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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 24

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Episode begins with.. 


Vansh takes care of riddhima. Riddhima takes the medicines. Vansh asks her to sleep. Riddhima closes her eyes. Vansh looks at her.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, I asked you to sleep not to act like sleeping. I know that you are acting. 

Riddhima opens her eyes. 

RIDDHIMA: I couldn’t sleep. You go and sleep. I’ll sleep.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, let me ask you something.

RIDDHIMA: Tell me..

VANSH: Why were you so angry and upset? What happened?

RIDDHIMA: Nothing. That’s just a small business issue. You don’t have to worry about it.

VANSH: I won’t ask you anything. But, if you want to share anything then, you can share it with me..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, can I ask something..

VANSH: Tell me..

RIDDHIMA: You were angry on me. You didn’t even look at me before going to the office. But, suddenly how you came here? What happened? Did you forgot anything?

VANSH: Actually, I came to take a file.


VANSH: (thinking) Sorry riddhima. I don’t want you to know that I know everything.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, I’m sorry. I know that I shouldn’t have reacted like that, yesterday. I’m sorry. Whenever, I’m angry or upset I used to be alone. If somebody disturbs me at that time, I usually react like that. But, I know that’s not right. Sorry.  I have no rights to hurt you or show my anger on you. I know this. That’s why, I asked you to leave. But, you didn’t. But, I won’t say that I’m right. Sorry for being so rude.

VANSH: That’s okay. But atleast now, did you got your answer?

Riddhima smiles.. 


VANSH: What’s it..

RIDDHIMA: It was not you. You didn’t do that.

VANSH: How did you got the answer?

RIDDHIMA: After coming home, I thought for some time. I asked the question to me. The answer that came out was, it is not vansh. Vansh can’t do this..

VANSH: How are you so sure?

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, have fought with me. But, you haven’t humiliated or insulted me. I don’t think that you would do that. I know that you don’t like me. But, you won’t show that in front of others. How much ever we may fight or argue but, it all happens between us. But in front of others, you have supported me. I know that, Vansh is not a person who will humiliate or insult others. I accept that he is very rude. But, good. And this vansh whome I have seen till today won’t do this. Moreover, the monkey whom I know is not so clever to do all this.

VANSH: Then, why did you doubted me?

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t doubt you. I know this before too. But, I was in anger. People sometimes become mad in anger.

VANSH: But, you are always mad..

Riddhima throws a pillow at him.. 

VANSH: You are not well. But, still when it comes to fight and that too with me, you become so energetic.

RIDDHIMA: When the opponent is strong then, even we have to become strong. We shouldn’t show our weakness, right?

VANSH: Right.. But, that doesn’t mean that you should act like being strong. You should really become strong. And you are always strong. Everyone becomes weak at some point in their lifetime. But, we should overcome it. And you know this. When you have the solution then, why are you worried about your problems?

Riddhima looks at vansh.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, you have the solution for your problem with you. Because, you know everything. You can understand everyone. Then, why are you stressing yourself. I don’t know what your problem is. But, I know that you can handle that. Because, nothing is impossible for..

RIDDHIMA: Riddhima..

VANSH: Right, do you remember, you used to say this often? Now, just go to sleep..


VANSH: I didn’t ask you to act again. Let me tell you one thing..

Vansh tells about all his childhood stories. Riddhima gets happy on hearing all his childhood stories. She smiles and sleeps. Vansh notices her sleeping. Vansh touches her and finds that the temperature being still high. He goes to the kitchen and brings the water. He dips a cloth in the water. He places the cloth on her head. He does this regularly. He checks her temperature regularly. Finally after 2 hours, her body temperature becomes normal. 

VANSH: Thank God. I think, she is fine now.. 

He just then notices riddhima getting disturbed in her sleep. Her hands were searching for something. Vansh keeps a pillow near her hand. Riddhima holds it. Vansh sits near her for sometime. Again, riddhima gets disturbed. She pushes the pillow. Vansh notices this. Suddenly, riddhima wakes up.. 

VANSH: What happened? 

Vansh gives her some water. Riddhima drinks it and smiles and goes to sleep. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, didn’t you sleep? 

VANSH: No. I was going to sleep. But, what happened to you? Why did you suddenly wake up?

