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LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!- Episode 5 (jailed)

hi Everyone!.iam back with 5th episode and hope you all will like it 😊.


police comes there and sees Aditya and kartik lying unconscious and inspector virat starts questioning the happenings..

inspector virat: excuse mam(to naira)..can you tell me what happened here?? And why are these two mens lying unconscious??

naira gets scared seeing police and Keerthi notices her trauma of fear and comes there to support her..

keerthi: sir.. actually this man(pointing towards Aditya) tried to marry naira forcibly by kidnapping her and then…

Inspector virat: and then?

Keerthi: that man(pointing towards kartik) came here to rescue her as I informed him and then he pushed Aditya and took naira aside and then….

Inspector virat: then what happened?

Keerthi: then..Aditya got furious and took some stick and he hitted kartik’s head and so kartik went unconscious due to heavy pain…

inspector virat get shocked and..

Virat: then how did this man(pointing towards Aditya) got unconscious?

keerthi and naira stumbles as naira have hitted his head and they try to hide..

Keerthi: ac.. actually..he fell down himself..

inspector virat gets angry..

Virat shouts: don’t lie. We have arrived at the time when naira was hitting this man’s head and I saw it and then why are you lying??I just asked to verify it clearly…

keerthi and naira gets shocked and they worry..

Naira (in fear): sir..I couldn’t control my anger because he was trying to hurt me when I tried to go to rescue kartik and that’s why I did it out of my control…iam sorry sir please.

virat gets angry and calls his constable and..

Virat: mr.kapoor..please call the ambulance and get these two men admitted and arrest this madam naira.

Mr.kapoor(constable): okay sir..

mr.kapoor phones ambulance while Keerthi and naira get shocked hearing naira’s arrest…

Keerthi: excuse me sir..but that man kidnapped her and tried to harm her and why are you arresting naira for that??

Virat: iam sorry madam.i can understand your problem but naira have violently attacked that man and it is against law and so we have to arrest her for her attack. And if that man gets normal he will also get arrested and if he dies then naira will be jailed for 2 years…

keerthi and naira get shocked and naira cries and pleads virat..

naira(cries): please.. don’t arrest me sir.iam a girl so please understand my problem sir..please understand how difficult it will be if someone forces for marriage sir….

virat feels pity and..

Virat: I can understand mam but you have violently attacked him and that is the mistake you have done. You can come out of jail within 1 month if that man survives so just pray for him to survive and if he dies only you will be jailed for 2 years and so kindly pray for him to survive so that he will be jailed and you can come out of jail within a month..

suddenly ambulance arrives and they take Aditya and kartik inside ambulance and virat signs Keerthi to go with kartik..

Virat: excuse me mam(Keerthi)..you alone go with him as he is related with you and take care of him.

Keerthi: sir naira..

Virat: sorry..she won’t come because she is arrested.kindly co-operate us because it is a law and if I leave naira then I have to get punished from superiority for not obeying the law and please don’t worry about her because I know even if someone is in her place would done the same because that man went hyper and surely we will take care of her but please don’t stop us….

keerthi tries to plead but naira stops her and she tells her with tears..

Naira(cryingly): Keerthi..I will accept this punishment. You just go and take care of kartik please and don’t try to save me.. because it is a law to get punished if anyone attacks so I deserve it for not controlling my anger.so just go and take care of him and don’t worry about me please…

telling this naira cries and Keerthi too cries and Keerthi again tries to stop her arrest but naira shouts her..

Naira shouts: please go from here keerthi.if you make late the kartik’s life will go into trouble so just go with him and don’t worry about me and I will be fine there.

finally without any option Keerthi agrees and she hugs naira and cries and she goes while naira goes along with virat to police station and she is jailed while Keerthi is seen sitting in ambulance…and in police station virat gets a phone call from sirat and he attends..

Virat: hello sirat!

Sirat: hello mister perfect duty officer!

virat: did you finished practicing for your upcoming competition?

Sirat: yes bro!!.I finished my practice and now iam going to city hospital for medical check up.

Virat: for what medical check up?

Sirat: actually if i participate in boxing then I should show my fitness report and so iam going to get my fitness test done.

Virat: ok..

Sirat: and I want to tell you something important and I Will tell it after I get medical check up done okay?

Virat: okay..come to my station once you get tests done.

Sirat: ok done.

telling this they cut the call and sirat goes to city hospital while ambulance reaches to the same hospital and they (kartik and Aditya) get admitted there and Keerthi pleads the nurse to save kartik..

Keerthi: doctor..please save kartik soon.

doctor: please calm down madam. We will examine him first..

telling this they take kartik in and some other doctor take Aditya to other room while doctors finishes examining kartik and comes to Keerthi…

Doctor: excuse me mam.

Keerthi (in tension): yes.. doctor.what’s his result?

Doctor: actually he have heavy blood loss so we need O+ve blood to donate to him so kindly prepare anyone for donating blood to him…

keerthi thinks and tells..

Keerthi: doctor iam his sister..so take my blood.

Doctor: ok..but first we will check your blood level.

Keerthi: ok..

telling this doctor checks keerthi’s blood level and gets shocked..

