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Obsession or love (episode 1)

Hello everyone.
So ya here the story being but firstly I wanna clear something which are important so pls read the bold part
1. This story might not be so mysterious one mystery is there but it will not be rollerball a simple one with obsession.
2. I want you all to participate if I ask anything pls tell ur views or theories not right one but u can put ur guesses so pls participate.
3. Give ur reviews in the comments avoid writing amazing or awesome in normal chapters u can but still pls give ur views if u think something to change and some advice it’s also okay as I want that my writing get improved.
4. Hope u get it as ur comments are the thing which make me get interested in the story.

So let’s start with the chapter

Walking in hand in hand on the sand. The sun setting down. The waves touching their feets. Sky adorned with beautiful colours getting it a perfect moment to capture. Noise of vehicles but these two ppl were lost in each other. With the hands locked with each other it was also their hearts which were locked forever. But but but there is always someone who get in ur love story to interrupt it and in her it was vendor a vendor really he was shouting in her ears to wake up wake up and she woke and she was in reality now that it was just a dream . The vendor was her brother who woke her from her beautiful dream(sorry for the dream but nowadays even writers are showing so many in the serial so I showed her 😂)
R:- bhai I was seeing such a beautiful dream and u woke me up
Na:- madam wake up from ur dream land and get ready
R:- bhai it’s so beautiful why u woke me aah I hate u
A pillow landed on nakul as riddhu hit him and it led to a pillow fight. After sometime both laughed
Na:- well now go and get ready don’t u want to go to hospital.
R:- going huh
She got up to freshen up but before going to washroom she again hit a pillow on him and ran to washroom
Na:- I will take my revenge for sure
He said those words but was smiling seeing her antics

Vr mansion

A dark room and a man woke up . Getting down from his luxurious bed he walked to the window
Again the sun rise giving sunshine to the world but his world was still dark. He had all luxurious things but the thing he carved for he didn’t had that it was his peace . He gave security to his family but he wanted some for him. A prsn and it’s embrace where he can feel secured for his whole life. A prsn who would scold him when he was wrong though no one has the guts to face vr but he neede someone. This luxurious bed gave him comfort but not the sleep. He wanted to be in a prsn embrace keeping his head on the lap. Someone stroke his hair but alas he couldn’t.  He didn’t show but deep inside he wanted it. He wanted his dark room and his life to be filled with colours by that prsn presence .His life was more dark than his room. He went to freshen up

Malhotra mansion

Getting ready in shirt tucked in her pants ridhima got down to the dinning table. Ruhani kaki served them food. Sejal got down hurriedly running and just took a sandwich with her but ridhima stopped her
R:- wait wait so hurry what happened
Se:- Ridhima I have go organize a really big party I need ur help whenever free pls come.
Saying so she ran out
Na:- nothing can happen of you both
R:- what do u mean by both huh(angry face)
Na:- u are also the same
Ridhima rolled her eyes
Eating their breakfast they went to their respective works.

Vr mansion
Getting down in his style. A  aura around him. He was going but his sister wished him good morning  and he just nodded. Siya ishani didn’t feel bad for themselves but for their brother. They also knew he needed someone that could change his world and specially him
Eating his breakfast vansh aryan and angre went to office.
At Malhotra mansion
Getting back from their work they chit chat but sejal was still missing as she was engrossed in her work. Eating the dinner happily laughing nakul went to his room and ridhima to sejal and helped her but still didn’t know who was the owner of the party. After getting help from ridhima she was finally relaxed. After work two bestfriend chit chatted and specially pulling each other legs thought to sleep now. Ridhima went to her room with a smiling face happy in her life

Vr mansion

Getting back from work he went to his room ate some food as he didn’t eat dinner only something and that too sometimes. Working again he slept with no glow just a hard face

But who knows the next morning will bring a lot of things.

Two prsn different personality one living the life fully and one just engrossed in work. How will be their journey. Will vansh get his peace ever ? To know keep reading..
Precap: Their meet

Finally done so how was it pls tell ur views and read the the things in bold at the starting. Hoping for ur honest views in comment and pls do comment

Till then take care.  Wear mask and use all precautions. Luv u all 💕

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