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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 5

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 5

So I am here with the fifth chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.


  1. So guys i don’t know if you all are liking this ff because i’m not getting many comments so i’m wondering if you are liking it or not. Guys please comment because it encourages us to write more, in all ffs🙏🙏
  2. I’m not sure if i will be able to give an update from my ffs after this because of my exams so i might just give one shots if i can. I hope you all understand but i will return back soon with my episodes too. 
  3. I will be posting from the 24th of june, so let me know in the comments section which one you would want to read first; the twisted game of destiny or intertwined love. ❤

Chapter 5

Man: They are here! Our plan is on (smirking)

Vishaka: Great!

While inside the plane Vansh was totally shocked with what he saw outside the plane. Riddhima looked outside quite normally and Vansh was stunned with her casual and normal behavior. He was confused about all that was going on, he didn’t really expect all that in front of him as soon as he would land in Delhi. He stood up and made his way to Riddhima.

Vansh: What’s all this? (Curious)

Riddhima: What? (casually)

Vansh: Who are you? Who are you Riddhima? Why all of this (pointing outside the plan) You are Riddhima Malhotra right?

Riddhima: Yes I’m Riddhima Malhotra but Riddhima Daksh Malhotra.

Vansh: (shocked) Daksh Malhotra! (she nodded) RDM (realizing) Riddhima Daksh Malhotra! (remembering the book)  You’re the home minister’s daughter? The Daksh who was a general in the Indian army?

Riddhima: Absolutely right! Come now let’s go.

Vansh picked his items and followed Riddhima outside the plane. The view that he was shocked seeing became much clearer on to why they were there. More than 50 army men and bodyguards were dispersed in the entire area, all heavily guarded with armaments. Riddhima got out first in order to control the men so they don’t end up shooting Vansh. Vansh then followed her. They all aimed their guns at Vansh

Riddhima: He’s with me! I know him! (stopping, descending) Hi uncle! (hugging a man)

Man: Hi beta, how are you? Your journey went good? And this man? (speculating)

Riddhima: Don’t worry everything is fine. In fact he’s really trustworthy and gentle. (Vansh looked on while she glanced at him) Vansh, let’s go. (he nodded)

Riddhima and Vansh walked to the car when he noticed the man with the binoculars watching them from the top most area. He looked at him and continued with his walk. A car was waiting for them and they entered and made their way to Riddhima’s place. It was an hour long journey. Riddhima in the car, had her eyes fixed outside the window, inhaling her home’s scent, recalling all her previous visits, her memories in Delhi and all the changes that had taken place in all those years. Vansh was looking around, behind to see bodyguard cars following them and on the side to see one of the most beautiful sights he could see; Riddhima’s face.

He kept on staring at her while Riddhima felt as if someone was gazing at her. She turned to look at Vansh continuously staring at her while she blushed slightly. He surely had an effect on her. She broke his trance

Riddhima: You’re staring!

Vansh: Umm… no I’m not! (thinking) Yes I am!

Riddhima: Well here we are. Welcome to my place Mr Vansh Rai Singhania. (pointing)

It was a huge mansion, more of a palace. The gates flew open and their cars entered the premises. The entire mansions stretched really far, a mansion with not more than 10 rooms with the extra spaces for the backyard that was extremely huge. Their car stopped at the entrance where, an old man, 2 ladies, and a young man was standing, ready to welcome them. They got down while the family was surprised seeing Vansh along with Riddhima. Riddhima quickly ran to them and hugged her father, the old man, Daksh Malhotra. She took blessings and moved on the greet one of the ladies who was Geeta Malhotra, her aunt. She went to Angre, her cousin. They hugged and he introduced his wife, the second lady; Siya. They greeted each other and hugged.

Daksh: I was informed that you were attacked in the Belgrade airport dear? Is that true?

Riddhima: Yes dad but it’s fine. I ‘m totally fine now. He saved me (pointing to Vansh) Come!

Vansh: (came near her) Thanks for giving me the credit! (smiling) I’m Vansh Rai Singhania sir (handshake)

Daksh: The Rai Singhania’s?