Doctor: iam sorry mam..you can’t give your blood because you have only 5 point in blood level..so we need some other person who have increased blood level with o+ve… kindly arrange that person soon because if you delay then he may get into critical….

keerthi gets shocked hearing this and she thinks..

keerthi POV: Now I should call any of my family member because they only have same blood group so I’ll better call them now…

thinking this she phones her family but they don’t pick and she gets tensed and calls doctor..

Keerthi: doctor..I will go and call my family and come and please ask anyone here if they can help kartik and if they agree then take their blood because it will take time to go and call my family but I will bring them also because if anyone doesn’t agree then my family will give blood…

Doctor: ok come soon..

Keerthi: ok doctor.

telling this Keerthi goes while doctor asks some patients about donating blood while sirat sits there and hears doctor asking o+ve blood for rescuing a patient and she thinks…



neil angrily takes Avni to HOD and tells the happenings and hod sir looks Avni in anger and decides…

HOD: I have decided a good punishment for this shameless girl.

avni cries hearing it..

avni cries and: sir..please..

neil shuts her by..

Neil shouts: don’t try to ask forgiveness or don’t try to lie that you dint do it.you will have to get punished for your mistake..

HOD: Neil sir, let us cancel her 1st semester exam so that she will realise her mistakes and if she does any mistake again then we will get her out of this college okay?

Neil: ok sir..I will cancel her exam.

avni cries hearing it and she tries to speak but Neil shouts her back again..

neil shouts: I told you not to interfere. Now just go and repent for your mistakes and first thank your god that HOD dint give you TC because he have given you a chance to repent so just go and stay good but don’t try to talk about this topic again and this topic has been closed with your punishment that’s all…so just go now…

neil angrily tells her to go now and Avni cries and goes towards the class while ponky goes towards avni’s place and slowly exchanges back the pendrive while Avni reaches there and sees him exchanging and gets shocked….

avni POV: so he is that idiot who have exchanged my pendrive…I won’t spare him now…

telling this she goes angrily towards ponky but mihir sees her anger and pulls her out and..

mihir : hey Avni..shy are you going angrily inside?

Avni: I saw ponky exchanging back my pendrive and I have seen he has taken my pendrive by exchanging it so I won’t spare him now…

telling this she again tries to go towards ponky angrily but mihir stops her and..

Mihir: don’t go crazy..we also know that ponky is behind this work but we dint confront or bash him because we need to collect the proof to expose him and if you show directly your anger without any proofs then everyone will accuse you only because nobody will believe you until you prove…so pleasw calm down your anger okay?

avni slowly calms her anger while ponky keeps back the pendrive and he goes towards exit and he doesn’t notice mihir and Avni there but Avni sees him going happily and she again gets angry and she loses her calm this time and she follows him while mihir fails to stop her and he too follows Avni and he shouts her to stop but she doesn’t listen….

Mihir: avniii..please stop.. don’t do anything in anger.it will spoil things only..

but Avni doesnt listen and she follows him for some time outside the college and goes and stops him and slaps him hard 5 times angrily…

avni angrily: how dare you ponky???how dare you steal my project and how shameless are you to create a funny video of Neil sir..chiii..you are a cheap rascal.

telling this she angrily holds his collar and beats him while mihir gets shocked seeing it…

mihir POV: ohh noo..Avni is losing her patience..if she goes more hyper then the situation will become worse.now I should stop her and take her away from that rascal..

thinking this mihir goes and closes avni’s mouth and pulls her forcibly and goes while ponky gets Angry on Avni…

ponky POV: how dare she slap me?? A girl slapped me..chii..I won’t tolerate this..

telling this he vents out his anger by throwing his bad in road and shouts himself…

Ponky angrily: I will revenge for this slap and for holding my collar. I will show Avni of who am I??she did mistake by slapping me and now she is going to suffer so much.

telling this he angrily goes…



vyom is called by someone and he goes and sees Director and..

Vyom: yes sir..

Director: so our next scene will be shot now..

Vyom: ok sir..

Director: now we will shoot a song sequence okay?

Vyom: ok sir..

Director: so go and get ready with the costumes and ask nikki also to get ready..

Vyom: sure sir..

vyom goes to nikki and..

Vyom: sorry baby..our romance got disturbed..

Nikki: it’s okay.. however we are going to shoot a song only and it will also be like romancing only…

vyom smiles..

vyom: ok go and get ready fast..

Nikki: okay..

telling this they both go and get ready and they come for shooting area and director asks them to..

Director: lights..camera…action!!

vyom and shivani starts to act and for first part of song vyom lifts nikki..

director: cut..cut..cut..

they stop their act of dancing and looks at Director..

Director: first part was awesome and now do the second part…

now vyom and nikki starts to act for second part and in second part nikki stands before mirror and vyom comes from behind and tries to romance…

nikki cooperates well but suddenly she stops seeing a reflection in mirror and she see that person’s face and gets shocked..

Nikki POV: Krish..

the second part gets worst due to Nikki’s sudden stop of her acting and Everyone gets shocked seeing Nikki’s reaction…


precap: kartik holds sirat’s hands and murmers naira. Naksh proposes tara. Shivani throws things in anger.is Aditya faking his health? Ponky does unthinkable!







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