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Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 94

The episode starts with Vansh and Riddhima returning to VR mansion while they were smiling.

It has been a lot since both of them have smiled.
They were smiling a lot after they got able to promise each other that they will never leave each other.
Kabir has rushed to them.

He was being so worried.
He has came near Riddhima.
Then he has putted his hand on her face.
Kabir( in a caring and worrying way): Riddhima, are you fine? Tell me my princes does there is anything bad has happened? Are you okay?
Riddhima: Yes bhai I’m fine. Just calm down. I’m absolutely fine.
Kabir starts to look angry.

Kabir: How you are telling me to not worry and you have gotten out from the house without telling anyone?! Along with that you didn’t have taken your mobile with you. So how I can’t worry?! You know how your state is critical and how it needs so much rest so how you could be that careless?!!! Do you have thought about what could has happened with us while we were being here worrying about you and weren’t knowing where were you??!
Vansh has came near Kabir.
He has putted his hand on his shoulder to calm him down.
Vansh: Calm down Kabir. I do understand your anger, but please try to understand what is going on with Riddhima. No one will be able to feel and understand what she is going through it. So she could do anything that it isn’t expected and we have to accept it. She knew that she has done something that has hurt us a lot and she will not repeat it again. So please relax and calm down. Let’s just end up about what has happened today and forget it. The best thing now that Riddhima is back and she is fine as this what matters the most.
Riddhima was staring at Vansh so much while he was saying those words.

Riddhima to herself: I was really going to take the most stupid decision in my whole life by being away from you Vansh. You are the best husband and the best partner ever. You do understand me without even needing to say anything. You are the one who is able to cure my deep wounds. I know that I’m being with you will make me be able to pass what has happened with me easier.
Kabir has came to Riddhima.
He has hugged her.
Then he has looked at her in a very caring sibling way.
Kabir: I’m sorry for being that rude and angry. I wasn’t meaning that. I was just worrying about you a lot. I really apologize for being that angry.
Riddhima: It is okay bhai. You don’t have to apologize. I do understand the reason behind your anger. I know that you care about me and that makes me happy not upset from you.
Afterwards, Angre has came near Riddhima.

He was being very worried about her.
Angre: Please Riddhima bhabi don’t repeat such a thing again. We really have worried about you a lot. Just take care please and return our cheering Riddhima soon.
At that moment, Rudra and Uma have came.
Rudra has came near Riddhima.

Rudra: Thank God that Vansh has got you back beta. Please always be happy and always be fine. You are my lovely daughter so please take care for me darling.
Riddhima: I promise you uncle that I will take care a lot and I will not repeat such a thing.
Uma has came near Riddhima.
Then she has hugged Riddhima a very tight hug.
Uma: Please Riddhima don’t make us worry about you that much. I want to always see you happy and relaxed. Vansh would never be relaxed and happy if you aren’t fit and happy and I would like to see you both happy so please dear take care a lot. We are all here for you. You will not feel that you need anything. Just order and we will get you what you want. And don’t think that this is something that could make you feel that you are depended on us. No dear. It is just because you are my lovely bahu who I didn’t got the chance to pamper her because I wasn’t here at the country so here I got the time to do that as actually I will settle here and I will not travel anymore.
Vansh has got surprised hearing Uma’s last words.

Vansh: Does this is right mom? Do you really will not travel again and you will settle here?
Uma: Yes beta. I will not travel again. I do need to care about you all. I do need to be the supportive of this family after the pass away of mammy ji. So that’s why I arranged everything there so I could handle it from here and I could be able to be with my children.
Vansh has got so happy for that.
Then he has hugged Uma very tight hug.
Vansh: I’m very happy that you will be here with us mom. It is the best thing ever. I love you so much mom.
Riddhima was smiling seeing Vansh being that happy.

They were all being very happy and they were enjoying their time together.
Riddhima started to react normal.
She has started to forget her pain for some time and spend quality time with her family.
Vansh was smiling seeing Riddhima trying to overcome her sorrow.

Vansh to himself: I wish I could always see your smile Riddhu. I wish that I could be able to take all your sadness away and just give you happiness.
Afterwards, Vansh and Riddhima went their room.
They have fallen asleep.

Riddhima was being very sure to be very close to Vansh.
So she could be able to feel relaxed and secured.

Vansh was being awake.
He wasn’t able to sleep that much.
He was thinking about Riddhima.
Vansh to himself: I have to do my best to make Riddhima return like before. I know that her shatter and heartbreak is so high and I can’t see her like that. I have to do something very quickly.
He starts staring at her very deeply while he was smiling looking at her cute face while she was sleeping.

Vansh to himself: How I could leave sadness being scattered around the life of this cute angel?! I have to make her always be happy. I have to try to make her overcome this sorrow. I have to help her to get up again and don’t lose hope.
He has kissed her in her cheek in a very romantic way while she was sleeping.

Vansh to himself: I’m sure that this solution is what could help Riddhima has hope again. I know that it is a kind of painful one and it takes so many times and still it could fail and it will not make her be fine like before, but at least it could make her not feel that bad. I have to give her this solution in a surprise way.
He has looked at Riddhima while he was smiling.

