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Falling for my so-called sister (RiAnsh Love Saga) Episode 14

Continued from the last episode, 

Vansh came back to the dining table after taking water. Seeing him, they all became quiet. All of them finished their dinner and went to sleep. 

In Deep-Tara-Arohi’s room :

Deep : I told you both, there’s something going between them..

Tara : How can you be so sure?

Arohi : Yes Deep, she’s just organizing a party and it’s common between friends.

Deep : I agree on your point but I feel, on this trip, something special is gonna happen..

Arohi : Let’s see! 

In Vansh’s room :

Vansh is scrolling Instagram on his phone when he finds a beautiful picture of Riddhima. He likes that and goes to the comment section, which was filled from her friends comments..Though, it was a private account, but still many of them had commented, hot, fire and these kinds of words, not only that, they all were replied by her with a thank you and a blush emoticon. His eyes turned red with anger.

Vansh : How could someone comment such words on a normal girl’s post? I agree they’re friends but still there should be a limit of friendship..Not only that, she replied to them with blush! Huh! 

He was hell angry or you can say jealous so he thought to go to her. 

In Riddhima’s room: 

Riddhima was listening to music when Vansh barged in. She got surprised as he was looking hell angry. After putting her air pods down, she went to him. 

Riddhima : What happened? Looking angry??

Vansh showed his phone to her.

Riddhima : This is my post’s comment section, yes.., I know..

Vansh : You’ve replied to them with a blush emoticon..

Riddhima : I know! 

Vansh : And the comments are hot, fire etc..etc..

Riddhima : I know! 

Vansh : And these are from some  boys..

Riddhima : Sorry? These are girls..And what if these are boys also..

He checked their id’s properly and made a confused face.

Riddhima : Oh Mr. VR, I’ll do what I wish..You don’t need to be jealous, okay? 

Vansh : Jealous? My foot..I was just showing concern to you..

Riddhima : Now, you showed? Byee, Good night!

Vansh : Good night..

He made a face and went..

Riddhima : Possessive VR

She chuckled.

Next morning, 

In the hall :

Vansh was continuously looking at his watch and screaming,”Riddhimaa..You said 10:30 and it’s 11:05 now..How much will you get ready? Come now, I can’t wait anymore..” 

Riddhima : Accha! Accha! 

She stepped down making Vansh adore her. She was wearing an orange jumpsuit with stripes on it.  Her hairs were open which attracted Vansh the most. She walked towards him. His eyes were just fixed on her. She waved her hand and said,”Chale?” He nodded and they both sat in the car. He was driving and she was just seeing him without blinking her eyes. He was looking damn hot..For the first time, he wore casuals after his childhood. His white tee and black jeans made him look cute and decent. His hairs were making the look hot and the sneakers looked bomb. The car stopped at the red light. Now, Vansh looked at Riddhima, he had caught her staring at him. He waved his hand in front of her and she averted her gaze in embarrassment. The light turned green and the car started moving. Finally, they reached the mall. 

Vansh : I’ll park, you stay here..

She nodded and he went to park the car. When he came back, he didn’t find Riddhima there. He panicked and was going to shout when she kept her hand on his mouth. He turned to see her. 

Vansh : Oh, so you’re here, playing with me? Not fair..

He said in a husky tone. 

Riddhima : Let’s go now!!! 

Vansh : Yes, let’s go..

After one and a half hour of shopping, Vansh got hell tired. 

Vansh : So many bags? Oh my god, Riddhima, stop it naa!!

Riddhima : Just some more..

She handed him some more bags and now his hands were all full. 

Vansh : Let’s go to the food counter, please!

Riddhima : Okay, come..

They both headed towards the food counter. 

Riddhima : What do you want?

Vansh : Umm..Mc Veg Burger, Fries and coke..

Riddhima : Okay..

She ordered the food and then paid and brought it.

Vansh : Your food?

Riddhima : We’ll share..And I’ve ice cream with brownies too!!

Vansh : Yum!

He licked his tongue. They both started having their food. After doing some more shopping, Riddhima wished to shop for Vansh too! So, she went into a showroom and forced him to buy some casuals as he didn’t have much of them..After shopping, they both came back home. 

In the mansion :

Deep : So, what did you shop for, Riddhima?

Vansh : The list is very long dad!

Riddhima : Accha? Didn’t I make you shop for yourself? 

Vansh : Haan, haan, you did but forcefully..

Riddhima : Accha?

Arohi : Stop fighting like kiddos!!

Riddhima : Say him..

Vansh : Say her

Tara : Stopp!!! 

I know, you guys were expecting Opposites attract each other…but I was quite busy and this I wrote earlier, so published today..Apologizing for no pics..For the next two days, Opposites will be posted..Do comment your reviews..Take care of yourselves..

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