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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-44)

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Flashback Continues:-

Year 2016:-

April 2:-

In Saint Teresa’s Institute, Darjeeling:-

At 3 pm:-

In Medical room:-

Riddhima- I have class

Vansh- Which and how many?

Riddhima- Last one of Accountancy

Vansh- Great Same class

He lifted her and was about to open the door

They were about to leave but then the medical room open marking the entry of the librarian and Kabir

Kabir- Riddhima, Are you okay?

Riddhima- Yeah, it’s just a little sprain

Librarian- Where were you both going?

Riddhima- Sir we had…..

Vansh (interrupting her) – Sir we had class, Accountancy

Librarian- Ohk, after class you both meet me in the library

Saying so the librarian left the room and Vansh saw Kabir while giving him a questioning look

Kabir- I don’t know btw I had class

Kabir left and Riddhima saw Vansh was standing still and was thinking something while looking at the slightly opened door

Riddhima- Vansh….

No reply

Riddhima- Vansh

No reply

She wriggled in his arms and his grip loosed due to sudden action and she was about to fell when he again caught her in the middle of the air.

Both took a sign of relief

Vansh- Are you mind? My hand had gone numb by your weight

Riddhima- What? Put me down

Vansh- Shut Up, we had class right?

Riddhima- I know put me down I can manage

Vansh didn’t listened and took her directly to the class where all saw the couples and praised their chemistry. Vansh made her sit on the seat and sat beside her and saw her as she her cheeks were red which was the signal that she was embarrassed and he smiled to see the blush on her cheeks. So to change the aura between them he asked

Vansh- Where are your sister cum best friend?

Riddhima- I don’t have any idea about them they said to meet them after all classes in the canteen then from there we will go to hostel

Vansh- Ohk…..

Teacher entered the class and was teaching them and all were listening it carefully and making notes except Vansh who was stealing glances just from his favorite book that is Riddhima which went noticed by her

Riddhima- Want to score bad in exams?

Vansh (confused) – No…..

Riddhima (pointing towards the book on table) – Concentrate on that book

Both smiled at this and then focused on the class

After 45 minutes:-

Teacher left the class after assigning them their work and soon by time all left except Riddhima and Vansh

Riddhima- Why aren’t we going? Sir had called us…

Vansh- If you are too excited to get embarrassed once again then let me know

Riddhima smiled and looked around the class only 3-4 students were left

After few seconds, Ragini and Vyom reached them

Ragini- Why aren’t you guys leaving?

Vyom- Don’t want to reach hostel

Vansh- Actually no, we had some work in the library

Vyom- Ok then…. Will meet in the evening

Ragini- Btw Riddhima how is your leg?

Riddhima- It’s fine now

Vyom- Ok take care Bye

Saying so they left and whole class was no empty

Riddhima- Are we waiting for Diwali?

Vansh- Why will I?

Riddhima- Then move na…. I’m hungry

Vansh- You should have told me

Vansh lifted her and she asked

Riddhima- Are you ok? I mean again and again you are lifting me…. Is your hand okay?

Vansh- Yaa…. You aren’t that heavy?

Smiling he took her to library where they entered after taking the permission of the librarian, he made Riddhima sit on the chair

Vansh- Sir you called us?

Librarian- Yes…. Actually check out your new art

He said pointing towards somewhere and Riddhima and Vansh followed his finger and saw the fallen books at one corner and they bit their tongue as they had completely forgotten about it. They looked at the teacher

Riddhima- Sorry sir actually by mistake my stole got stuck on the nail and rest you know

Librarian- But our dean had asked you t0 clean all this as a punishment sorry I know you are hurt Riddhima but…..

Riddhima- It’s ok sir I’ll put back all the book in the order

Librarian- Are you sure? I mean are you both fine

Riddhima- Sir I’ll do it alone as…….

Vansh (interrupting her) – Yes sir we’ll look after it

Librarian – Ok then this is the sheet in which order you have to put the books and this is the keys outside a watchmen is there after locking the library give the keys to him I’ll inform about you both to him

Vansh and Riddhima nodded while Librarian left

Riddhima looked at Vansh

Vansh- Happy now? Can’t you refuse?

Riddhima- First of all you can leave as it’s my punishment I’ll arrange the books and second give me the sheet

She moved to take the sheet forgetting about her injured leg and she stumbled and her front hit Vansh’s chest and he hold the side of the table and both stood in the middle of the air getting lost in their deep oceanic eyes

After a while Vansh broke the eye contact and both stood up properly

Vansh lifted her holding her legs and then put her on the table which was near the fallen books

Riddhima- Vansh canteen will get closed after 5 we have just 30 minutes or just dinner and that too of hostel

She said while making faces while Vansh moved close to her and a small smile crept on his face and she saw his eyes, but before they could get lost in each other eyes a voice broke it

They looked at the door where both of their gangs were standing and as they saw Riddhima and Vansh closeness and both moved back on seeing their gaze and adjusted themselves

Aryan- Woah…. Actually Kabir told me you guys were about to get punished so we came to see your punishment

Sejal- Shut up….. Riddhima are you hurt?

Riddhima- Yaa….. But it’s fine now

Angre- Btw guys what’s the punishment

Riansh (in unison) – We need to arrange the shelf

They looked at each other and just passed a smile

Ishani- Btw Riddhima I brought pizza for both of you. You guys must be hungry

She said while snatching the box from Aryan and before Riddhima or Vansh could take Aryan took it

Aryan- Sorry Riddhima di, I brought it for you

Ishani (snatching) – I brought now

Aryan (snatching) – I brought it and with cold drink also

Ishani (snatching the drink) – Hawww….When you took it out from my bag….I brought it…..

