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Regretting my decision #riansh #ff (promo)

Hey guys.  Hope u are fine.  So this is not a chapter but promo as I know if I write promo u will not read 😑🙂 so ya and mainly this is to answer something so u can take it a/n and a small precap.

Mr jealous rai singhania jealousy on peak

Cute banters of adiya

Encouraging a lover(whom? Think)

Akshay and aryan in washroom for long time due to some prblm(now think what happened)

Okay as I said it’s mainly to answer something so on tu I was aksed not to end this ff but every story has a end and if you want this long then in the previous promo I aksed that usual lenght or long chapters and complete the book so majority was 15 chapters last time a choice to choose
1. Usual lenght more than 15 chapter
2. Long chapters 15 chapter book complete

And pls do tell don’t ignore

And I one more thing the shock I said in the chapter at last like u want it in next chapter or should give it later?

And aarushi said to make one more ff if I end this okay I have started one on wattpad this is obsession or love so should I post on tu as I don’t know if u will like the story of this genre pls tell in comments.

Pls answer all the questions in comment as it is needed.

Till then take care . Wear mask and use all precautions.  Luv u all 💕

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