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If you allow me to ..( Short story) Part 4 special part

I know that this story has ended
But as Priyanka and Ayesha suggested
I had added one more part
Please read it and tell your reviews

Episode starts with Riddhima folding thbedsheets and managing the bed,when vansh comes from behind and hugs her tight from back,she smiles,and held his hand and made him sit.She asked from her eyes that what happened,Vansh signed nothing and pulled her close and made her sit in his lap ,
She kissed his forehead.Then after sometimee,Riddhima got up and brought their photo album,smile came on their both faces.
They started seeing first their marriage photographs,
Riddhima remembered,
" Riddhima was sitting in front of mirror,she was beautifully dressedup bride,which everyone would adore,yet she was not at full peace,she had thought,during these rasams of marriage she had completely made her mind that yes,vansh is the perfect life partner for her ,yet there was a different restlessness in her today,she was just lost when she saw her bhabhi and mother coming,they both praised herbeauty.
Riddhima held her bhabhi's hand,

Riddhima:Bhabhi,,,your marriage was love marriage.Were you also restless on the day?
Shkha:Yess Riddhi...everyone panic,and you are the queen of panicking,so don't worry its normal.
Shikha left,and her mother kept looking at her,
Uma:Riddhima,from today,you are going to add someone in your life,this relation won't be easy .You chose yourself,we stood with you,but think again,we will still be with you,think if you will be able to spend your life without singing,speaking?because your husband,would not be able to listen to you.He won't be able to speak to you.
Riddhima:Ma..i explained na that..
Uma:That you both can convey through eyes,and sign language.Think wise,,will it be enough?
Her mother left.
After sometime,when Riddhima was brought for marriage,as she was comng,from the crowd of people gathered ,her heart was beating more and more fast,all her mother's words,mixed up with her panic,mixed up with her phobia of people,were making her forced enough to just rush,but she was holding herself,walking with great difficulty,as every step was to be taken from the mud of fear,she was not able to smile,but then ,from the flower shower,she saw vansh's face.

And everything ended,every restlessness,fear,pain,phobia,questions,just ended.Ended for a new beginning,for which ,she had allowed herself,."
Flashback ended.
Riddhima smiled to vansh.
Vansh's flashback showed how Riddhima explained the meaning of every vow ,using sign language, and how smoothly,she just became his.He remembered that at the time of marriage,
the questions in his mind were puzzling him too,
If she is doing this just as pity..or if because she is well hearted?
Will she be able to love him ever...
But these things also ended in his mind when he saw Riddhima's face.He just ,allowed himself to be hers.
Flashback ended,he kissed Riddhima's shoulders.

Then Riddhima got lost in memories,
As  once when Vansh was in office,she was there for some work,she heard during the meeting,his partners were going to use his inability of being deaf,and were going to cheat him,
Riddhima straight went inside,and told them that their cheap mentality won't work here,they left,but to her amazement,Vansh was not happy by her help.
At night...
Riddhima:(In sign language and facial expressions): Vansh..what had actually happened,they were going to cheat you,I helped you ,so why are you angry on me?

Vansh :Because you helped me .
Vansh came close to her and pulled her angrily,
Vansh:What did you want to show?I am deaf? Why you wished to show me weak? I am vrS...strong enough to be bewared of cheaters.indeed they are bewared of me,what do you think ,I don't have any way to cope up with these cheaters ,if i am deaf? Riddhima I had managed this business for years even after being such,but you,today you shoeed me that i have incapabilities.
Vansh left angrily,she stayed there crying.
Although that night,she made his anger melt by her cuteness,yet she learnt a lesson,that her husband ,is not behind anyoneVansh too understood,that she was just trying to help.
Flashback ended,Riddhima smiled ver there understandingShe kissed on vansh's cheeks.
Then as they scrolled through the photographs,their honeymoon pics appeared,
They got lost in memories.

How beautifully they spent the days ,in the beautiful valleys,where in the white snow,Riddhima's face was most glowing for Vansh,and his hands,were the biggest support for Riddhima to climb up the mountain.
They both enjoeyd the memories,but then vansh got serious,
His flashback started,
When they were enjoying the greenery of valleys in the evening,
Vansh :(Sign language): Riddhima,sit here,I will just bring tea.
Riddhima smiled and sat.

He just went some steps ahead,and turned,became shocked to find,Ridhima was not there.
Rushing in panic,he saw the marks on land,realised that she had been dragged,to jungle,realised that she might have screamed,but his deafness ,seperated them,he rushed here and there in jungle,when Riddhima,who was just there,kept on the gun point by goons,was screaming,but he couldn't listen.
He was just about to get an attack,his life was missing,then he searched,but then found Riddhima standing besides him,with some mountaineers and ,goons.
Riddhima explained,that by hearing her screams,they helped her out.

Vansh and Riddhima returned home,Riddhima was understanding that he might be getting broken from inside,as he was not able to save her today,she was trying to talk to him,but he was lost somewhere.
Then Riddhima offered him water,he broke the glass in his hamnd.He was so broken,
He then started throwing things here and there and pushed Riddhima out of the room and closed the room,she was continously screaming to open the door,don't do anything wrong,but Vansh was not listening,that scene was very terrifying for her,whenever she get any flashback of the scene,even her soul screams,she was so much fearing at that moment,that she might,lost his Vansh .She was continously knocking but in vain,then she even tried to breakk door,windows ,but couldn't reach him.
Then vansh appeared,he opened the door,Riddhima saw scars over his face,his hands were bleeding,room was messy enough,
His eyes were red enough,Riddhima tried to touch his face but he pushed her back,she was confused,that why is he doing this.

She held him tight,tried to hug him,make him calm,but he was just making her away,then he fell on kness,
Vansh:(Sign language): I am...so weak,you  know,due to you,because you came in my life,for the first time,I am experiencing my inablitty.Everyone used to treat me differently,no one ever poured love on me,everyone used to make fun of me,but when you came in my life,I found everything,i felt ,now no one would be able to make me realise,but see what life brought,I am weak,I finally realised.
Riddhima was continously crying ,she sat on knees too,Vansh cried more bitterly,his words had broken her from the core,still she forwarded her arms,and made him keep his head in her lap,hugged him tight,kissed his head many times,carrased his hair,and made him calm,they cried bitterly hugging each other.Next few days ,were really difficult for Riddhima,she had to take him out of his trauma,but destiny helped,
as they were walking through the streets one day,Riddhima was purchasing bangles,there was high music due to fair,high enough that no one was able to listen to anything.

Vansh was helping her purchase bangles,then he felt something strange,he went to next shop to have water,but still the feeling was strange,he turned and saw a horce,which might had got out of control,was running with full speed towards Riddhima,he could not scream,but saw other people rushing here and there,and screaming,he realised that she is not listening,he rushed with full speed,and pushed her aside,but horse had got,vansh's leg broke,but they were saved.
At night,
Riddhima told im that how there was really high music and she was unable to listen to the chaos,and if he would not have been,then she might have..
Vansh kissed her.
He smiled and she too.

Flashback ended.
Riddhima kissed Vansh's neck and throat.
He made her lay down,,and they both saw in each other's eyes,,
the struggle they did together,to make their bond strong enough,the strongness that hey had created ,and what they both were for each other now.Although it was just a marriage for two years till now,but their bond,had got strong enough to be called as bond of two souls.
He switched off the light and forwarded towards her.

The END.

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