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Kumkum bhagya (always there for you) Chapter 19 fan fiction

Guys there is some change

Prachi played by mannat murgai

Kiara by aakriti sharma

RIA played by Myra singh

Sahana played by shivika rishi

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Sunny – OFCOURSE ria

They go where other kids are

Kiara – hello sunny

Sunny – hi kiara so all wanted to play without me

Kiara – what to do you were studying till late and you should get proper sleep THAT WHY we did not call you and who does this much study

Sunny  – who does what I do and I want to become a doctor THAT WHY I was studying but what you want to do madam

KIARA- my one is very simple I wanna become a photographer

PRACHI- stop your career discussion and let’s play

In elders place

Vardhana – pragya I want to talk to you

Pragya – sure

They go

Vardhana- PRAGYA I want to tell you that I have cancer I won’t be able to live more than 3 or 4 months

Pragya – what are you speaking we will show you to world best DOCTOR

Vardhana – pragya it is late now I have already showed the doctor

PRAGYA  – how can you die what will be of SAHANA

VARDHANA- that only I want to talk AFTER I die can you please adopt SAHANA

Pragya – yes I can adopt but there will be atleast one percent chance of you living

Vardhana – no PRAGYA there is  none can I spend my last days in this house with you SAHANA PRACHI RIA and ABHI

Pragya – you don’t need to ask it is your house only

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