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Love for Each other (Episode 6)

Hi friends . Hi friends . Thanks alot for the comments in the previous episode it meant alot for me . Please do comment and tell your views guys . I hope I reach your expectation.alot for the comments in the previous episode it meant alot for me . Please do comment and tell your views guys . I hope I reach your expectation.

After having the dinner . Ishangre went to their room as it is past 10 at night .

Riddhima( to dadi ) : We are happy that you invited us also for dinner mam.

Dadi ( caressing riddhima’s face ) : Bacha don’t  call me mam  . Just call me dadi as soon we will be relatives. And you are also like my granddaughter .

Sejal : We are very happy that sia will be getting a lovely family like this .

Riddhima :  as always we yearned to get love from family and finally she got it .

Uma : Riddhima , Sejal  you are also like my children .  Sia said about you both and the relation you guys share . I am very  happy that sia got a friends cum sisters like you .

Rijal : Thank you aunty .

Just then riddhima recieves a call

Riddhima : Sorry uma aunty and dadi its an urget call I need to answer regarding office . We will meet later .

Dadi : Its ok beta you  carry on .

Riddhima : Ok dadi

Saying so riddhima left from there .  Sejal , Uma and Indrani ( dadi ) were talking

Dadi : Sejal beta what  work you 3 are doing  ?

Sejal : Dadi  Riddhima, Sia and myself are running a  small party planning company .

Dadi : I am very happy  that you are financial independent without anyone’s support .

Saying so they bit goodnight and went . On the other side Vansh was talking in his phone about  some deal while dadi and uma came towards them

Dadi : Beta .. ( Vansh turns )  are you free ?

Vansh’s POV

I was standing and talking over phone to my office employee about some files suddenly I heard voice of dadi from my back . I turned back and saw dadi and uma ma standing .

Dadi asked me : Are you free ?

I  ended the call saying : I will talk later .

I : yes dadi . anything important that both DIL and MIL came together .

cause they will not come together until and unless they talk something important .

Mom : Yes vansh we would like to ask you whether ( to dadi ) Mummyji please you ask. ( she requested as if I am going to eat them after asking the question  )

 Vansh (thought ) : Why mom is nervous for asking a question . Are they going to ask me something about

Breaking my thoughts dadi spoke

Dadi 🙁 to mom ) Ok I will ask ( to me )  Beta we came to ask you whether you like riddhima sia’s friend .

Uma : We saw you both I mean riddhima and you were dancing  gracefully so

Vansh : So you thought that  I like that girl . Mom , Dadi listen its just that we both are friends and I don’t have any feeling for her . Please dadi don’t ask the same to riddhima then what she will think about me .

Dadi and mom : sorry beta I think you misunderstood your relationship .

Vansh : Its ok dadi I could understand cause you saw me dancing with a girl as I will not dance or talk to any girl . The reason I became friend with her is that she resembles our aahana dadi . Whenever I talk to her I feel like talking to my aahana  . ( tears flowing )

Vansh : I miss aahana so much dadi you know na how much I love her and she my little sister who I love so much . It has been since 3 years  that she died but I don’t know dadi still my inner feelings and heart is not accepting that ahana is with us . Somewhere inside my heart still says that one day or the other day she with come to us . One day she will come to me with her favourate chocolate  coming hugging and sharing her chocolate as always she did . I am daily waiting for the day she will come and call me BHAI .  Its all because of me dadi and my connection with the underworld that she died that day . I thought I lost her that day but when the police came and informed me that they couldn’t find her body  somewhere I believed that she will return one day. It has been since 3 years but still I believe she will return . If I would have been on that day I would have saved her but couldn’t . I couldn’t fulfill my duty as a brother . She believed me  and trusted me but in return I couldn’t protect her . I should have attended her call on that day  but because of my useless ego and anger I didn’t attend and now standing with guilt before you . Its has been since I slept peacefully . ( I felt on my knees before dadi and mom . I know they will not able to see me in this state but how many days I could suppress my feeling inside . Today I poured out my feelings from my heart . I  could feel  a little better  after pouring out my feeling )

Both dadi and mom bend to my level

Dadi : But vansh you need to understand that she is nomore in this world . And you were nowhere connected with her death don’t be guilt for that .

Mom : Yes vansh you are not the reason for her death . It was all our mistake we shouldn’t had left her alone on that day . I should have stopped her that day when she asked you to

Before mom can say further we say Siyan coming so we  stood  up clearing our tears before they can see us . We acted casually so that they don’t get any doubt. Mom and dadi went  cause they know I could not speak further , only I was standing when siyaan approched me .

Vansh’s POV ends

Aryan : Bhai y are standing alone didn’t you sleep ? ( concerned)

Vansh : No aryan I was on a office call so came here . By the way where is Kabir I need to talk to him ? did you  both see him  ?

Sia : Haan bhai I saw him in the frontside in the cruise .

 Vansh : Thanks Sia ( saying so vansh left and both sia and aryan  continued their walk )

While searching for Kabir , Vansh saw Riddhima enjoying the night sky listening to songs so he approched her . Before he could say something riddhima said while about to turn

Riddhima : Vansh

She turned

Vansh : But how did you find that it was me that to before calling your name .

Riddhima : Your fragance  ( murmers )

Vansh : did you say something ?

Riddhima : Yes actually I found you by your  perfume ‘s smell .

Vansh : Interesting  Very Interesting . BTW I came to answer your question .

Riddhima : Which question ?

Vansh : The questions which you asked me while reaching the dinning area.

Riddhima : Ohh ya I remember . I thought you forgot .

Vansh : ( thought ) How can I forget anything that connected with you . (to riddhima) I am working in VR intustries since it started , I think its around 10 years and my salary is I don’t get salary .

Riddhima : Its seems you are working at free of cost or Kabir sir isn’t giving salary . Please don’t joke vansh . (laughting)

Vansh : I am not joking  cause I am the

just then riddhima recieves a call

Riddhima :  Excuse me vansh 1 minute .

Over phone

Riddhima : Haan bolo sejal

Sejal : Where are you ?

Riddhima : I am just talking here with vansh talking with him .

 Sejal : Acha  come soon ok .

Riddhima : Ok sejal bye. ( ending the call )

Riddhima : Yes vansh you were saying that you are the

Vansh : CEO of VR enterprises .

Riddhima’s dropped from her hand due to shock and thank god that vansh held it in the nick of time . She was shocked  cause  she remembered .

I hope u all like it .

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