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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Mangesh A Thief!

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 9th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sandesh called Rani, he inquired where she was coming from in such late hours. Rani went to find Bala, she asked him to return home since family worries. Bala taunted her concern for him, she was the one who didn’t want him around. Rani replied that she’s here because of his family, they care for him. she doesn’t want him to behave this way, asked her to return home. Bala refused to come, Rani left saying that he doesn’t care for anyone. Bala wanted her to say that she wasn’t bothered with his presences around. Rani asked her not to travel home with her, if her husbands see them together it will create another issue. She left choosing a different path home. Sandesh inquired where she was. Rani replied that she wasn’t feeling well, left to get some fresh air. She was hungry and left inside.

Ramji inquired Bala about the village he left to make the deal. Bala reluctantly replied, neighbor village. Ramji asked about the date of the event. Bala said that the date has not been fixed. Bala and everyone went inside to have dinner. Ramji was worried to, he thought of Bala and Rani being together.

Sandesh wanted to know why Rani lied. Rani replied saying that she couldn’t tell anyone that his husband asked him to leave the house, she was only guarding her respect. She taunted that him to show her the same respect. Sandesh doubted her absences to have some connection with Bala, they were friends in past as well.

Mangesh knocked Sethji door, he was the only close friend of his. Sethji brought him in. Mangesh informed him about Mahesh’s threat, he asked for help. Sethji expressed disappointment towards Mangesh for taking Bhim Rao’s help, he said that he is Maharaj’s companion and can only work according to his orders but due to their years of friendship he will lend him 5000 rupees. Sethji gave Mangesh the money, he was praised and promised to have his money returned. Sethji opened the door, Mangesh was leaving. Sethji screamed, he called him thief. The villagers gathered, Pandit scold him for robbing his friend. Mangesh questioned Sethji. Sethji refused to give him the money. Pandit called Panchayat.

Next morning in panchayat, Mahesh refused to ask for 5000 rupees, he refused to lend a land for just 5000 rupees. Mangesh asked him not to lie, Maharaj questioned for witnesses regarding Mangesh’s claim of threat. Mangesh said that two other men were present there, but they won’t testify as they were Mahesh’s men. Sethji said that Mangesh was lying. Bhim Rao came saying that Mangesh wasn’t lying. Maharaj welcomed. Mangesh asked Sethji not to betray their friendship. Bhim Rao questioned everyone if Mangesh has ever stole in the past. Maharaj replied that doesn’t justify the situation, people can change with time, and they cannot let him free on the just verbal assurance of never stealing again. Sethji said that never believed his friend to be a thief. Mangesh went their to ask for money but instead he was named a thief, he attacked Sethji. Mangesh was hovered on the ground, he went to attack again. Pandit backed him off calling him a sinner. Mangesh pleaded for his innocence by swearing on God. Maharaj stooped him as God would not forgive that. Bhim Rao interrupted. Pandit asked for proof. Since Mangesh couldn’t prove any evidence for his innocence, it was time to declare his punishment. Mangesh pleaded, Pandit silenced him. Maharaj addressed that a religious man like him became a traitor for a piece of land. Sethji, Pandit and the villagers supported Maharaj. Bhim Rao said that this discussion will conclude on Maharaj occupying that land. Maharaj said the same, Mahesh had not problem. Mangesh revolted that the land was his share. Panchayat agreed with Maharaj’s decision. Mangesh was punished to roam in village with tied hands for next four days so that everyone could know that he was a thief who condemned God’s decision by taking help form the lower caste. For the next for days he will refrain himself from going home otherwise his family would be thrown out.

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