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Falling for an alien episode 5 by attractiveuser-riansh hug

Our dearest writer stuti (writer of Riansh: budding love to eternity) will not be able to post today.

Before starting let me tell you all one thing that this is not a long ff! It will end as soon as riansh will fall in love😛!

Episode starts:

Riddhima took mrini in her hands and went back to the room. After a while there was a knock at the door. Riddhima opened the door and saw Ms. Crechet.

Riddhima: yes??

Ms. Crechet: Riddhima a guest is waiting for you. He is a very rich man! Handle him correctly!

Riddhima nodded and went to see who it is. She was shocked to see Aryan.

Aryan: hey angel!

Riddhima: hi(fake smile)

Aryan went to her and burst into tears. Riddhima was shocked.

Riddhima: a..ryan..

Aryan: my life has become worst! I am good at nothing! Just Nothing (crying)

He grabbed a bottle of wine and started drinking it while crying. He was drinking one after another bottle. Riddhima tried stopping him but all in vain. Aryan was in a very bad state. He was full drunk.

Riddhima: I think you should go home. .

Aryan: no I will not go to that hell(crying)

Riddhima was shocked. As he was totally drunk. She started to take steps to go but Aryan held by her wrist shocking her.

Riddhima: you are not in conciousness! Please leave me!

Aryan: no be with me please!!

His hands on her gloves became tighter.

Riddhima: no..don’t remove my gloves.

He grabbed her hand more tighter removing her gloves for her hands. As soon as her gloves were removed. Her body started to vanish a bit. Her body became cold. She started running from there. She sat in her room on her knees trying to get some heat but she couldn’t.

Riddhima(stammering): thi..ss..m..ucch..cold..ho..w..wi..ll I..get some heat..

She was shivering.

Riddhima: I ..to..ld..him..to..not remove the gloves but..

She was shivering very much. On the other side vansh was trying his best to search Aryan. He checked everywhere and then came across the café. He entered and found Aryan in full drunk state. He asked his men to drop Aryan home while he walked ahead in the café to check if Aryan would have disturbed someone. He heard some voices from Riddhima’s room and started moving inside the room. He saw Riddhima in a very bad state and shivering. He was shocked to see her there that too in that state. He went towards her and Riddhima quickly hugged him. He was feeling warm in his arms. He tried making her away but she didn’t.

Riddhima: please don’t leave me! You are warm! I need you(shivering)

Vansh then spreaded his arms and took her in his arms making her warm.


Pal.. do pal.. ki hi kyun hai zindagi

Is pyar ko hai sadiyan kaafi nahin

To khuda se maang loon

Mohlat main ek nayi

Rehna hai bas yahan

Ab door tujh se jana nahin..


Jo tu mera Humdard hai

Jo tu mera humdard hai


Suhana har dard hai..

Jo tu mera humdard hai


Hope you all like the episode and riansh hug! Do comment your reviews 😍😍!





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