Vansh to himself: I promise you sweetheart that I will make tomorrow a very special day to you. I promise you that I will give you so many happiness that will make you forget all the sorrows that you have passed through it. Tomorrow it will be the start again of our happiness.
At morning, Riddhima was being at the hale of the house.
She was trying to get used to the wheelchair.
It was irritating her a lot.
She was being very irritated and annoyed.

Riddhima to herself: Oh God!!!! I hate this wheelchair a lot. It is so annoying. I don’t want to need the help of anyone, but at the same time I’m not able to use it! Please God help me. I’m not able to do anything!!!
Riddhima was trying to control herself to not cry or put bad vibes inside herself.
She was trying hard to use the wheelchair.
She was going to give up and she was going to fall from it, but then she has got courage to try it again and she starts to be able to move with it.
Rudra has came at this moment.

He was smiling seeing Riddhima trying so much.
Rudra: I’m so proud of you my dear Riddhima. I’m so happy to see you trying that much. I know that it isn’t easy on you at all, but I know that you are very strong and you will not give up easily.
Riddhima: I’m really doing my best uncle. You know what.
Rudra: What dear?
Riddhima: When I have gained consciousness and found myself without my legs, I have given up on everything. I have thought that my whole life got destroyed and I was going to destroy the rest of it by my shatter and hasty decisions, but then Vansh has putted me on the right track. He has made me knew that it will never be the end of my life. His love and care is what making me try so much.
Vansh was listening to Riddhima’s words from a far area.
He was being overwhelmed from her words.

Vansh to himself: Just wait for today’s surprise sweetheart. I’m sure that it will give you a very huge hope.
Riddhima( completing her words): I know that it will not be an easy thing on me uncle. I know that I’m still being very shattered for what has happened, but I will do my best for the sake of Vansh. I will do that for the sake of you all. My beloved ones don’t deserve that I could hurt them. They deserve that I could fight so much just for all of them.
Rudra: That’s my girl.
Rudra has hugged Riddhima very tightly.
At night, Riddhima was roaming near the poolside.
She was doing her best to get used to the wheelchair by using it a lot.
Then the lights have went off suddenly.
Riddhima wasn’t seeing anything and she was very afraid.
She wasn’t able to move with the wheelchair to not crush with anything.
So she starts calling Vansh’s name.
Riddhima( raising her voice): Vansh. Vaaash.
She kept calling his name.
Until she has felt a person coming near her and has lifted her.
Then the lights went on.
She has found Vansh the one who is lifting her.
Riddhima: Vansh?! You?!
Vansh: Yes sweetheart. It is me Vansh. As you know I’m the only person here who could do such stuff with his sweetheart, Am I right or am I right?
She has smiled a cute smile at him.

Riddhima: So could I know the reason of turning off the lights and making me be that terrified?!
He has looked at her in a cute way.

Vansh: Just look around you and you will understand everything Mrs. Rai Singhania.
Riddhima starts looking around her while Vansh was still lifting her.
She has found so lovely decorations near the pool.

She was liking the decorations a lot.
She also has found something that is covered with blanket. 

Riddhima: What about this hidden thing?
Vansh: It is a surprise sweetheart.
Riddhima: So do make me see it.
Vansh: As you wish my princess.
Vansh has made Riddhima sit on that tint that he has organized it.
Then he has gotten that hidden thing.
He has removed the blanket and it got to be two artificial legs.

Riddhima has got surprised seeing those artificial legs.
Riddhima( in a panicking voice): What is that Vansh?!!!
He has came closer to her.
Then he has got in the same state as her and he has putted his hand on her face in a caring way.

Vansh: I can’t be quiet without thinking about any solution to try to help with it my sweetheart. I have contacted with the doctor and he has said that we could start preparing you to use this artificial legs. Yes it will not be like real legs, but it will be better than the wheelchair.
Riddhima: But Vansh it is a hard one. It could be successful and help me and it could not especially that I’m using two artificial legs not only one.
He has putted his hand on her face to calm her down.

Vansh: I know everything you will say it Riddhima. I do understand your fears and confusion, but we have to do that. We have to try our best and work hard. I want you to not feel that something has changed on you so that’s why we have to try this artificial legs. I know it will not be an easy journey, but we will pass it together sweetheart. I want to see you standing and I could see you happy. I know that this what will make you happy so I could do anything to make you smile Riddhu.
Riddhima has hugged Vansh a very long and warm hug.

Riddhima: You are an angel that God has sent to me. I love you so much Vansh.
Vansh: I love you too sweetheart.
Vansh’s surprise has made Riddhima very happy.
It has relived her pain and made her having some hope.
At this night, Vansh and Riddhima have gotten so close.

They were needing each other a lot.
They were needing to feel each other’s presence.
Vansh was so romantic and caring as usual.
He was being sure to make Riddhima feel very comfortable.
He was kissing her in a very lovely way.

He was so romantic with her.
She was being very relaxed while he was kissing her in that hot way.

They have got so close to each other.
Then they have united one more time.
They have united after that sorrow that they have faced it.
Their love have proved how it could pass through any sorrow and still be very strong.
Precap: “It is so painful Vansh. I’m not able to bear it. I’m not even able to use it. It is so hard. I will never move or stand like before Vansh. I give up”

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