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Obsession or love (character sketch)

She was the moon
He was the dark sky
She lightened his dark world with her light.
He loved her at the first sight and kidnapped her but when he saw her information some old connection got revealed.
His obsessive love always scared her. Will she change his obsessive love to a normal love. And will his love make her fall for him and her fear will get away.  How their journey will be. He has obsessive love for her and she has only fear and hatred. But will her hatred change into love. Will they ever be a normal lovey dovey couple.
To know more about their journey peep in the story. But right now time for character sketch 😉

Vansh rai singhania.  U all know him so don’t need to tell so much. Parents died.

Riddhima Malhotra (am I in love with this surname😂) orphan. Parents died in an accident . Party planner owns a company.  Physotherpaist. Completed the study of surgeon. Started party planning for financial support.

Nakul Malhotra.  Ridhima brother. Owns a company RN company( still not so big but is doing good and with more time will become the best)Older than ridhima.

Sejal sharma . Ridhima bestfriend.  Orphan . Parents died in accident . Were family friends with ridhima family. Grown in same orphanage. Half owner of SR party planning company (ridhima company)both started this company.  Mainly she manage the company as ridhima is in hospital.

Siya raisinghania
Same as the show and is handicapped

Aryan raisinghania
Egoistic rude . But don’t hate vansh even help in the company but is carefree person.

Ishani raisinghania
Love her brother.  Egoistic but kind at heart. And in not so good terms with angre (u can say theek theek )

Same as show but is also a jolly person but infront of vansh always a stern one.

Ridhima boyfriend kabir. Works in company.  Loves her or maybe not😉

Dadi same as the show.(not 2.0)😑🙂

Chacha chachi is also not that bad.

Well I think only these were there rest I don’t remember.  If any will be there will introduce soon. Any doubt in the character sketch comment it down .

Also started now as one chapter is already on wattpad and if I start late here it will lagging behind so ya.

Till then take care.  Wear mask and use all precautions.  Luv u all 💕

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