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Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav gets ready for the marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aarav coming home. Badi Maa switches on the lights and says I have given you freedom of being a boy, but there is some limitations too. Aarav says sorry and tries to clarify. Badi Maa says I want to tell you something, you can think this as my warning too. Aarav asks what happened? Badi Maa says I was accused of loving you more than others, but that doesn’t mean that she will compromise with her rules and values, asks him not to forget that she will not take any moment to throw him out of her heart. He asks why are you talking like this? Badi maa says your choice, her family, your marriage and daily drama, I have bear everything. She says I will not bear anymore, tells that if he does any more mistake then think that you are blamed. She says my earning is Oswal’s family name and respect and I can sacrifice even now to save this family’s respect and name. Aarav is shocked.

Later Aarav opens his cupboard and finds the greeting cards. He thinks of Simar tearing the card. He gets Reema’s call. He asks if everything is fine. Reema says she thought to say good bye from Reema Narayan as tomorrow she will be Reema Oswal. She says she will talk to him in the room tomorrow, face to face. He says yes. Reema says I know badi maa asked us not to talk and asks if he is happy with the alliance, and asks if he is also happy like him. Aarav says yes, and tells that he was emptying his wardrobe for her clothes. Reema says I am lucky that I will be getting life partner like you. She says Aarav…I love you and smiles. Aarav gets tensed and silent. She says like I said, I will be waiting for tomorrow and says good night. He says even me and says good night. She checks her phone and finds the Ms. India Audition details.

Reema comes to Simar 2. Simar 2 asks for a last chance and says I will never hurt you. Reema goes. Roma calls Reema and shows her bangles, lehenga etc. She says our reema will look angel in the lehenga. Indu says she will look princess. She asks Photographer to take the jewellery’s pic. Roma praises Oswal family. Reema asks Photographer to click her pics with the lehenga. Simar 2 comes there and tells Reema that she knows that she is upset with her. She says she knows that she doesn’t like lehenga without the decorative hangings. Reema shouts stop it.

Indu calls Reema. Reema says nothing. Simar 2 asks her not to talk to her, but take the hangings. Reema refuses to take it and says there is no match of my designer lehenga with your hangings. She asks her to move and asks photographer to take her pics. Roma tells Indu that it is good that Reema is becoming Oswal’s bahu as if Simar had become the bahu then Badi Maa would have brought the quake due to her love for music. Reema goes to side and sees the beginning of the contest and sees the host telling about the contest time. Gagan calls Reema. Devesh messages Reema to come for 2 hours as after marriage she will become Mrs and this is her last chance to become Miss India. Simar 2 thinks this was her last chance to convince Reema, but it went too. She thinks how to convince her. Avinash comes there and tells Simar 2 that he got all the doors and windows closed, and asks her not to come out if anyone comes. He asks her to keep the lights off and asks her to be careful as jewellery and cash are much in the house. Simar 2 asks him not to worry and says she will handle everything. She sets up his turban and says now it is good. Indu says shall we go now? Simar 2 says you are forgetting something and goes. She brings curd and sugar and asks him to smile with curd-sugar good luck. Avinash smiles, keeps hand on her head and goes. Simar 2 says you are looking good Maa and asks her not to worry. She says everything will be good with Mata Rani’s blessings and asks her to give best wishes to Reema di too, says she didn’t talk to me. Roma asks Indu to come. Simar 2 asks them to go and closes the door. She then cries and sits on the door.

She runs to her room and cries, thinking of Avinash and Reema’s words that she shall not attend the wedding. Reema comes there and asks Simar 2 if she felt bad. Simar 2 gets up and holds her ears, apologizes to her. She says I will not hurt you. Reema says you shall be happy as I am leaving from this house, thorn of your eyes, my everything is yours now. Simar 2 says please di. It turns out to be her imagination. Simar 2 asks for a chance. Reema comes there and says I will give you a chance. Simar 2 touches her shoulder to see if she is really there and hugs her. Simar 2 asks did you forgive me? She says if you haven’t met me before going then, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself. She apologizes to her again and says I will do as you say. Reema asks will you say a last lie for me.

Aarav gets ready for the marriage with Sherwani and turban. Vivaan says now my brother as the world’s best dulha. Aarav says my brother is also a best man. He says I will come in 5 mins and asks him to go. He opens a box and takes the gold chain in his hand. Simar looks at him. He then writes on the notepad, welcome to my life, Reema.

Precap: Simar 2 refuses to do as Reema says, fearing the things might get ruined. Simar ties brooch on Aarav’s turban. Later the bride gets ready for the marriage. The marriage gets completed as the pandit ji declares.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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