RIDDHIMA: No.. Nothing. I’m feeling better now. You go to sleep. I’m feeling sleepy.

VANSH: Yes, doctor said that you feel sleepy due to the medicines..

RIDDHIMA: Okay.. You go and sleep.

Saying so, riddhima goes to sleep. Vansh goes to the sofa. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) I should find out who did that? At the same time, I should find out whether whatever written in that diary is true. I wish that shouldn’t be true. But, I can’t just say this and console myself. I should find the truth.She thinks about the photo that fell from that diary. She also thinks about that happened at that meeting and about virat’s words. Finally, she sleeps. Vansh notices her sleeping. But, still her hands were searching for something. She often gets disturbed. Vansh notices this.


Riddhima informs her manager that she won’t be coming to the office. She also asks him to arrange an online meeting with all her clients and her shareholders. She asks him to fix the meeting by 11.00pm.

Meanwhile, vansh comes there. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, thank you for everything. 

VANSH: That’s okay..

RIDDHIMA: Aren’t you going to your office, today?



VANSH: I have decided to take care of your health, today..

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, there is no need for you to do all this. Yesterday, I was not well. But, today I’m okay. I can handle myself. Moreover there is no one here. You don’t have to do all this.

VANSH: I’m not doing this for anyone. My roommate is not well. Then, how can I go to the office.

RIDDHIMA: Room mate?

VANSH: Yes.. Moreover, I need a strong and healthy riddhima to fight with me..

RIDDHIMA: Even now, I’m strong and healthy. If you want me to fight then, I can do that. Because, nothing is..

RIDDHIMA& VANSH: Impossible for riddhima.. 

Riddhima and vansh smiles.. 

VANSH: When it comes to fight, you are always strong? Now, have this.. 

He gives the juice to her. Riddhima drinks it. Riddhima and vansh spend some time. Riddhima suddenly gets upset. But, still riddhima tries to be normal. Vansh notices this… 


Riddhima attends the online meeting. All her shareholdhers and her clients ask her about the incident that happened at the meeting. 

RIDDHIMA: I have my answer for all your questions. But, I want you all to listen first. First of all one thing, this is just a small issue. I know that I have a huge loss because of this. But at the same time, I know how to handle this. None of you all will suffer any loss because of this. I can assure this to you. Now, if you all consider this as a insult then, let me tell you that this might have even happened in your business too. My laptop got repaired. But, I don’t want my name to get repaired. Riddhima didn’t get into this business only by trusting that laptop. I trust myself. I believe that I can handle this loss. Even you all know that. Whatever may others say but, that doesn’t matter to me. I have the guts to get back. People learn  from their mistakes.  We all are human beings. We are prone to make mistakes. I didn’t know anything about this business before. But, I learned it and now I’m one among the notable business woman in this city. If you all believe in my talent then, I’ll discuss about my next project plan. But before that, I’ll give you all 2 minutes. I just want only those who believe in me to stay in the meet. Others may leave the meet. She remains silent for two minutes. After two minutes she sees the same number of the persons being in the meet. None have left. 

CLIENT: Mam, we believe in your talent. We believe that you can handle this. Go ahead with your next plan. 

Riddhima smiles and starts her next project plan. Vansh who was hiding all these while hears everything. Riddhima completes her meeting. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) I don’t want anymore problem to arise. So, I lied that my laptop got repaired. But, I won’t forget this. There is someone who want to destroy me. Let the person be free and get ready for his next plan. But, this time it will be me who’ll be winning. Riddhima can’t be defeated until she accept her defeat. I won’t accept my defeat. This company is my dream, my ambition. None can get it or destroy it until I’m here. But, who is that person. I should find out. My laptop has a password. None knows about that password. I don’t even have the habir of giving my laptop to anyone. I used to carry it everywhere. Definitely, the person who did this must have seen me entering the password. He must be someone close to me or he must have taken help from someone who is close to me. She thinks about the diary and the photo and gets upset. She thinks of angre. 

Vansh calls someone.. 

VANSH: I have messaged you the details. Get that for me, immediately. I need the exact one. Riddhima shouldn’t know anything about this. I’ll call you and inform you about the timing. 

Saying so, he cuts the call.. 

PRECAP: Riddhima slaps the man. Vansh gets shocked. Riddhima gets scared. She searches for vansh.. 

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