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Love or betrayed #riansh #Immj2 #myintroduction #ffintroduction

Hello I am ayesha . I am a commerce student.  All riansh fan fiction writers are awesome.  Meenu di , aayu , gauri,  aisha di , pomu , tanya k , radhika etc many more motivated me to write to I am here . So I am addicted fan of immj2,  there is one problem that I want to change my username so can anybody please guide me how to change so let’s start the introduction.

Character sketch ( all are same as story but riansh are not married and all are positive and later I will reveal how they become negative so stay tuned tell me which language should I write ff in hindi or English.

Ridhima a orphan. Not in love with anyone.

Vansh rai singhania not a illegal business man a legal business man .

Kabir mahalotra a police officer real brother of vansh . Like ridhu . Ridhu not aware of this thing.  Later become a negative will be revealed later.

Ishani a sis of vansh , kabir , aryan and siya . Loves vansh bhai a lot and kabir also . Want him to get married.

Siya a cousin of vansh . Loves vansh bhai a lot not handicapped . Love kabir also . Real sis of aryan .

Aryan brother of vansh and kabir.  Loves both brothers and sisters.

Rest u know dadi , chachi , chacha , Mrs dsouza .


Please comment 🙏.  First episode will coming soon.

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