They kept on fighting and suddenly the bottle’s cap got lose making it open and as it got pressed whole cold drink got served to Ishani’s dress and face and Aryan immediately left the bottle and moved back keeping the hand on his mouth

Aryan- Haww…. Can’t you even hold a bottle properly?

Ishani shot angry glares to him and moved to him and poured whole cold drink bottle on him and soon both of them heard gasp

They saw everyone gasping keeping their hands on their mouth and then they pointed towards the side window where they saw the librarian coming in the library

All stood in front of them in a line hiding them while Riddhima was trying her best to control her laughter sitting on the table

Librarian entered and got shocked seeing them standing in a row

All (in unison and singing voice) – Good evening sir

Librarian (amused) – Good evening…. What are you all doing here?

All started saying together making him confuse

Librarian- One of you say

Now everyone was quite

Librarian- I asked one of you to say not all to get quite

Kabir- Sir we came here to help Riddhima and Vansh

Librarian – All?

All (in unison and singing voice) – Yes sir

Librarian- Continue…..

He took his car keys and left not before giving them a glance as soon he left all took a sign of relief while Riddhima burst into laughter

Sejal- Riddhima?

Riddhima- Guys first give a look to Ishani and Aryan

All looked at them and burst into laughter as they were drenched in cold drink and their hairs were standing in air while Ishani’s makeup was completely destroyed making her look like a ghost

Vansh- Guys please go to washroom and do something to yourself

Siya- To at least look like us

They left while everyone got busy in arranging the shelf except Riddhima who was swaying her legs in air looking at then or should say Vansh while eating the pizza.

Vansh felt a gaze on him and turned to look at Riddhima who called him to her. Vansh smiling moved to her and gave her a questioning

Riddhima took a tissue from the table and wipe his sweat while he leaned to her holding the table and her between his arms she then gave him her half eaten pizza but then realized that it’s her

Riddhima- Oh sorry

Vansh raised his eyebrows and then held her wrist before she could keep back the pizza in the box and without breaking the eye contact he came close to her and ate a bite from the same pizza. And then he served her the pizza and she ate from it

Their eye contact got broke from a voice near their ear

Voice- Guys If romance is over can we focus on the work

They looked and saw all standing close to them

A blush got raised to both of their cheeks and they moved back and again got indulged in arranging the books.

After an hour there work was done and it was 6:30 pm

Vansh- Done…..

Kabir- Yaa… Let’s go

All left leaving Vansh and Riddhima there, Vansh moved to her and then kept his hand on the table and looked at her and she to balance her held his cloth on the shoulder in a fist. He moved close to her face and she got lost in her eyes he decreased the distance between their faces and Vansh taking the opportunity slid his hands to her legs and slowly slowly twisted it and she shouted in pain

Riddhima- Ahhhhh…… Vansh….

She closed her eyes and clutched her fist winching in pain slowly she opened her eyes which was moist

Vansh- Is it okay now?

Riddhima looked at him and he made her stood up slowly then holding her by her shoulders started moving her soon she was able to balance herself

She passed a smile to Vansh and he reciprocated it. In excitement she started jumping in the library and then suddenly she hugged him but he didn’t hugged her back

Riddhima broke the hug and

Riddhima- Thank you

They left the library after closing the door and giving the keys to the watchmen it was already dusk outside and they saw here and there and they found everyone standing at a corner

Sejal- Where were you….And your leg?

Riddhima- I’ll tell in the way let’s leave now it’s already dusk and we need to enter hostel before 9….

Siya- Yaa… But it’s 7 only….

Riddhima- Still please

Ishani- Ok… let’s go… Bye….

They bid goodbye to them and then left

At 8 pm:-

Vansh was in his Mansion lying on his bed lost in his thoughts. Suddenly his phone rang flashing an unknown number on the bluish screen

He slid the green button upward and kept the phone on his ear. A voice came from other side breaking a smile on his face

Voice- Vansh?

Vansh- Riddhima, How you got my number?

Riddhima- From Ragini, Actually can you met me near my college?

Vansh sat up straight on his bed slightly tensed

Vansh- Are you okay?

Riddhima- Yaa I’m fine can you come?

Vansh- Yaa… I’m coming

Riddhima- Ok… In the garden

Saying so she hanged up the call and Vansh thought

Vansh (to himself) – Why she had called me now? Will she accept my friendship proposal …. Let’s go

Vansh got ready and made his way to her hostel in his car.

In Garden:-

After a drive of 15 minutes he reached to his destination and stood in the garden searching her but suddenly a pat came on his shoulder and he turned back and saw Riddhima

Vansh- Hey Hi…. What happened?

Riddhima- Actually yeh…..

Vansh raised his eyebrows as he saw the ointment in her hand

Riddhima- Woah you lifted me whole day and might be your hands must be paining so sorry for that

Vansh- Hey its ok why to say sorry

Riddhima- Then take it and Thanks for the day

Vansh- Ohk…. Umm….Anything else?

Riddhima shook her hand in no. He passed a smile and

Vansh- Ok then Bye…

Riddhima- Bye

Vansh started moving backwards while watching her and when he was about to turn to go

Riddhima- Vansh

In excitement he turned and raised his eyebrows

Riddhima- Good Night

Vansh- Oh…. Good Night

This time Riddhima passed a smile which wasn’t reciprocated by him

Vansh moved to his car and was about to open the door but again a pat came on his shoulder. He turned and again saw Riddhima

Riddhima- Actually I have an answer…. Friends?

Vansh without thinking anything slid his hands in her making it a hand shake and then said

Vansh- Friends….

Both shoke hands unaware of two pair of eyes which was going to bring havoc in their life

Episode ends

Precap- Farewell décor

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