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Pandya Store 8th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva rescues Raavi

Pandya Store 8th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Prafulla saying I got so happy, Suman said the right thing. Suman says I didn’t raise my sons like this, who are you to beat my sons. Dhara says I have raised my children like my own. Suman says you didn’t have a child, then you would have realized that one can’t beat a child so brutally, this is the difference between real mum and mum-like. Dhara cries. Raavi gets the laddoos to Rishita. She says pandit told us that Dev can do the puja without the wife, so Dev did the puja. Rishita asks what. Raavi says yes, show off love doesn’t stay for long, you have become a rebellious daughter and bahu. Rishita shouts stop it. Her imagination ends. Dev says I will do the ritual alone. He fills the pot. He recalls Rishita. Shiva asks him to come soon. It gets windy. Dev asks what happened to the weather suddenly. Anita shouts to Shiva and Raavi. The pillars crack. The structure starts trembling. They all run. Shiva holds Raavi’s hand. Anita falls down and faints.

Dhara says its not Gautam’s mistake. Suman asks why did he not stop you, why did he let this partition happen. Gautam cries. Suman scolds him. Krish shouts to Raavi. Raavi shouts Krish. Shiva asks Dev where are you. Dev shouts to them. They all get separated. Dhara says I swear, I did this with an intention to keep family united, not to break it, I just wanted to teach them the importance of family, to make them realize their responsibilities. Suman says you had beaten them and locked them in different cells. Dhara says they are my own children.

Suman says you are not their mother, understood, don’t do a drama, your sins won’t get washed, I won’t care now, your mum left you and ran away, how will you understand motherly feelings, maybe that’s why Lord didn’t give you a child. Gautam and Dhara cry. Suman says I had cried a lot seeing the scars on their back. Dhara says you have a right to beat me. Suman says I m not so fallen, I have motherly emotions, but you tell me, who gave you the right to beat my children. Gautam says her motherly emotions. Suman says shut up. Gautam says you are thinking wrong, let me say, she had no other way to separate them, Raavi and Shiva hate each other and fight all day, how could Dhara leave them. Shiva saves Raavi. He says this is the right way, come with me. She says I will go. He says trust me, come with me. She pushes him. She says I don’t trust you, I trusted you, you broke my trust, Gautam and Dev came there to saved my life.

Gautam says Dhara brought them together, we have seen changes coming in them, when Shiva got insulted, then Raavi felt bad. Raavi says you will leave me here alone to die, its better you go your way, I will find my way myself. Suman says I have heard everything, there are other ways to keep children together, if Dhara didn’t get any idea, then she would have asked me, she thinks I m mentally handicapped. Shiva sees the ceiling falling over Raavi. He runs to save her. They fall down. The pillar falls over his shoulder. He says I told you to be with me. She says you will leave me alone. He says I didn’t leave you alone there, its my responsibility to protect you, there were many goons, I went out to fight goons, I went alone to take risk on my life, I didn’t take you, it was our luck that my brothers reached there and saved us, even if they didn’t come there, I would have not left you alone, if I wanted to see you dying, I would have not saved you from the suicide attempt, I m not selfish, I accept your every blame, but not this that I will run away leaving you. Raavi looks at him.

Shiva asks Raavi to keep eyes open. Shiva and Raavi get under the debris.

Update Credit to: Amena

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