Vansh: Absolutely

Daksh: Who doesn’t know them! (chuckled) You’re the shooter Rai Singhania!

Vansh: Seems you’ve got a lot of information on me! (laughing) You may be having information of everything then!

Riddhima: What do you mean? (confused)

Daksh: (understanding) you probably meant I’m quite informative! Yes I have to be. Well I thank you for saving my daughter, I’m forever grateful to you.

Vansh: Please sir, don’t mention.

Daksh: Welcome! Please be free to think of this as your own house (smiling)

Geeta: Welcome son, please be comfortable.

Angre: Welcome bro! (smiled)

Siya: Please come in (leading the way)

They entered inside the house. They were led to the living room, it was humongous. With lots of artefacts hanging on the wall with pictures. Riddhima and Daksh sat together while she hugged him getting emotional. Vansh took a glance of the entire living room in once, carefully noticing each and every detail.

Angre: Seems you’re very interested in this house (chuckling)

Vansh: (laughing) Yes there’s a lot of intricate designs so I’m just checking It out.

Riddhima: Dad, I missed you very much.

Daksh: I know dear, I did too. That’s why I called you here, before you take your life’s important decision of marrying. I know your mother wouldn’t have liked it

Riddhima: No dad, she didn’t object this time.

Siya: We can start having lunch, I have set it on the table.

They went to the dining room where there was a lot of variety of food. Siya served everything to everyone and they all started.  “A family that eats together stays together”.  Daksh questioned Vansh about his future plans and his career along with his family and business. They passed their time while having lunch and after Riddhima led him to his room. She went and he followed, continuously noticing each and everything. The paintings, the pictures, the decorations. Once they entered the room, she showed him how everything worked in the bathroom. When she was demonstrating how he should turn the tap on it, it switched on by mistake completely drenching her. She quickly closed it while she saw Vansh laughing, she got angry and pulled him inside due to which he slipped and pulled her along on the floor. While they fell, Riddhima’s hand hit the tap leading it to switch on again; this time drenching them both.

Riddhima was once again on top of Vansh and they shared a deep eye lock. The water kept running and they got drenched completely. Riddhima took her fingers and ran over his face, caressing it gently while Vansh tightened his hold around her waist, pulling her closer to him. They laid still for a couple of minutes when Angre’s voice broke their trance. Riddhima carefully got up and fixed her hair and her wet clothes and so did Vansh. They both went out of the room while Angre looked at them surprisingly.

Angre: You both in the bathroom that too both wet? (suspiciously) Were you guys….(teasing)

Riddhima: (shock) Shut up! Nothing of what you’re thinking. We just slipped that’s all.

Vansh: Thanks for showing me my room Ms Chatterbox! (smiled faintly)

Riddhima: You’re welcome Mr Rude. (chuckling)

Angre: Let’s go Riddhu! (pulling her) You still have that watch? (noticing her hands while they were walking)

Riddhima: Of course, how do you expect me to forget about this watch! It’s the most important for me (adoring it) It has everything linked to it. (Vansh looked on)

Angre: Okay come we need to share a lot of stories, and I’m too excited for it. (laughing)

Vansh: (to himself) Watch?

Angre guided Riddhima to her room where she freshened up and sorted out her things while Vansh took a hot shower to relax himself from all the things that had happened to him and Riddhima all this while. After a while he moved out to the living room from where he saw Daksh and Angre standing. He approached them just when he received a call from his mom snatching both their attention.

Vansh: Mom, hi all fine?

Uma: Beta where are you? Where have you been, you’ve not called or picked up any calls so far! Do you know how worried we are here for you? You missed your flight? And what are you doing in Delhi? (worried)

Vansh: Mom slow down! Don’t worry, I had got some really urgent work here in Delhi so I had to come over.

Ishani: Bhai!! Are you doing well? How’s everything there? The place, the food? You have to take good care of your health too!

