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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahilya passes the test

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rangrao coming to give the news to Malhar. Malhar asks him to get the news further. Rangrao goes. Malhar worries that the enemy’s army will reach them in some weeks, they have less time to prepare for the big battle. Gangoba says we will need time to get the horses and weapons, many soldiers died in the recent attacks, its not good to include new enrolled soldiers, they are not trained. Tukoji asks what will we do now. Malhar says I don’t have the answers, we have to save Malwa, anyways, we shall finish the work which we left incomplete. He goes back to Gautama and Ahilya. Dwarka says Malhar has asked you to give the answer. Malhar sees the queens worried. He says Rangrao gave a bad news, there is a threat upon us, Nizam had sent his army towards Malwa. Dwarka and everyone worry.

Khanderao asks do we have many soldiers. Malhar says no, I didn’t face any such problem before, problems had come and left, but such time has come for the first time, when we have no time and army, not even weapons and resources. He says I m not able to think of anything, I m so worried for Malwa and my people. Gautama says you may worry, but I m not, why shall I worry, when I know that you aren’t thinking anything, but you will find a way. She says you didn’t get scared by any problem, you didn’t lose to any problem, you always found some way, even this time, you will do the same, you have faced any challenges till now and won, you will do it even this time. Everyone smiles. He feels relieved. She says you will win, your bravery, intelligence and hardwork, justice has set an example, you have reached here by your own hardwork, you had gone for the battle with Peshwa, you were a kid, you know Nizam’s army since then, they have always got defeated by you. She laughs and says that’s why, his minister is also scared to face you. She encourages him. She says the Praja feels secure when you are here, you have taken care of the people here, Praja won’t let you lose, we all are with you, you will find a way in time, you will end this big problem like a brave warrior and win.

Dwarka says we don’t need to worry, until you are seated on the Malwa throne, we trust you, we are with you. Malhar smiles and thanks them. He blesses his wives. He says now I feel motivated, I can solve this problem, I have to think of this as a soldier now, when I had nothing than a horse and single weapon, even then I stayed alive and won, what’s the problem now, I m ready, let the army come. He gets seated. Everyone sits. Gautama asks Ahilya to give the answer. Ahilya goes to Gautama. She says you are the answer. Everyone looks on.

Ahilya says Dwarka is also the answer, and also Bana, a wife always supports her husband like a shadow, she has her own identity, right. Malhar smiles. He asks Gautama is the answer right. Gautama goes to Ahilya and says bravo Ahilya, Malhar was right, Ahilya is qualified to get educated. Everyone looks on surprised. Gautama says I accept this in front of everyone today. Ahilya happily cries and hugs Gautama. Ahilya goes happily and thinks of Gautama’s words. She sees the books and prays. She says now I will gain knowledge, I will get education. She thanks Lord.

Malhar asks Ahilya not to make a small mistake, if she succeeds, then people will think that girls need a chance to study. He asks her not to lose this chance. She smiles.

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