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RadhaKrishn 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Sheetala Devi Avatar

RadhaKrishn 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Krishna tells Alakshmi its not that difficult to understand Radha Krishna’s love, its pure and helps the world instead. Alakshmi says time will reveal if she or Radha will win, he is her lover and will he not invite her in his marvelous palace. He says he will not take her in palace and she should return back. She says if he will not, Radha will call her in. He says Radha will not. He says if Radha loses, she has to call her shadow in. He says Radha does only good to humanity, so Alakshmi should return. She challenges him. He says there is a difference between her and Lakshmi, Lakshmi always follows truth and Radha is doing same, but Alakshmi always follows truth and deceit. She says she will not accept defeat.

Devi Gauri noticing that asks Mahadev how will Radha face Alakshmi’s immense powers. Mahadev says only good powers can defeat evil powers. Gauri says she will develop good powers in Radha. Mahadev asks her to hurry up as Radha cannot withstand Alakshmi’s evil powers. Krishna takes Radha to palace and says there must be someone who needs their help. Radha sees ill guard hiding. Krishna walks to him, he asks Krishna not to serve him, Krishna says he served him a lot and now its his turn. Radha offers him water. Nishant with Ulmukh and Sam notices that and asks Krishna if he is serving a servant. Krishna says servant served him so much, now its his turn, he wants royal family to serve ill citizens first. Nishant agrees. Krishna and Radha walk away. Nishant asks Sam if he will not help citizens. Sam says he will serve the ill guard and thinks he wants people do die and blame Radha and Krishna. Krishna and Radha serve citizens. Citizens thank them for curing them. Krishna says they should also serve ill citizens. They all agree. Balram says even he wants to serve people. After sometime, Radha sees no one coming forward. Alakshmi thinks nobody will support Radha and Krishna. Krishna says let us go to temple and pray. Radha enters temple and protects flickering lamp. Citizens walk in to support them. Radha says let us all pray god via serving others and tells Krishna that his idea is defeating Lakshmi’s shadow Alakshmi. Krishna thinks Radha’s good powers will defeat Alakshmi’s evil powers.

Alakshmi thinks Krishna didn’t see Jwarasur’s complete powers; she warned Krishna that even his life will be at risk, but he didn’t listen to her. She orders Jwarasur to use his complete powers on Dwarka citizens. He does same. Citizens fall ill more. Balram says even he is affected by the illness. Sam blames Radha and provokes citizens against her. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Alakshmi is harming everyone. Mahadev asks her to transfer her good powers into Radha soon. Gauri says there is still time for that. Krishna walks to Alakshmi and requests to stop this disaster. She challenges him again and sends Jawarasur to harm Radha. Radha continues praying Parvati/Gauri. Jawarasur harms her. She prays Parvati to help her or take her life. Parvati says she was waiting for Radha to increase her devotion and transfers her powers into Radha; Radha stands up praying. Alakshmi gets tensed and asks what is happening. Krishna says Parvati’s superpowers are transferred into Radha. Radha turns into Devi sitting on a donkey. Alakshmi asks what is happening. Krishna says Radha turned into Parvati’s Sheetala Devi avatar who can calm down any illness.

Precap: Alakshmi challenges Krishna to take her into palace and see what she can do. Krishna says he wants to break her illusion and invites her to his palace. She says she will destroy Radha. Krishna says she should dare try and see.

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