Vansh: Chotu I’m fine and everything here is fine too. It’s all great and I must tell you the food is good, just like Mom’s. I’m taking care of myself well you have to too! Where’s Aryan? Dad? All alright?

Ishani: Yea they are fine, just out for some work.

Vansh: Oh okay. Fine (looking at Angre and Daksh who were watching him) I’m keeping it now, I’ve got a little bit of work. Take care. (cut the call) Umm sorry, that was my sister and mom (smiling)

Daksh: I understand, family’s love. (smiling) Well hope your stay here is fine, I’m sure you might not be lacking something!

Vansh: Not at all. I’ve been served with great hospitality what more can I need.

Angre: so Mr Shooter Rai Singhania, want to have a shot?

Vansh: A shot? Shooting? Here?

Angre: Of course. Me and you, it’ll be fun. A shooter and a cop (handing over a rifle to him)

Daksh: Ohh that would be interesting to watch!

Vansh: (looking at the rifle) Interesting, very interesting. So a challenge huh? (smiling) Great then, Vansh never backs out from challenges. Let’s see who wins.

Riddhima approached them, looking all fresh. Vansh turned to look back and was mesmerized with her beauty. She was an angel on earth. Her entire dressing style had changed, she had worn and Indian kurti reaching her legs and a pair of pencil pants that reached her ankle, all in a peach and white colour. She had long silver earring dangling while a pair of silver bracelets adorning her wrist and her watch on the other. Her long tresses open and flowing on her back and blowing towards her face with the wind’s jolts.

Riddhima: Do watch out Mr Rai Singhania! My brother is no less. (challenging)

Vansh: (laughing) We’ll see Ms Malhotra. I don’t think I’m called the best shooter without any reason. (winked) So let’s start.

Riddhima: (to herself) I want you to win this Vansh, deep inside me I want you to win. A feeling towards you that is unknown to me, what do I call this feeling?

Daksh: I’m sure you know where to aim! (pointing at the sky) And you know the rest. Let’s go boys!

Both of them shot, one after another and after a while the results were evident. The best shooter had proven his ability, Vansh had won. Angre and Vansh side hugged each other while Riddhima happily clapped seeing his achievement. She went to Vansh.

Riddhima: Impressive Vansh!

Vansh: You knew it sweetheart didn’t you?

Riddhima: Sweetheart? (blushing)

Vansh: You wanted me to win didn’t you?

Riddhima: No….nothing of that sort. (looking away) (to herself) yes!! (to Vansh) Teach me how to use a rifle. I know how to use a pistol but not a rifle. (pouting)

Vansh: (to himself) Oh God, she’s looking so cute with that pout of hers. How can I resist her! (to Riddhima) Come.

Vansh made her stand in front of him and she held the rifle. He went behind her and came closer to her back. He slid his hands through her arms and to the trigger. Vansh being tall and Riddhima being short, perfectly fit in to his arms like a perfect teddy bear. He inhaled her fragrance while Riddhima felt butterflies flying around in her stomach. What was the feeling that they were experiencing?

On the other hand, Vishaka was in contact with one of her men. She kept on giving a few instructions to them while her assistants just watched her.

Assistant 1: Ma’am don’t you think it would be dangerous? (curious)

Vishaka: It will all be sorted. (on the call) I want you on your positions right away!

3…..2….1…Fire now!!! (shouting)

He was just about to press the trigger when they heard a gunshot. They both turned to see one of the bodyguards lying on the floor; shot dead. Daksh, Angre and the rest became alert and went to Riddhima and Vansh, pulling them to run towards the house. The bodyguards covered them by firing back at them while they had their continuous firing. Riddhima ducked and ran with Vansh ducking on the side, his arms over her shoulders trying to protect her while Daksh ran behind them and Angre fired covering them.


Angre: All of you head to the safety basement chamber!
Vansh: I promise I will
Daksh: You did all this!! (shocked) Ahh!!
Riddhima: Dad!! Nooo!! (crying)

Sneak peak

Upcoming: Revelation of big secrets and unknown faces of some along with great plans, how will things go on further?

So this was the fifth chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.


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