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RIANSH One Shot – A Rainy Night…

P.s.: This one is from the Makarsankranti’s track wherein Riddhima left Vansh. But unlike the show she never returned back to him .


Standing in the balcony of his room, Vansh looked towards the sky. The usual sky adorned with millions of stars accompanied with their companion moon, had been missing. Instead the sky was covered with dark, thick clouds. Not giving a damn, he allowed himself to engulf the peace that the darkness of this serene night provided him. The mild wind blowing  helped himq a bit to calm the burning fire inside him.

Soon, the peaceful looking night turned into a stormy one as the wind showed it’s true colours by becoming wild. The leaves started to rustle vigorously, creating a fearful voice. Before he could leave to go inside, it started drizzling lightly.


He closed his eyes and forwarded his hand forward to feel the rain drops. He allowed himself to forget all his sorrows and dive into the world of loneliness. He felt his heart fluttering with a sense of happiness as he felt the rain getting heavy. He handed over himself to the mercy of the rain as he got totally drenched in rain.


But nostalgia hit him hard as he was reminded of the previous times.


The moments which he cherished the most.

The moments that seem to be eternal.

The moments which never returned.

The moments when he was truly happy.

The moments when there was nothing.

Only He, His love and most importantly his Sweetheart Riddhima.


With closed eyes, he allowed all the memories to float back to him as he knew these were the only things that made him survive.


Soon he felt his cheeks wet. He opened his eyes to find that the rain had stopped.

Ans wetness was due to the tears that had made their ways, past close his eyelids.


These tears are the only companion in his loneliness as they make him realise that the one who could wipe them was no more with him.

He allowed all the tears to flow freely this time since they only expressed his pain and anguish. The deep regret that he had stored inside him.The pain which is forever companion.


Vansh turned back to go inside his room, which was now seeped into deep darkness. The same way as it had engulfed his life.


Walking inside, he switched on the lights to see the whole room adorned with his and Riddhima’s pics, the only things that make him feel her presence.

Changing his damp clothes, he laid down on his side of bed.

As he tossed over, his hand touched the empty side of bed which previously used to be occupied by her.


Snuggling close to that side, he started caressing the place with his hand. He snuggled more close as if he could feel her warmth. As if he could smell her fragrance. As if she was sleeping besides him.

But sleep seemed to be far away from him as he remembered the things after she had left.

Her departure had made things uglier.


Sia was awake. The whole truth was out. Within weeks Angre had divorced Ishani as she suffered a miscarriage and started maintaining a formal relation with them.

Vansh had tried all the ways to track his Sweetheart down. It had been a week after her departure, when Sejal entered VR Mansion.

Before Vansh could ask about Riddhima’s whereabouts, a hard slap landed on his cheek.

He tried to soothe out an agitated Sejal. But it was of no use.

She handed him a pendrive and asked him to see it in the presence of his whole family.


Vansh was shocked. Shocked beyond limits. The pendrive contained various videos of Riddhima being tortured by his family.

He shot all of them deadly glares. He turned towards Sejal to ask her about Riddhima, when he found her secretly scurrying away from the door.

He followed her and found her moving towards a deserted place. He saw as she made her way to the only house present in that place. And after she had left, he marked his entry over there.

As he entered, the sight he saw frightened him the most.


“Riddhima….” Vansh screamed, as he woke up.

He wiped the sweat beads formed on his forehead with the help of the back of his hand and found himself within the security and confines of his room.

The room fell in a deadly silence, which was eating him up. Not able to find the peace of mind anymore, he moved towards the window, to see it was raining still heavily. He looked out and recited some lines which suited him and his condition perfectly.


‘Kya khoob khel khela kismat ne

Joh toote dil ko pyaar karna sikha diya..

Par bhool toh woh dil bhi gaya..

Woh toh bas tootne ke liye bana tha….’


As he was drowned in his own thoughts. A knock in his door brought him out of his reverie. He wiped his tears and found a nurse standing at his doorstep with a smile and a glint of happiness on her face.

Before the nurse could say anything he rushed out of his room and ran to the room near him.

As he entered the room, he saw the sight which hasn’t changed from the past six months.


The sight of Riddhima being attached to various machines, wires and a IV drip.

The only sight that tore him apart.


He sat near her on the bed and took her cold hands in his warm ones.

The hands that once  provided him unconditional warmth were now ice cold. As he sat there in complete silence, he felt the nurse slowly patting his shoulder. He turned around to find her looking at him sympathetically. She looked at him apologetically and said, “Her reports have shown improvements. Soon, she would be out from her comatose.” Saying so she left.


Vansh looked at an unconscious Riddhima and remembered something.


When he had entered into the house he had found that Riddhima was already in comatose. On confronting Sejal she spilled out everything and told him that the shock was too much for her to bear causing swelling in her brain and her this condition. She also told that Riddhima’s condition was extremely critical and required expensive treatment and medications.

After that Vansh had left no stone unturned in her treatment.

She was saved but had succumb to comatose.


Presently, sitting in front of her he wished this Rainy Night to end soon….




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