Ranbir hits his hand on a glass table and his hand starts to bleed… He walks towards his room.


Prachi: Pranav! What was all that??

Pranav: I couldn’t control my anger…

Prachi: kabhi kabhi, we have to control our anger. It is safe that only I had seen it.. what if any other member see it??Both of you are Papa’s friend’s sons…. Pranav, I have never seen you fighting with someone else before…. Why Ranbir???

Pranav: you don’t know Prachi?? He informed me about the MMS incident… I thought him to be your friend… Is this the way a friend should be??

Prachi: No… He is a true friend of mine…. I had told you earlier too, when I was accused of theft, drug case, he was always with me, shoulder to shoulder, supporting me.. he has helped me always… Please don’t hurt him….

Pranav: Sorry Prachi…. I want to talk with him… Will you come with me?

Prachi: why??

Pranav: don’t worry, I am not going to fight… I should not have been harsh .. so… I want to….

Prachi: okay…

Prachi and Pranav move towards Ranbir’s room.

They find glass table broken and blood droplets throughout the way. Both get tensed and concerned for Ranbir..

They open the door and find Ranbir sitting on the bed.. looking at his bleeding palm… It wasn’t dressed yet..

Prachi: Ran… (Stops )

Pranav: Prachi, why did you stop? Go help him.

Prachi move towards Ranbir.

Ranbir: don’t come near me.

Prachi sits down, forcefully takes his hand and starts treating it.

Pranav sits beside them on a chair.

Prachi’s eyes were welled up seeing Ranbir in this condition… Ranbir saw that and becomes happy. He stares at her… (Theme song plays)

Prachi: Why did you break the table????

Ranbir: You are worried about the broken table not my bleeding hand!!!

Prachi: O hello!! You broke your hand and the table knowingly, by your own- no one forced you…

Ranbir: here my hand is bleeding and you are blaming me for breaking the table???

Prachi finishes dressing the wound. She gets up.

Prachi: you are impossible… Actually someone should beat us for helping you..

Ranbir: O Maharani… (He tries to get up. He unknowingly presses his wounded hand on the bed). Ouch!!!

Prachi: Ranbir….

She takes his hand and looks if there is any problem….

Rhea sees this..

Rhea: PRACHI….

She comes towards her angrily…

(Pranav was sitting in such a way that Rhea couldn’t see him).

Prachi leaves his hand…

Rhea:Why are you here? What is in your mind? What are doing in my fiancee’s room??

Pranav: She is cooking food for him…

Rhea turns and sees Pranav sitting on the chair.

Rhea: What?

Pranav: Ha… She was cooking food for Ranbir… Seriously??? You didn’t see the blood droplets??? You didn’t see your “fiancee’s ” wound???

Rhea: Ahmm… I don’t like to see any other girl near my fiancee…

Pranav: what about his mother??

Rhea bites her teeth in anger.

Pranav: what do you think?? I love to see my FIANCEE with him?? I wanted to talk to him… I asked Prachi to show me his room… We found the glass table broken  and blood droplets all the way… It was I who told her to treat the wound… Wait a minute… she was about to dress the wound up but stopped.. is that because of your warning??? Is it Prachi??

Prachi gives an expression as if asking what are you up to!!??

Pranav: Anyway, leave it… Where was I??.. Yeah…. I didn’t leave them alone I was sitting here itself… She was just dressing his wound…Then why were you shouting as if you saw something else….??? You don’t like to see your fiancee with other girls AND I DON’T LIKE TO SEE ANYONE BOSSING MY FIANCEE….

Rhea: how dare you talk to me like this… Pranav: I do dare dear… Afterall I am your to be jeeju…. So next time, talk properly with Prachi… Now take care of your FIANCEE…. (To Prachi): come Prachi..

Prachi: So what about the thing you came to talk??

Pranav: I don’t think this is the right time for it….

Prachi and Pranav leave..


Rhea: Ranbir…. Didn’t you hear what he told….. Then you didn’t say anything…

Ranbir: What should I say?? Why? why did you shout at her??? You didn’t dress my would… She helped me… that  man was here… What is going in your head Rhea??

Rhea looks shocked…

Ranbir: haven’t you done with it yet??? You got Prachi and me seperated… You keep on chanting Ranbir is my fiancee… Ranbir is my fiancee…. Prachi’s marriage got fixed…. When will you…. Leave it…

Ranbir moves away….

Rhea stands there dumbfounded….


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