Hi guys this is my new FF on Riansh.  The story is based in a dystopian world . Actually I read a book series and found characters are relatable to show characters so thought to start s FF on it. Hope you like it. I am not able to think the name of city so please help me with it.

Before that here is some information about the story which will help you understand it better.

Basically the society is divided into 5 factions

Abnegation: the selfless . They are very selfless people and they think selfishness is the cause of every problem in their life. They find happiness in others happiness.

Dauntless : they are the brave people. They are always ready to stand up against wrong and fight for the right thing. They blame cowardice nature to be root of every problem.

Erudite: they are the intelligent people and blame ignorance as root of problem. They enjoy learning new things and want to make people life better with their knowledge.

Amity: the kind and peaceful people.   They are very kind and always help people. They blame aggression and hostility for most world ‘s problem

Candor: the honest. They are honest to everyone and always say truth without thinking of consequeces . They blame duplicity as cause of problems.


Ancestors thought that there are problem in the society due to the human nature so they divided people on basis of their nature. The teenagers above 16 yrs have to give a aptitude test so which will help them to determine there true faction.

After aptitude test they will choose their faction .


Here is the character sketch


Vansh: dauntless instructor , strict and masters Defence skills.


Ridhimma Mathews: abnegation born , mother is dead live with her father Theo Mathews and Kabir Mathews


Theo Mathews: abnegation leader and representative .


Kabir Mathews: he is brother of Ridhimma .


Angre: Vansh faction member and best friend. Works in control room


Sia: Vansh faction member ,Angre’s girlfriend , protects the boundries of city



Sorry for short character sketch but other characters will be introduced as the story progresses .  Hope you liked it and will support me the same way you  do in my first FF . Please comment and let me know your views and help me to decide city name.


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