on her and says you will not be blamed. Sant Baksh goes from there. Angel thinks he will come in her talks.

Soumya thinks of Mahi’s doings. Harman comes to Soumya and calls her. He says Mahi has agreed, now nobody can come between us. Soumya says Mahi will not agree so easily, I can’t believe. Harman says we have seen so much bad happening in life, that if anything good happens then it is hard to believe. He says Mahi has realized that our love can never fade and I can’t become of anyone except you. He asks her to close her eyes and come with him.

Soumya asks where are we going? Mahi comes infront of them. Soumya moves hands from her eyes and sees Mahi. Mahi says I am sorry to disturb you both. Harman says no. Soumya looks at her doubtfully. Mahi prays for their happiness and excuses herself. She walks away from there with hidden expressions. Harman tells Soumya that Mahi has disturbed us, but come with me. He takes Soumya to the room and asks her to open her eyes. Soumya looks at the decoration and orange color saree on the bed. Harman says only we both know about your favorite color. He asks her to go and change the saree fast. Soumya takes it and goes to change. She comes out wearing the orange saree and calls Harman. She finds a note there and a gift, and reads the note. Harman asks her to wear something kept and come to the garden. Mahi is looking at her from the other room. Soumya wears the earrings and goes out. Mahi looks angrily at the decoration and candles in the room. Soumya comes out to the garden and sees the decorations, gets happy. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Harman comes there and showers flower petals on her. Soumya gets very happy. Harman smiles seeing her happy. He says I got you after losing you for so many years, couldn’t control my happiness, tells the poetry praising her.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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