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Episode begins with.. 

Vansh notices his car tyre being punctured and starts to act.. 

VANSH: Oh my God!! How did this happen? 

Just then, riddhima and other notices the car tyre. 

ANGRE: (murmuring) Didn’t you really know, how this happened? 

VANSH: (murmuring) I’ll kill you. Just start your act..

ANGRE: Vansh, now what will you do? 

VANSH: Not a problem. I’ll take ishani’s car and go.

ANGRE: Okay..

Vansh sits in the car and starts it. But, the car doesn’t start. 

VANSH: Now, what happened to this car?

ANGRE: Wait, let me check..

Angre tries but, the car doesn’t start. 

ANGRE: I think there must be some problem in the engine.

VANSH: Now, what will I do?

RIDDHIMA: Don’t worry. You can take bhai’s car and go. Just wait, I’ll bring the keys..

Saying so, she goes in.. Vansh gets shocked.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, we are not your enemies. Riddhima is your actual enemy. How much ever you plan she just spoils evrything. 

VANSH: When did she become this much intelligent? Where is she getting all these ideas?

SEJAL: Bhai, you did all this right?

VANSH: Yes.. I and angre did this. I punctured my car and angre had cut the engine wire in ishani’s car. But, evrything got spoiled..

Just then, riddhima comes there with the keys. Riddhima gives the keys to vansh. Vansh gets it. 

SEJAL: Bhai, I wanted to stay for some more time. I want even you all to stay.

VANSH: No, I have an important work.. I can’t stay..

VANSH: (thinking) I can’t say yes in front of Riddhima. God, please help me.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, let ishani and sia stay here. But, vansh has some important work, it seems. So, don’t disturb him. 

ANGRE: So, ishani will stay here. I’m very happy..

Vansh looks angrily at angre. 

Vansh goes and sits in the car. He starts the car. But, the car doesn’t start. Vansh gets happy. He immediately gets down from the car. But, acts as if he is upset. 

VANSH: Angre, even your car is not working. 

ANGRE: But, I didn’t do anything. Then, how will it not work..

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, what do you mean that you didn’t do anything?

Vansh looks at angre.. 

ANGRE: I mean even before sometime back, it started. Then, how did this happened? 

RIDDHIMA: Anyways.. Bhai, wait I’ll check..

Saying so, she goes near the car. Vansh sees her coming and immediately gets down from the car in such a way, like ignoring her. Riddhima notices this. She gets in the car and tries her best to get the car started. But, it doesn’t starts.. 

VANSH: Now, What am I going to do? 

ANGRE: Vansh, you don’t have any other way. You can’t go anywhere. It is raining. I don’t think that this rain will stop now. So, better stay here for today night..

VANSH: No way.. I can’t..

ANGRE: Vansh, you are speaking as if you haven’t stayed here before. This is not fair. Don’t do this. You can’t go anywhere.

VANSH: Let ishani and sia stay here. I’ll get a taxi and go home.

ISHANI: Bhai, I don’t think that you’ll get any taxi at this time that too in this rain. So, better stay here..

SIA: Yes, bhai. What’s your problem in staying here?

VANSH: Don’t try to convince me. I don’t want any of your suggestions. I can handle everything. I’m Vansh Raisinghania.

SEJAL: Bhai, already you were not well. You have cold. You can’t go in this rain. Better, stay with us. We all can spend some time. Just think, we all can enjoy today. I have a nice plan..

VANSH: Just shut up. I don’t want to hear any of your plans.

Angre takes him aside. 

ANGRE: Vansh, what happened?

VANSH: I want riddhima to ask me to stay here. She should say this with love. So, better continue this drama..

Saying so, he goes. Followed by him, angre comes.. 

ANGRE: I tried my level best. He is not accepting to stay here. 

VANSH: I don’t want to waste my time. Better, you all go inside. I can handle myself. I’ll go by walk. On my way, I’ll get a taxi.

Saying so, he goes. Riddhima looks at him. Vansh was about to go.. 

SIA: Bhai, already have cold. He is not at all listening to us.

Riddhima gets angry.. 

RIDDHIMA: (shouts) Stop.. 

Vansh turns and sees her. He ignores her and was about to go. Riddhima immediately takes a stone from the ground.. 

RIDDHIMA: (shouts) Enough!! Just get in.. 

Vansh and others gets shocked.. 

VANSH: (thinking) What’s this? Why is she so angry? This is not at all in my plan. 

RIDDHIMA: Now, stop your mind voice and get in.. 

VANSH: I can’t.. I have to go.. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t ask your permission. I ordered. Just get in. Don’t make me angry. I won’t even think a second to hit you and take you in. Don’t force me to do that. Better, get in.. 

ANGRE: (thinking) Vansh’s plan totally failed. 

RIDDHIMA: Get in.. 

Vansh goes in.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’m seeing you from morning. Go in and change your dress.. 

VANSH: I don’t want to change.. 

RIDDHIMA: You started to argue for everything. But, even I have changed. I’m not that riddhima to be silent. Just wait and watch.. 

Saying so, she goes into the kitchen.. 

VANSH: Angre, did you see her love? 

ANGRE: Love? Idiot, she scolded you. You won’t change until she kills you. When she comes to know about all your plan then definitely she’ll kill you. That will be the last day of your life.. 

VANSH: And what about you? Will she spare you? Do you think that she’ll kill me only? Because, even you have equal share in all my lies and plans..

Saying so, he laughs.. 

Just then, riddhima comes there with two cups.. 

Everyone looks confused.. 

PRECAP: Vansh looks at riddhima.. Uma fixes the engagement date. Ishani and angre gets happy..

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