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Riansh-love between police officers episode 26- riddhima shot

I am not ending this ff because of the love you all give me❤️🙏! Comments were 40+ on previous episode ❤️! Thankyou so much my dear readers❤️!

The episode starts with:

Riddhima was running behind the butterfly like a kid. Vansh was adoring her. He took out his phone and clicked her pics with the butterfly.

O.. Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere
Yahin marna aur jeena
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena

Teri galiyan… Galiyan teri, Galiyan
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri Galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, Galiyan
Yuhin tadpavein, Galiyan teri, Galiyan

He went close to Riddhima and forwarded her hand ahead. He holded her arm with his hand. Riddhima’s hand was on vansh’s hand. She looked at him as if to understand what was he doing.

Tu meri neendo me sota hai
Tu mere ashqo mein rota hai
Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein
Tu na ho, phir bhi tu hota hai
Hai sila.. tu mere dard ka

He moved her close to the butterfly and the butterfly landed on her hand. She was shocked and very happy. Her eyes were bleaming in happiness. He smiled and clicked her picture with the butterfly.

Mere dil ki duaayein hain
Teri galiyan… Galiyan teri, Galiyan
Mujhko bhaavein galiyan, teri galiyan
Teri galiyan…galiyaan teri, Galiyan
Yuhin tadpaavein, Galiyan teri, Galiyan

(This song is love❤️❤️)

Also this scene is taken from this song only.

Riddhima was jumping in happiness when suddenly she stepped on a bug roaming in the garden.

Riddhima: ouch something is there.

Vansh checks.

Vansh: a bug.. Riddhima you killed the bug.

Riddhima confusingly looks at him.

Vansh: Riddhima I never expected this from you! You are a murderer. (Haha lol🙂😂ye tha precap🙂😂aarushi and aayu were somewhat correct ki unhone socha ki vo butterfly ko maaregi but hai to insect hi😛😂 baaki bhi kisine guess kiya tha to I don’t remember 🙂😂)

Riddhima: what are you saying. Are you mad(laughing)

Vansh: shut up! You took the life of an innocent! You are under arrest Mrs. Riddhima vansh rai Singhania!

Riddhima gives him shocked expressions. He takes out handcuffs from his pocket and handcuffs Riddhima.

Riddhima: are you mad!

Vansh: shut up! You are a criminal!

He takes her with him and makes her sit in the car. He starts driving.

Riddhima: you idiot!

Vansh: shh!

They both reach a place. Vansh opens the door for Riddhima. She gets out of the car and vansh blindfolds her.

Vansh: shhh! Have patience sweetheart!

He takes her to a place and opens her blindfold. She gets shocked seeing the place. The place was beautifully decorated with fairy lights,ballons, confettis and many more. There were pictures sticked on the wall. The pictures were of Riansh marriage,some police station pictures, Riddhima’s pics with butterfly today. Vansh then removes Riddhima’s handcuffs.

Vansh: this was just a plan to bring you here(wink)

Riddhima: but why all this!

Vansh: it’s just for an apology for what I did with you..I disturbed you a lot whole day.

Riddhima: thankyou so much vansh for this.

In excitement she hugs him. Vansh was shocked but reciprocated.

Vansh: will you have a dance with me?

Riddhima nodded. Vansh took Riddhima to the centre and started twirling her. They both were very close to each other.

Jise zindagi dhoondh rahi hai
Kya ye woh makaam mera hai
Yahaan chain se bas ruk jaaun
Kyun dil ye mujhe kehta hai
Jazbaat naye se mile hain
Jaane kya asar ye huaa hai
Ik aas mili phir mujhko
Jo qubool kisi ne kiya hai

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar

Jaise koi kinaara
Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par
Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar

Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa
Kuch aisa asar huaa
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha

Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar
Yaa marham dard par
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar
Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjaare ko ghar

Muskaata yeh chehra
Deta hai jo pehraa
Jaane chhupata kya dil ka samandar

(I love all songs of this movie and this movie too❤️❤️😍)

They both were enjoying each other’s presence when Riddhima noticed a gun pointing towards vansh. She was shocked.

Riddhima (shouting): vansh…

She came in front of him and took the bullet.

Vansh(shocked and shouting): Riddhimaaaa….

He looked at Riddhima with painful eyes. He was crying. He quickly took her in his arms and drove to hospital.

Precap: Sorry Mr. Raisinghania we couldn’t save her.

Apne juta chappal side mein rakh dena please 🙂😂! Hope you like it! Drop your reviews❤️!







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